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Study Finds Women With Denser Breasts Have Worse Cancer Outcomes

Possible cancer tumors are more difficult to detect in women with dense breast than those with non-dense tissues. A new study looking at breast density can now classify dense breasts more accurately.

Public Health June 27, 2018

Most Oncologists Feel Less Knowledgeable About Medical Marijuana But Still Recommend It Anyway

Majority of oncologists in the United States feel they are less knowledgeable about the benefits of medical marijuana. However, a latest survey revealed that almost half of the respondents recommended cannabis for their cancer patients.

Public Health May 11, 2018

Nanoparticles For Medicine: Breakthrough Screening Method Makes Selection Viable And Easy

The challenges involved in selecting the right and biocompatible nanoparticles for medicinal use have been solved by a team of researchers from the universities of Geneva and Fribourg. They devised a new screening method offering safety, cost efficiency, and speed.

Biotech February 4, 2017

Experts Release Guidelines On Follow-Up Care Of Breast Cancer Survivors

The American Cancer Society and the American Society of Clinical Oncology developed new follow-up care guidelines for breast cancer survivors and primary care physicians. The new guidelines are more concise and comprehensive than previous recommendations, experts said.

Life December 8, 2015

Childhood Cancer Survivors At Risk For Poor Mental, Physical Health Later In Life

Separate studies found that children who are cancer survivors may be at risk for cognitive and physical health problems once they reach adulthood. One study found inceased risk for hospitalization among cancer survivors while the other discovered that cancer survivors have poorer memory, reading and comprehension scores.

Life November 21, 2015

New Lung Cancer Pill By AstraZeneca Wins Early FDA Approval

After mroe than two years of testing on humans, the U.S. FDA has approved a new lung cancer pill for AstraZeneca, a British drugmaker. The once-daily drug targets advanced non-small cell lung cancer, the most common type of lung cancer.

Life November 14, 2015

Scientists Zap Breast Cancer With Super-Strength 'GammaPod'

New and innovative technology would use radiation beams to target tumors and leave healthy tissue intact.

Life October 20, 2015

Cancer 'Guru' Cons Patient Out Of Thousands Of Dollars, Gives Fake Medications

Vincent Gammill of The Natural Oncology Institute has been arrested for medical fraud perpetrated on cancer victims. Were his treatments medicine or snake oil?

Life July 19, 2015

Colorectal cancer is not just due to the yummy processed meats, blame genetics, too: Study

Scientists have found evidence that shows processed meats can increase the risks of colorectal cancer even more for people with certain genes. The new study emphasizes the risks of eating too much processed meat.

Life April 19, 2014

EU rules blocking life saving cancer drug trials on children could be killing them

EU rules give pharmaceutical companies the option not to test new cancer medicines in pediatric trials if the drug is for treatment of cancers that seldom inflict children. Health experts, however, said changing the current EU rules could save or extend many young cancer patients' lives.

Life February 11, 2014

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