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Tweeting Midflight Can Kill Migratory Birds, Says Study

Researchers found that the nighttime tweeting of migratory birds in urban areas result in building collisions. They suspect that artificial light disorients birds during flight, causing them to chirp more often and lead other birds into their deaths.

Earth/Environment April 4, 2019

Spring Migration Causes 2 Billion Birds To Cross Gulf Of Mexico, Says Study

A new study found that an average of 2.1 billion birds migrates through the Gulf of Mexico each spring. The findings also revealed that the highest activity, with 26,000 birds per kilometer, occurs along the western coast of Texas.

Animals January 10, 2019

Devoted Male Stork Flies 14,000 Kilometers For 16 Consecutive Years To Meet Beloved Female Stork

A love story of two storks had captured the hearts of many. People were extraordinarily charmed with how the male stork kept his loyalty to his sweetheart despite having to fly thousands of kilometers yearly.

Earth/Environment April 19, 2018

A Third Of North America's Birds At Risk Of Extinction

North America's migratory birds are facing extinction. Scientists are calling for joint international efforts to save the animals while still possible.

Animals May 22, 2016

World Should Do More To Save Migratory Birds: Here's Why World's Migratory Birds Are Under Threat

According to a study, a massive 90 percent of migratory birds are not adequately protected across their range, meaning there is no protection for these birds in at least one area of their migration.

Animals December 8, 2015

Poor Protection Of Habitats Puts Migratory Birds At Risk In Their Journeys, Study Finds

International collaboration on protection efforts are needed for migratory birds that cross borders on their migrations, a study suggests. Ninety percent of the world's migratory species are inadequately protected, researchers say.

December 4, 2015

Geese Follow 'Roller-Coaster' Flight Pattern to Save Energy: Study

Geese that migrate over the towering Himalaya Mountains every year use a "terrain-following" strategy for the most efficient use of their energy, researchers find. "Smart" flight strategy makes the long, high-altitude journeys possible, scientists say.

Animals January 15, 2015

Audubon society tags new Minnesota Vikings home as bird death trap

The National Audubon society wants the Minnesota Vikings to add more safety features to the new Minnesota Vikings football stadium. The request is aimed to save birds from fatal collisions.

Sports July 24, 2014

Electromagnetic noise can jam built-in navigation systems of migratory birds

A new study found that the birds' biological magnetic compass can go haywire because of human-induced reasons, particularly the electromagnetic waves emitted by radios.

Earth/Environment May 8, 2014

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