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Why The Cork Glacier Worries Scientists

A team of researchers has prepared to study the Thwaites Glacier. Armed with the latest equipment, they aim to gather more data to support their claims that the cork glaciers are at risk.

Earth/Environment May 2, 2018

Study Suggests That Google Algorithms Discriminate Against Women

The results of a study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University propose that Google algorithms tend to discriminate against female job-seekers.

Internet Culture July 9, 2015

This Origami Battery Is Made From Paper And Powered By Bacteria

Engineers at Binghamton University have developed an inexpensive method to produce foldable batteries made from paper. The new technology uses microbial respiration to generate enough power to operate a paper-based biosensor.

Energy June 12, 2015

LIGO Gravitational Wave Detector Dedicated, Could Revolutionize Astronomy

Gravity waves could soon be detected by astronomers using the LIGO detectors. What could this teach us about the nature of the universe?

Space May 20, 2015

Jellyfish sting looks more painful in this slow-motion video using microscopic lens

Ha you ever wondered why something as fragile as a jellyfish could hurt a full grown human? A toxinologist at James Cook University explains why.

Earth/Environment August 20, 2014

DUMB 101: 1 in 4 Americans is ignorant that Earth revolves around the Sun

Americans support science, and even enjoy hearing about discoveries and advancements in the fields of science and technology. So, why do so many remain ignorant of basic scientific facts?

Animals February 16, 2014

Winners of 2013 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge are...

Photographs, illustrations, videos, and more demonstrating the beauty of science and nature have been judged by the National Science Foundation, the journal Science, and the public. Here are the winners.

Animals February 10, 2014

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