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Miley Cyrus Increases Piano Value With Tongue – Celebrity Piano She Licked Sells For $50,000 At Charity Gala

Miley Cyrus raises an auctioned white piano's value to a drool-worthy $50,000 during the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Anniversary Gala. She receives a Vanguard Award and explains in her speech why her work with the LGBT Center is close to her heart.

Movies/TV Shows November 10, 2015

Miley Cyrus Says Hannah Montana Brought About Her 'Body Dysmorphia' Issues

Miley Cyrus reveals that her portrayal of the fictional superstar Hannah Montana in its entire duration of four seasons caused her to have body image issues which remain vividly clear to her up to this day.

Society August 17, 2015

Miley Cyrus Has Strong Opinion About Taylor Swift's New Music Video

Miley Cyrus slams the hypocrisy of perceiving Taylor Swift as a role model and how fame is never equal to happiness.

Society August 10, 2015

'Twerking' Is New? Nope. It's Been Used By Your Granny's Granny's Granny In The 1800s

Nope, as much as you’d like to think twerking began with Miley Cyrus, the word actually dates back to 1848.

Movies/TV Shows June 26, 2015

Pharrell Williams On Blurred Lines Trial: Inspired By Miley Cyrus Not By Marvin Gaye

Pharrell Williams denies being inspired by Marvin Gaye song in writing his big hit, Blurred Lines. He does admit that Miley Cryus may have been an inspiration.

Movies/TV Shows March 5, 2015

The 7 Craziest Celebrities You Need To Follow On Twitter

The Twitter crazies of yesteryear — Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, & their ilk — have mellowed. But not to worry. There's a fresh new crop of oddballs ready to take their place.

Internet Culture January 12, 2015

More racially diverse emojis! That’s the latest cry and Apple is responding

Of the over 800 Emojis, apparently there’s a lack of minority representation, so says Miley Cyrus, Tahj Mowry and MTV Act's Joey Parker

Gadgets March 27, 2014

Miley Cyrus smokes a joint, twerks with dwarf at MTV EMAs

Miley Cyrus does it again. She smoked a joint onstage and twerked with a dwarf at the EMAs 2013.

Arts & Culture November 12, 2013

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