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Nissan Could Stop Making Electric Car Batteries, Reportedly Selling Battery Business To Panasonic

Nissan is purportedly renouncing building its own electric car batteries. Rumors surfaced about ongoing negotiations between Nissan and Panasonic about selling the 51 percent stake the automaker has in the Automotive Energy Supply Corporation.

Car Tech August 8, 2016

Check Out Nissan Testing Its Mind-Reading Electric Leaf Vehicle

See what drivers think as they get behind the wheel of the EV for the first time via this brainwave technology.

FUTURE TECH April 14, 2016

Nissan Leaf App Disabled Over API Vulnerability That Allowed Hacking

Nissan removed its NissanConnect EV app after a security researcher showed that it was vulnerable to hacking. The app allowed Nissan Leaf owners to adjust the heating and cooling via a handset, but hackers could hijack it for other purposes.

Apps/Software February 25, 2016

API Vulnerability In Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicles Leaves Them Prone To Hacking

A security researcher revealed that a vulnerability in some Nissan Leaf cars can affect the vehicle’s heating and air-conditioning systems. The flaw also revealed how the driver’s recent journeys can be tracked using the vehicle’s accompanying app.

FUTURE TECH February 24, 2016

Green Car News Roundup: Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, Nissan Leaf

Green cars that do not emit harmful gases are gaining popularity in the auto industry. The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell and Nissan Leaf are some green cars available in the U.S.

FUTURE TECH January 23, 2016

BMW, Nissan Team Up For EV Fast-Charging Network Across The US, Gunning For Tesla's Superchargers

BMW and Nissan address the increasing demand for more fast-charging options by teaming up to support customers driving longer distances with their BMW i3 and Nissan LEAF vehicles. The companies had so far installed 120 dual-port 50kW fast-charging stations across 19 states.

FUTURE TECH December 23, 2015

Nissan Leaf Envisions Electric Vehicle As Mobile Power Plants For Homes

That's thanks to the Vehicle 2 Grid system that the automaker introduced on Tuesday.

FUTURE TECH December 9, 2015

Nissan Starts Testing Self-Driving Car Prototype In Japan, Taking Its Revolutionary 'Piloted Drive' On The Road

Nissan announced that its high-end Piloted Drive 1.0 technology is ready to be tested on the open road. At the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Nissan described the features that will make highway and urban navigation easier and safer for Nissan drivers.

FUTURE TECH November 2, 2015

2016 Nissan Leaf Comes Available With 30kWh Battery With Range 107 Miles Per Charge

Nissan debuted its 2016 Nissan Leaf that comes in a 30kWh battery. Nissan considers itself as a global leader in electric vehicle sales.

FUTURE TECH September 11, 2015

Nissan To Equip LEAF With Extra Battery Capacity To Boost Range Up To 250 Miles

In the near future, says Nissan, it will offer electric cars with a range of nearly 250 miles on a single charge. This would be made possible with the additional battery the EV will pack in alongside the regular 24 kWh one.

FUTURE TECH June 29, 2015

Blame Cheap Gas: Consumers Dropping Electric Cars And Hybrids For SUVs

Based on statistics, consumers have traded their electric and hybrid cars for SUVs as fuel prices have dropped. Fuel-efficient small SUVs like the Chevrolet Trax were sufficient to entice practical auto enthusiasts.

FUTURE TECH April 23, 2015

Nissan LEAF Shows Off Glow-In-The-Dark Paint Job -- But You Can't Have One [Video]

Nissan Europe's illuminating innovation will not be available commercially, but the goal is to foster greater solar energy use. The paint is all organic and uses a rare natural product.

FUTURE TECH February 18, 2015

Nissan Unwraps Glow-In-The-Dark Car, Forget The Stars On Your Ceiling

The automobile manufacturer teamed up with Hamish Scott, the inventor of Starpath paint, which absorbs ultraviolet energy to allow it to glow at night.

FUTURE TECH February 14, 2015

Nissan will cut production of electric car battery: Report

Nissan may decide on cutting manufacturing operations on its electric car batteries in the U.S. and UK. The automobile maker wants to source cheaper battery options from LG Chem.

Energy September 16, 2014

IIHS crash test results will make you think twice before buying small cars

The latest round of IIHS crash testing showed that small cars fared poorly in their safety features. Only one car earned a top rating among the 12 cars tested.

FUTURE TECH July 31, 2014

Nissan Leaf beating Chevy Volt in electric car sales

The Nissan Leaf continues to blow by the Chevy Volt. Incentives praised for pushing the market forward.

FUTURE TECH July 3, 2014

Bhutan may become first country in world to have all-electric taxi fleet

Bhutan is seeking to replace all the current vehicles with electric models in the near future. The plan will start with government vehicles. Taxis and private cars will soon follow

FUTURE TECH December 10, 2013

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