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Oldest Scandinavian Human DNA Found In 10,000-Year-Old Chewing Gum

Ten thousand years ago, the first humans on Scandinavia chewed on primitive gum and spat them out. Now, scientists have found a way to extract the DNA from these masticated lumps to find out more about these ancient Scandinavians.

Ancient May 15, 2019

Cheddar Man: Britain's Dark-Skinned Ancestor Shows Pale Skin Of Europeans Is A Recent Phenomenon

The Cheddar Man, a hunter-gatherer who lived about 10,000 years ago, had dark skin and blue eyes. These traits are indicative of the physical characteristics of the population of Europe during his time.

Ancient February 8, 2018

10,000-Year Old Artifact Found Near Ancient Lake Could Be World's Oldest Crayon

An object found near an ancient lake in-filled with peat during the Mesolithic Period could be the world's oldest crayon. What are the signs that indicate the artifact was used as a coloring tool?

Ancient January 28, 2018

Scientists Reconstruct Face Of Teen Who Lived 9,000 Years Ago

The reconstructed face of Avgi, or Dawn, a female teen who lived in Greece at the end of the Mesolithic period shows a scowling expression. Why does she have an angry face?

Ancient January 25, 2018

York Scientists Scale The Alps To Scan High-Altitude Prehistoric Art

A team of archaeologists from University of York scaled the Alps to scan the highest-elevation prehistoric rock paintings ever found. Photos from the project were enhanced.

Ancient May 28, 2016

This Bear Kneecap Serves As Evidence That Humans Arrived In Ireland 2500 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

A serendipitous event in an Irish museum revealed that the first humans arrived in the country much earlier than previously thought. In fact, the timeline is pushed back by 2,500 years.

Animals March 23, 2016

11,000-Year-Old Stone Pendant Is Oldest Work Of Art Uncovered In Britain

An 11,000-year-old engraved shale pendant was recovered from an archaeological site North Yorkshire. The artifact is believed to be the earliest example of artwork in the United Kingdom from the Mesolithic Period.

Animals February 26, 2016

Archeologists Discover Prehistoric Eco-House Near Stonehenge But New Road Tunnel May Damage Stone-Age Home

A prehistoric eco-house was unearthed by archaeologists near Stonehenge. Despite the interesting discovery, the experts are worried as the site is at risk of being destroyed due to government plans of improving the area.

Earth/Environment October 30, 2015

Mesolithic Europeans had blue eyes and dark skin: Study

The analysis of DNA from the 7,000 year old remains of a stone age European man reveals that early Europeans had blue eyes and dark skin.

Animals January 27, 2014

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