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New Whale-Dolphin Hybrid Discovered By Scientists In Hawaii

What makes the scientists' August 2017 observation in Hawaii so unique? They discovered a new hybrid species that's a mix of the rough-toothed dolphin and the melon-headed whale.

Animals July 28, 2018

Scientists Explore Secret Rainforest Hidden In Volcanic Crater In Africa

A 28-person team climbed an ancient volcano in Mozambique to explore its hidden rainforest. Among the exciting finds are several new species candidates and ancient ceramic pots partly buried close to the mountain stream.

Earth/Environment July 2, 2018

Unusual Japanese Flower, Rare Great Ape, And One-Celled Protist Among Top 10 New Species of 2018

The IISE has released its list of Top 10 New Species of 2018. Among these are the world’s most endangered great ape, a heterotrophic flower, and a eukaryotic protist.

May 29, 2018

Great Ape, Hunchbacked Shrimp Headline 10 New Species List

The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry’s International Institute for Species Exploration released its annual list of newly discovered species. The species were from around the world.

Animals May 23, 2018

Rare Bristle Worm Fossil Hints How Modern Earthworms Developed Their Heads

Among the 20,000 fossils uncovered at Burgess Shale, one was found to contain soft tissue belonging to a 2-centimeter worm. It gave scientists strong evidence that in their early evolutionary stages, worms had a far different appearance.

Animals January 22, 2018

Newly Described 'Spider-Man' Worm-Snail Species With Slime-Ejecting Tentacles Found On Shipwreck, Possibly Invasive Species

A new worm-snail species has been described just off the Florida Keys. The invertebrate that reminded researchers of Spider-Man could pose a serious threat to its surrounding environment.

Animals April 11, 2017

New Spider-Like Crab Species Discovered In India: Climbs Up And Lives On Trees

Scientists finally confirm that an elusive crustacean first spotted in 2014 is a new crab species that lives in trees, but it’s not like other tree-dwelling crabs.

Animals April 9, 2017

Giant Spiders In The Spotlight: 3 New Species Of Bird-Eating Tarantulas Discovered

Researchers have discovered three new species of hairy tarantula spiders in the genus Avicularia. These massive tarantulas live in trees and feast on small birds and mammals.

Animals March 11, 2017

LOOK: Newly Observed Beetle Species Pretends To Be Ant Butt To Hitch A Ride

One beetle species has been observed to pose as ant abdomen to hitch a free ride. Get to know the Nymphister kronaueri and its interesting adaptation strategy.

Animals February 12, 2017

New Species Of Moth With Yellowish-White Scales On Head Named After Donald Trump

A new species of moth found throughout Southern California and across the Mexico-U.S. border in Baja California, Mexico was named after Donald Trump. The yellowish-white scales on Neopalpa donaldtrumpi’s head resembles the hair of the U.S. President-elect.

Animals January 17, 2017

There's A Plant In Japan That Neither Photosynthesizes Nor Blooms

A new plant species has been discovered on Japan's Kuroshima Island. Called Gastrodia kuroshimensis, the plant species is unique in that it neither photosynthesizes nor blooms.

Earth/Environment October 15, 2016

Newly Discovered Fish Species In Hawaii Named After Obama

A newly discovered fish species endemic in Hawaii will be named after U.S. President Barack Obama in gratitude for his contributions in conservation. The president recently visited the region to draw attention to conservation efforts.

Animals September 4, 2016

Scientists Discover New Devilish-Looking Orchid In Colombia

Scientists have identified a new species of orchid growing on a small patch of land between two departments in southern Colombia. The new plant is known for its reddish to dark maroon bloom with a distinct devil-shaped heart.

Earth/Environment July 13, 2016

Pokédex Update: Scientist Names New Bee Species In Chile After Charizard

If you discovered a new species, what would you call it? One scientist lets the Pokémon fan in him come out, naming one of the bees he discovered in Chile after Charizard.

Animals July 7, 2016

Here Are The Top 10 New Species Of Plants And Animals Of 2016

A flower, a tree, a beetle, an ancient human, an ugly fish and more. Check out this top 10 list of new species of plants and animals and marvel at how much more we have yet to find.

Feature | Science May 24, 2016

Discovery of New Jellyfish Species In Mariana Trench Proves There Is Much To Know About The World’s Oceans

NOAA researchers have found a new species of deep-sea jellyfish during an expedition to the Marian Trench. Its discovery helps prove the idea that there more things people don't know about the Earth's oceans.

Animals May 3, 2016

Wildlife Biologists Confirm New Primate Species First Spotted In Arunachal

A relatively newly-discovered species of monkeys, the white cheeked macaque, has been discovered in India. Previously, it was spotted for the very first time in China in 2015.

Animals April 26, 2016

Meet The Slender Rat, A New Rodent Species Discovered In Indonesia

A new species of wild rodent was discovered in a mountainous area on Indonesia's Sulawesi Island. Known as the Gracilimus radix, this slender rat avoided detection for years by mainly staying among the roots of trees while looking for food.

Earth/Environment April 20, 2016

First New Butterfly Species Found In Alaska In 28 Years May Be Ancient Hybrid, Researchers Claim

Biologists have found the first new species of butterfly discovered in Alaska in 28 years. Are these winged insects the offspring of two ancient species?

Animals March 20, 2016

Tiny Frog Species Thrive In India's Wasteland

A team of researchers found a new species of a narrow-mouthed frog just the size of a thumb. Measuring just 1.6 centimeters (0.63 inch), this frog could shed light on the ecological importance of India's laterite rock formations.

Earth/Environment March 12, 2016

Blue-Tailed Monitor Lizard Has Been Lurking Undiscovered For 2 Million Years On A Remote Pacific Island

Researchers have discovered a new lizard species that has been ruling the Mussau Island in Papua New Guinea for almost 2 million years. The elusive blue-tailed, yellow-tongued monitor lizard managed to evade the scientific community for a long time.

Earth/Environment February 26, 2016

Announcing Two Brand-New Species Of Electric Fish

Both species were discovered in Gabon, on the Atlantic Coast of Africa.

February 9, 2016

New Beetle Species Found In Australian Rain Forests

Museum experts identified 24 new species of beetles after 30 years. Most of the specimens, collected from rain forests in Australia in the '80s and '90s, stayed in museums until two scientists had the opportunity to study them.

Animals January 25, 2016

Researchers In India Discover New Group Of Wasp Species

Five new wasp species that specifically target and parasitize spider eggs have been discovered in India. Researchers believe that there are more than a thousand species of this genus in the region.

Animals November 11, 2015

You Can Bid To Name A New Moth Species On eBay

If you've ever wanted name a new species without actually going through the trouble of discovering one, now's your chance. The winner of a recently-launched eBay auction will help name a new moth species.

Earth/Environment October 19, 2015

Monkey That Sneezes When It Rains, Walking Fish Among 211 New Species Found In Himalayas

More than 200 new species have been discovered in Eastern Himalayas from 2009 to 2014. Among the notable find were a walking fish and a monkey that sneezes when it rains.

Animals October 8, 2015

New Species Of Deep-Sea Anglerfish Discovered: It's Scarier Than Your Worst Nightmare

Anglerfish are bizarre creatures that inhabit the deep water. Now, biologist have found a bizarre new form of these odd creatures.

August 8, 2015

Hades: You Don't Want This Centipede From Hell Crawling Over You

Deep within the caves of Croatia lies Geophilus hadesi, the centipede from hell. What makes this animal so amazing?

June 30, 2015

Seven Tiny Frog Species Discovered In Brazil Already In Danger Of Croaking

Seven new frog species have been discovered living high in the cloud forests of Brazil. Why are these isolated animals in danger?

Animals June 4, 2015

10 Recently Discovered Species With Weird And Interesting Features

Chickens from hell, psychedelic slugs, cartwheeling spiders and artistic pufferfish? These are just some creatures that made it on the Top 10 New Species list for 2015.

Earth/Environment May 29, 2015

Dementor Wasp Turns Cockroaches Into Zombies LIke A Creature From Harry Potter

The Greater Mekong region is alive with a diverse collection of animals, including 139 newly discovered species. What strange species did the WWF catalog?

Animals May 27, 2015

Sichuan Bush Warbler Discovered in China - How Did A Distinctive Call Give Away This New Bird Species?

A rare species of bird common in dense brush areas in mountainous regions of central China has been discovered. How is this possible?

May 1, 2015

Scientists Discover New Species Of Macaque — Here's What's Unique About Them

A new species of Tibetan monkeys has been identified as the white-cheeked macaque — but what sets it apart from the four other macaque species in the region has nothing to do with cheeks.

Geek April 12, 2015

Three New Dwarf Dragon Species Discovered In The Andes

Woodlizards were thought to be one of the least-diverse of all animals. Now, three new species have been discovered. Why did this finding take so long?

April 6, 2015

New Species Of Catfish Named After 'Star Wars' Character Greedo And It's Eerily Fitting

With its big eyes and scaly skin, the Peckoltia greedoi can only look like one other creature. It turns out Greedo from 'Star Wars' does exist IRL.

Geek March 19, 2015

Unique Species of Fanged Frog in Indonesia Gives Birth to Tadpoles

Species of frog in the jungles of Indonesia spurns egg-laying in favor of giving birth to live tadpoles. Newly identified species is the only frog to do so, researchers say.

Animals January 3, 2015

Indonesian Fanged Frog Only Known Species of Frog to Give Birth to Live Tadpoles

Researchers have found a new species of frog in Indonesia that gives birth to tadpoles instead of laying eggs. The new frog species is native to the Sulawesi island of Indonesia.

Animals January 1, 2015

10 Cutest Animal Science Discoveries of 2014

The 10 cutest animal discoveries of the year were named by editors at the journal Nature. Here are their picks for 2014.

December 16, 2014

Ancient Species Discovered in Depths of the Arctic

A new species of mollusk has been discovered in the Arctic, but could it still be swimming oceans today?

December 12, 2014

Science Welcomes New Bird Species from Indonesia

The Sulawesi streaked flycatcher was first noticed in 1997, and a team of researchers tracked them down in Indonesia. But, what makes these birds different from the rest?

November 26, 2014

Newly Discovered 'Stargazing' Shrimp Always Looks to the Heavens

Stargazing shrimp have been discovered, looking like aliens underwater - how could they be looking everywhere at once?

Animals November 21, 2014

Mushroom-shaped deep-sea creatures look like ALIENS - What are they really?

A pair of unusual creatures was discovered in the waters of Australia, unlike nearly any other known animal.

Animals September 4, 2014

Massive collection of ancient amber leads to discovery of tiny pygmy locust

Scientists have found a new type of grasshopper, the pygmy locust, after studying an ancient amber collection. The fossilized remains of the insect have given researchers insight into the evolutionary process of locusts.

August 3, 2014

Amber collection opens window to ancient world (Video)

A wealth of information about life in the Dominican Republic 20 million years ago has been revealed in amber. The collection was unseen for decades in a museum closet.

Animals August 1, 2014

Cherokea attakullakulla, new moth species named after Cherokee chief

Scientists have revealed the presence of a new species of moth fluttering through the canebrake habitats in the southern Appalachian mountains. The moth has been named in honor of a Cherokee tribe leader.

Animals June 28, 2014

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