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Genetically Modified Fungus Kills 99 Percent oF Malaria Mosquitoes In Just 45 Days

Researchers tested the fungus in a fake village called the MosquitoSphere. By the end of the 45-day trial, the spider toxin fungus wiped out 99 percent of the mosquito population.

Public Health May 31, 2019

Testing Novel Anti-Malaria Vaccine To Begin In Malawi

An anti-Malaria vaccine has finally been developed after three decades of study. It has the most extensive clinical study to date with a $1 million budget.

Medicine April 24, 2019

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released In High-Security Lab

Genetically modified female mosquitoes will become sterile that they no longer have the ability to bite humans. This trait will be passed on to future generations of a particular species; thus, eradicating malaria in Africa.

Animals February 20, 2019

Bill Gates Finances Plan To Eradicate Malaria With Mosquitoes That Kill Each Other During Sex

Bill Gates donated $4 million to kill mosquitoes to eradicate malaria. The plan involves genetically modified mosquitoes having sex and transmitting a self-limiting gene.

Animals June 22, 2018

Changes In Body Odor Can Indicate Malaria Among Asymptomatic Carriers

An international team of researchers classified the changes in the odor of people infected with malaria. The team hopes that the scent they identified could help them detect infections among asymptomatic carriers.

Public Health May 15, 2018

Researchers In Kenya Made Human Blood Deadly To Mosquitoes

In experiments that involved malaria patients, up to 97 percent of mosquitoes that fed on the participants' blood samples died. Here's how the researchers made human blood poisonous to these disease carriers.

Public Health March 29, 2018

Drug Causing Blue Urine Could Prevent Transmission Of Malaria

Who would’ve thought that something as an ordinary dye could solve a deadly epidemic? Researchers may have finally found the solution to prevent malaria transmission but it has some strange side effects.

Public Health February 10, 2018

Malaria Could Be Deadlier In The United States Than Previously Thought

Serious and even deadly cases of malaria may be striking the United States more often than previously reported. Learn more about malaria incidence in the country, according to a new report.

Public Health April 25, 2017

Ghana, Kenya, And Malawi Get World's First Malaria Vaccine

The WHO announced the start of a pilot program to test the world’s first malaria vaccine, Mosquirix, developed by GlaxoSmithKline. The real-life trial will begin in 2018 in three African countries with a high prevalence of the mosquito-borne disease.

Public Health April 24, 2017

Pollution Claims Life Of 1 In 4 Children Every Year, Warn WHO Reports

The WHO has released new reports on child mortality rates linked to environmental pollution. The no. 1 cause of death is polluted air, followed by contaminated water.

Public Health March 6, 2017

Clinical Trial To Test Mosquito Saliva Vaccine For Malaria, Zika And Dengue Viruses

A Phase 1 clinical trial of an experimental vaccine designed to provide protection against mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, Zika and dengue will involve up to 60 adult participants. How does this AGS-v vaccine work?

Medicine February 22, 2017

Lab On A Chip Can Detect Disease Early But Costs Only A Penny To Make

The lab on a chip technology promises early detection of cancers and other diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV. This new device, which costs only less than a penny to make, will advance the cause of healthcare and accelerate research in the field of biomedicine.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 12, 2017

Malaria Drug Could Be Used To Treat Brain Cancer

Researchers have found a new way to treat brain cancer by using an off-label malaria drug. The drug named chloroquine has been successfully used to treat a 26-year-old brain cancer patient.

Medicine January 18, 2017

Improvements In Malaria Control Evident In Africa But Global Efforts Still Lacking, Says WHO Report

It is revealed in the World Malaria Report 2016 released on Dec. 13 that there is great progress in malarial intervention and control in sub-Saharan Africa. However, there is a shortfall in malaria control measures in many African countries, which are attributed to insufficient funding and weak healthcare systems, noted the report.

Public Health December 14, 2016

Ancient Teeth Samples From Time Of Roman Empire Bear Evidence Of Malaria Parasite

Analysis of teeth samples from skeletal remains dating back to the era of the Roman Empire unveiled mitochondrial genomic evidence of Plasmodium falciparum, the mosquito-borne parasite that causes malaria. What did the discovery prove?

Public Health December 6, 2016

High School Students Replicate Martin Shkreli's $750 Malaria Drug Daraprim For $2

Students from Sydney Grammar School in Australia were able to replicate the active ingredient in Turing Pharmaceuticals' malaria drug Daraprim in the school lab. The drug they produced costs only about $2 per dose.

Medicine December 2, 2016

Ultra Long-Acting Oral Drug Delivery Platform Developed To Administer Medicine For Weeks

A team of researchers has developed an ultra long-acting oral drug delivery system that would help in the sustained release of drugs in the body. The system that can last up to two weeks in the stomach could be used in the treatment of disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

Medicine November 18, 2016

Altering Human ‘Flavor’ May Have A Role In Fighting Malaria

Mosquitoes pick up both taste and smell while choosing to suck blood from the host, reports a recent study. Developing a repellent then that would make mosquitoes detest “human flavor” could help fight malaria better.

Public Health October 11, 2016

Chicken Odor May Be Used In Insect Repellents To Prevent Mosquito-Borne Malaria, Zika

Malaria-carrying mosquitoes are repelled by the odor of chickens. The discovery could pave way for new insect repellents that can help in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases.

Public Health July 22, 2016

Genetically Modified Malaria-Fighting Mosquitoes Endorsed By Bill Gates

Bill Gates endorses the use of the promising but controversial gene-editing tools to develop genetically modified, malaria-fighting mosquitoes. These gene-edited mosquitoes are already flying in labs and could potentially eradicate malaria.

Biotech June 18, 2016

Canada's Justin Trudeau Allocates $785 Million To Support Fight Against Malaria, AIDS, Tuberculosis

Canada has pledged an additional $785 million CA to support the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the country has a duty to lead by example.

Public Health May 10, 2016

Experimental Malaria Vaccine Protects Half Of People Who Tried It

Sanaria Inc.'s experimental malaria vaccine PfSPZ protects half of the study participants who tried it for at least a year. To date, this is the longest duration of malaria protection from an experimental vaccine.

Public Health May 10, 2016

Loons Dying From Avian Malaria Infection Is A Sign Of Climate Change: Report

More than 12 percent of blood samples from loons are infected with malaria infection. Scientists believe that climate change caused the loons to die as temperature changes force migration of diseases to head northward.

Earth/Environment April 20, 2016

Malaria May Have Helped Kill The Dinosaurs

An ancient strain of malaria may have contributed to the decline and extinction of dinosaurs millions of years ago, a new study revealed. Researchers found evidence to support this theory.

Animals March 30, 2016

Malaria Started Out As Bird Parasite Before Spreading To Other Mammals

Blood samples taken from hundreds of animals revealed that malaria may have originated from bird hosts. The mosquito-borne parasite appeared to have then spread to bats and other mammals.

Life March 27, 2016

Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Pose Threats Beyond Zika Virus

The fight against Zika virus continues, but experts warn that Zika is just one of the many diseases transmitted by mosquitoes around the world at an increasing rate. These continent-jumping diseases continue to threaten populations around the world.

Life March 14, 2016

One In Four US White-Tailed Deer Have Malaria

Two new strains of malaria were discovered among white tailed-deer in the U.S. Scientists estimated that 25 percent of white-tailed deer across the country is alleged to be infected.

Life February 6, 2016

UK Government Sets Up Fund To Fight Malaria, Other Infectious Diseases

The U.K. government announced that they will create the Ross Fund to eradicate malaria and other infectious diseases. The Ross Fund will be supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Life November 24, 2015

Genetic Engineering Yields Mosquitoes That Can't Spread Malaria

A gene-editing technique creates mosquitoes resistant to the malaria parasite. That means they can't transmit the disease to humans, researchers explain.

Life November 23, 2015

Scientists Identify Reason Behind Malaria Growth In Organism

Scientists identified the key protein that contributes to the rampant growth of the malaria parasite Plasmodium. The discovery will lead to a deeper understanding of parasite cell division, researchers said.

Life November 16, 2015

First Malaria Vaccine May Save Thousands Of Lives, Study Suggests

Scientists believe that the world’s first malaria vaccine may save thousands of lives. Large-scale trials conducted in Africa proved the efficacy of the vaccine, researchers said.

Life November 9, 2015

Relapsing Infections Pose Challenge to Malaria Eradication

Malaria eradication has long been challenging. Researchers found that malaria cases may not always be new infections, but relapses of once dormant parasites.

Life November 7, 2015

Parasitic Disease Drug May Help Fight Malaria: Ivermectin Kills Mosquitoes That Ingest Human Blood

A team led by medical entomologist Brian Foy of Colorado State University showed in lab studies the potential of roundworm-killing ivermectin in helping prevent malaria transmission. Their ongoing trial showed 16 percent fewer malaria cases among child subjects.

Life October 28, 2015

Malaria Cure Based On Traditional Chinese Medicine Wins Tu Youyou Nobel Prize

84-year old Tu Youyou becomes the first Chinese woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize for her works that led to the creation of the artemisinin. The malaria drug was discovered with information from an ancient text on Chinese medicine.

Life October 12, 2015

3 Scientists Win Medicine Nobel Prize For Works On Parasitic Disease Treatments

On Oct. 5, three scientists received the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of antimicrobial treatments targeting parasitic diseases. Nobel Assembly member Hans Forssberg afnnounced the winners at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Life October 6, 2015

Scientists Identify Genes That Protect African Children From Developing Malaria

Scientists have discovered a gene locus that makes some children in malaria-stricken countries resilient to the infection. The genes play a vital role in fighting off the disease.

Life October 2, 2015

Malaria In Pregnant Women Can Impair Memory And Learning Abilities In Offspring

A new study has warned that malaria infection during pregnancy may impair learning and memory in offspring. The research links prenatal exposure to malaria with neurocognitive impairment in offspring.

Life October 1, 2015

Malaria Death Rates Plummet To 60 Percent: Drug Resistance Threatens Progress

A new report from international organizations showed that mortality cases due to malaria have decreased by up to 60 percent. Although the progress has been tremendous, experts warn that threats are still present, such as possible development of drug resistance against current therapies.

Life September 17, 2015

Mosquirix, World's First Malaria Vaccine, Gets Thumbs Up From European Medicine Agency

Bill Gates has funded research that has developed a new vaccine against malaria. What is the billionaire doing for the world?

Life July 25, 2015

EU Gives Nod Of Approval To GlaxoSmithKline Malaria Vaccine

British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline reports that the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use of the European Medicines Agency has given a positive scientific opinion for the company's malaria vaccine Mosquirix.

Life July 24, 2015

Star Trek-Like 'Tricorder' Laser Instrument Can Detect Malaria Through Skin

A new diagnostic technique can quickly diagnose malaria in seconds with no need to draw blood samples, researchers say. Instruments based on the technique could lower costs of testing and diagnosis to just cents, they suggest.

Life June 23, 2015

Scientists Eyeing New Compound That Could Put An End To Malaria

A new drug developed by scientists at the University of Dundee promises to not only cure people of malaria disease but also prevent its spread to other people, all in a single dose.

Life June 18, 2015

Malaria Vaccine Shows Disappointing Results In Final Study

Malaria vaccine being developed by GSK is only partially effective against the disease. Scientists suggest that the results of the clinical trials are disappointing, but the study is not a complete waste.

Life April 24, 2015

Drug-Resistant Malaria Discovered Along Indo-Myanmar Border: It Is An 'Enormous Threat'

Malaria parasites that are resistant to antimalarial drug artemisinin now inflict Myanmar and threaten to spread to India. Scientists said this could threaten efforts to control and eliminate the potentially deadly mosquito-borne disease.

Life February 20, 2015

Vitamin A May Protect Kids From Malaria Says Study

A large dose of vitamin A supplement given to children may give them protection against malaria. Clinical trials are still needed to find the effectiveness of vitamin A supplement against malaria.

Life February 4, 2015

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