The 7 Craziest Celebrities You Need To Follow On Twitter


There's a reason publicists and handlers never let celebrities speak for themselves. When given a direct line to say whatever they want in public — like on Twitter, for example — most show a little too much of their true colors. For some, that translates into pure, unadulterated documentation of just how strange they really are.

The following seven individuals are definitely offbeat, but that doesn't mean they're not entertaining. Follow one or more of them for your daily fix of mania.

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr, the former sitcom queen — who, let's face it, was always unhinged — mostly retweets political topics that hit her personal hot buttons. Lately she's been harping nonstop on Bill Cosby (the former sitcom king, hmm). But occasionally she sneaks in gems like this one.

Gary Busey

All day every day, Gary Busey drops pearls of wisdom that have no resemblance to sanity. And he does it gleefully, fully aware of how nuts the stuff is that he's tweeting. Is he a lot savvier than he's letting on? Is he building a brand? Is he a functional psychopath? Frankly, we have no idea, but we love him for it. 


Cher uses horrendous grammar, her spelling is downright troubling and she frequently SCREAMS AT HER FOLLOWERS IN ALL CAPS. She also seems to have no idea what Twitter is. But the real selling-point of Cher's Twitter account is her arbitrary stream of consciousness. 

Miley Cyrus

Once Hannah Montana was no more, Miley Cyrus turned her Twitter account into a nonstop barrage of drama and revealing photos. She mostly posts selfies, and mostly they're as vulgar as you suspect.

Shia LaBeouf

You could almost feel bad for Shia LaBeouf. Everyone makes bad choices, but few people have them made a matter of public record. It doesn't help his case that he usually tweets in series of short thought fragments that are utterly without context of any kind. If you're scratching your head at his behavior, this weird look inside his head will provide no answers. Just more questions.

Jaden Smith

You know that kid that keeps showing up in movies because his super-famous dad is determined to shove him down our throats until he wins Hollywood? He's on Twitter, and he's not doing his career any favors there. The batty stuff Jaden Smith tweets could give Gary Busey a run for his money, though this young man's tweets have more of a New Age slant. Beware of Smith's trademark quirk: Annoying Capitalization Of Every Word He Types.

Kanye West

His wife's social media accounts may get all the publicity, but Kanye West still has the market cornered on ego. He is truly his own biggest fan.

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