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No PIN Or Signature Needed: New Mastercard Credit Card Comes With Fingerprint Scanner

Mastercard has unveiled the next-generation credit card. The new card makes use of biometrics and features a fingerprint scanner for added security.

Security April 21, 2017

Google To Beef Up Android Pay By Adding Support For Visa Checkout And MasterCard Masterpass

Android Pay gets new boost after Google successfully secured Visa and Mastercard into the mobile payment platform. This partnership will allow consumers to shop online with one tap, using fingerprint for authentication instead of username and password.

Google October 25, 2016

Selfies To Become Password Alternatives As Companies Start Testing The New Security Method

Companies such as MasterCard, Uber and HSBC have adopted systems that could render selfie photos as either alternative or replacements for passwords in both online and real-world transactions that require security.

Apps/Software October 17, 2016

Mastercard Announces Masterpass Global Digital Payment Service To Make In-Store Mobile Payments More Accessible

Mastercard has teamed up with several banks to make in-store mobile payments more accessible. The Masterpass global digital payment service promises security, convenience and wide availability.

Business Tech July 16, 2016

MasterCard Wants You To Make Your Password A Selfie

It's the Instagram of banking security.

Apps/Software February 23, 2016

Samsung Pay Expands Again, Adds 19 More MasterCard And Visa Issuers

Even if Samsung Pay only works on a few handsets, more cards issuers are joining the party. 19 new financial institutions that issued Visa and Mastercard cards in the US just joined the mobile payment service, widening its reach.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 17, 2015

MasterCard Announces 'Fare Free Mondays': Free Public Transit In London For Apple Pay Users

MasterCard announced an attractive promotion for Apple Pay users in London, allowing them to enjoy free public transit. Called 'Free Fare Mondays,' the offer is valid for each Monday until Dec. 14.

Apps/Software November 24, 2015

Mastercard Unveils Program To Turn Every Gadget Or Wearable Into A Mobile Payment Device

MasterCard rolled out a new program meant to upgrade a lot of Internet connected objects to mobile payment gadgets. Names such as General Motors, Nymi, Ringly, Capital One and TrackR agreed to assist MasterCard in the mobile payment program.

Gadgets October 28, 2015

No More Passwords: Mastercard Now Lets You Pay For Online Purchases With A Selfie

Forget passwords. The next wave of identity verification will come from selfies. MasterCard's latest initiative in making payments quicker and more secure will start with its Identity Check app where selfies can be used to make purchases via a smartphone.

Apps/Software October 23, 2015

Samsung Launches Mobile Payment System Samsung Pay In US Today

Samsung Pay rolls out in the U.S. today, Sept. 28, but only works on newer devices such as the Galaxy S6 Edge and Note 5.

Apps/Software September 28, 2015

Credit Cards Migrating To EMV Technology: Why The Change?

A nationwide migration to EMV technology will soon be sweeping across the United States as part of the country’s move to discourage would-be fraudsters in committing credit card fraud.

Business September 22, 2015

Target To Pay Visa Issuers $67 Million For Massive Data Breach In 2013

Target has reached an agreement to pay Visa card issuers $67 million over the massive data breach in 2013. The company is reportedly looking to reach a similar agreement with MasterCard.

Legal August 20, 2015

Nymi And MasterCard Are Testing Wristband-Based Payments Authenticated By Your Heartbeat

Nymi, MasterCard and TD Bank are currently testing mobile payments authenticated by a person's heartbeat.

Wearable Tech August 13, 2015

MasterCard Testing New App That Lets You Make Payments With Selfie: Say Cheese!

MasterCard wants people to pay for things by taking selfies. Along with the new facial recognition software, MasterCard's app will also be updated to offer fingerprint scanning.

Apps/Software July 5, 2015

MasterCard Wants To Scan Your Face

MasterCard is launching a face-scanning app for online purchases with an eye to significantly cut down online identity theft.

July 3, 2015

Google's Android Pay Will Not Charge Transaction Fees: Now What, Apple Pay?

Unlike Apple Pay, Android Pay will not charge banks and credit card issuers a fee for transactions paid for using the mobile payment system.

Apps/Software June 8, 2015

Mobile Payment System Rumble: Apple Pay Vs. Samsung Pay Vs. Android Pay

While they all have similar-sounding names, these mobile payment services have major differences. What’s the best for you to use?

Feature March 6, 2015

Zwipe is world's first fingerprint-activated contactless credit card: Will it ever take off?

While Apple Pay is expected to take off in the near future, some consumers are likely to not be ready to pay for things using their phones. For those people, Zwipe and MasterCard have announced a new card that uses both fingerprint scanning and NFC technology.

Gadgets October 20, 2014

Zwipe swipes PINs for fingerprint authentication on MasterCard charge cards

For those who aren't yet ready to adopt a system like Apple Pay or Google Wallet but still want an easier way to pay for things, there's another new option. A card called Zwipe offers users NFC payment technology and fingerprint scanning in a traditional-looking MasterCard credit card.

Gadgets October 17, 2014

Chip and pin cards better but still with flaws, warn experts

Chip and PIN cards are set to be used widely in the U.S. Its adoption is the country’s response to the increasing incidence of high profile breaches involving large businesses.

Business August 12, 2014

Visa and MasterCard want to work with banks and retailers to prevent credit card data theft

Card payment operators Visa and MasterCard have announced the formation of a new group that will work with banks and retailers to prevent credit card data theft.

Business March 10, 2014

Mastercard, Syniverse team up to crack down on credit card theft with geolocation technology

No more 'denied transaction' messages. No more fraudulent transactions when abroad. No more headaches. These are the things MasterCard hope to achieve with the new service it has launched with Syniverse.

Business February 27, 2014

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