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Scientists Detected A Black Hole Swallowing A Neutron Star For The First Time

Gravitational wave detectors on Earth were able to pick up something big that happened in space — an unusual smash-up between a black hole and a neutron star. This discovery will help the scientific community understand the invisible universe.

Space May 6, 2019

Gravitational Waves From Black Hole-Neutron Star Collision May Yield Most Accurate Hubble Constant Yet

How fast is the universe expanding? Scientists proposed that the answer to this question could be found in gravitational waves rippling through space-time from a rare astronomical collision.

Space July 12, 2018

Neutron Star 4,200 Light-Years Away Proves Einstein’s Gravity Principle Is Correct

Scientists proved Einstein’s principle of gravity holds true even in the most extreme conditions. A neutron star and a white dwarf 4,500 light-years away from Earth still fall at the same time, even with different masses.

Space July 5, 2018

Researchers Detect High-Speed Jet Of Light From Neutron Star Merger

The first confirmed neutron star merger produced a jet of stellar material that researchers on Earth can see with visible light. This contradicts earlier predictions that the merger would create a wide-angle flow of light instead.

Space July 3, 2018

Strange Form Of Matter At The Heart Of Neutron Stars May Be Just Beyond The Periodic Table

Physicists proposed that a new form of matter, one with free-flowing quarks, could be found on the outskirts of the periodic table. They said this could be the same type of matter found at the core of neutron stars.

June 22, 2018

Neutron Star Experiment May Test Hypothetical Fifth Force Between Normal Matter And Dark Matter

A fifth force may pull or push standard matter away from dark matter. Astronomers from Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy said that binary pulsars provide a new way of testing this hypothetical force.

Space June 19, 2018

Neutron Stars Merging Into Each Other Cause Short Gamma-Ray Bursts

The collision of neutron stars observed in November 2017 generated short gamma-ray bursts along with gravitational waves. The findings were exactly what a team of astrophysicists had predicted.

Space June 14, 2018

Lonely Neutron Star With Low Magnetic Field Spotted Outside Of Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomers spotted for the first time a rare neutron star beyond the Milky Way galaxy. It was found in the oxygen-rich supernova remnant E0102. What makes this neutron star special?

Space June 4, 2018

Merger Of Two Neutron Stars That Generated Gravitational Waves May Have Spawned A Black Hole

The merger of two neutron stars that generated gravitational waves and was observed by LIGO and Virgo in 2017 is 2.7 times more massive than the sun. Here’s why researchers think this remnant is a black hole.

Space May 31, 2018

Scientists Say The Internal Pressure Of A Proton Is 10 Times Greater Than A Neutron Star

Researchers have measured the pressure inside of a proton for the first time ever. The subatomic particle has 10 times the internal pressure of a neutron star.

Material Science May 17, 2018

Strongest Fast Radio Burst Signal From Space Captured In Australia

Strange but strong signals from space were picked up by an Australian telescope. Ever since fast radio burst signals were discovered a decade ago, scientists still can't explain these untraceable and mysterious radio waves from space.

Space March 19, 2018

CERN To Put Antimatter In A Moving Truck To Study Neutron Stars

A team of physicists from CERN is going to transport antimatter in a moving truck as part of an experiment. The antimatter road trip will also allow the researchers to know more about neutron stars.

Energy February 22, 2018

Odd Star Unveils Lonely Black Hole Hiding In Globular Cluster

Astronomers in Chile spotted a star that was behaving unusually. It seemed like it was orbiting an invisible object with a mass more massive than the Earth’s Sun.

Space January 18, 2018

Astronomers May Have Found Origin Of Mysterious Radio Signals From Space

Astronomers might have found the origin of one of the most mysterious phenomena in the cosmos: fast radio bursts. The team said the bursts could be produced by a neutron star near a black hole or in a nebula.

Space January 12, 2018

This Is What Happens When Neutron Stars Collide

Scientists found no jet around the neutron star merger detected in August 2017. Therefore, they concluded GW170817 could be produced by a neutron-rich cocoon.

Space December 23, 2017

Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves From Merger Of Two Neutron Stars

Scientists have detected, for the first time, gravitational waves from colliding binary neutron stars. The detection could open a new chapter in the area of space exploration.

Space October 18, 2017

Discovery Of 1,000 Times Brighter Neutron Star 50 Million Light-Years Away Sets Record For XMM-Newton

XMM-Newton sets a new record after it has discovered a pulsar, 1,000 times brighter than previously thought, some 50 million light-years away. The space observatory has been a help in solving the cosmic mysteries.

Space February 27, 2017

'Alien' Radio Signal Linked To Young Neutron Stars In Dwarf Galaxy

Fast Radio Bursts have been thought as signals sent by extraterrestrial life. FRB 121102, have been linked to young neutron stars in a far away dwarf galaxy.

Space January 6, 2017

Empty Space Around Neutron Stars May Be Subject To Quantum Effect Predicted 80 Years Ago

A new study at the ESO with focus on a neutron star emitting a faint light revealed that the quantum particles in the empty space had been distorting the light under a quantum effect called 'vacuum birefringence.'

Space December 1, 2016

Researchers Uncover Structural Similarities Between Human Cells And Neutron Stars

Human cells and neutron stars are similar, according to researchers. The two feature interior structures of the same form, despite being very different in nature.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 7, 2016

Crab Nebula On The Menu For Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope has photographed the Crab Nebula like never before. What can astronomers learn from this new composite image?

Space July 7, 2016

New Formula Helps Predict When Neutron Star Collapses To A Black Hole

Scientists in Germany have developed a new method to predict when a neutron star makes its final transformation and collapses to a black hole. Their new formula is crucial to understanding neutron stars.

Space April 11, 2016

Astronomers Are Reporting The Brightest Supernova Ever Observed, A Real Record-Breaker

Supernova shining with the light of 570 billion suns is the brightest ever observed. The massive supernova challenges theories about how giant stars die, researchers say.

Space January 15, 2016

Mathematics Lets Scientists Puts Distant Stars On A Scale For A 'Weigh-In'

Researchers combine observations of distant pulsars with knowledge of nuclear physics to determine their mass. Mathematical model lets them figure the mass based on a pulsar's rotation, they say.

Space October 5, 2015

X-Ray Echoes Give Astronomers Cosmic 'Yardstick' To Measure Star Distances

Powerful X-ray bursts from a 'Lord of the Rings' cosmic object allows researchers to accurately determine its distance from us. A unique 'X-ray binary,' a double-star system, gives up its secrets to a NASA X-ray observatory.

Space June 24, 2015

High School Scientists Discover A Pulsar In Widest Orbit Yet Seen

High school students help identify the signal of a rare cosmic phenomenon, a double neutron star system. Less than 10 percent of neutron stars have an orbital companion, and a system in which both are neutron stars is even more rare, astronomers say.

Space May 4, 2015

'Nuclear Pasta' Could Affect How Fast Neutron Stars Spin

'Nuclear pasta,' a term scientists use for describing a certain type of matter inside the crust of a neutron star, could affect the neutron star, including how fast it spins.

Space February 2, 2015

Is X-Ray the Future of Communication and Navigation in Space?

The Nicer/Sextant mission, launching in 2016, will study neutron stars, and also test a new method of navigating through space - using pulsars!

Space November 20, 2014

Stellar carnage: NASA simulation features neutron stars colliding to form black hole

NASA released an incredibly compelling video of how an ensemble of two neutron stars dancing to the tune of their gravity forms into a mysterious black hole, with a massive burst of gamma ray as their ending note.

Space May 17, 2014

NASA supercomputer simulation shows 2 neutron stars collide and form a black hole, and it's AWESOME

Two neutron stars colliding, forming a black hole is modeled in a new computer simulation. This is the story of this remarkable new video.

Space May 16, 2014

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