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FCC Votes To Kill Net Neutrality: Here's What That Means For You And What Will Happen Next

The Federal Communication Commission, led by Chairman Ajit Pai, voted to kill net neutrality. The move will have a very significant effect on our access to the internet, and the next few weeks will be crucial in shaping its future.

Internet December 15, 2017

Mozilla Urges Digital Netizens To Help Save The Internet: Here's Why

Mozilla is launching a prototype of an open source initiative that aims to track the health of the Internet. The project aims to focus on five aspects of the Internet: open innovation, online privacy, digital inclusion, privacy, and web literacy.

Internet January 22, 2017

Cable, Telecom Groups Appeal To Reverse Net Neutrality Decision

In June, the federal court upheld the net neutrality laws that were put into effect in February last year. Cable and telecommunications groups have now filed appeals for a reconsideration and reversal of the decision.

Internet July 30, 2016

YouTube Accuses T-Mobile Of Effectively Throttling Its Traffic

T-Mobile is under fire for its Binge On program, which offers subscribers low-quality video streaming in exchange for data usage fees being waived. YouTube is claiming that the service is throttling its traffic.

Internet December 23, 2015

FCC Clarifies Stance On Broadband And Net Neutrality

The FCC has sent its ruling on net neutrality for publication in the Federal Register. Opposing parties are allowed to challenge the filing once it is formally published.

Internet April 4, 2015

FCC Outs Full Text Of Net Neutrality Rules: Here's What The 400-Page Document Says

With the new proposed 400-page rules on federal regulatory oversight of Internet service providers, court battles are ahead. Telecoms and wireless industry groups are not happy with what is being proposed.

Internet March 12, 2015

Republicans' 'Internet Freedom Act' Does Away With Net Neutrality

Republican Marsha Blackburn has filed a new bill that will do away with the FCC's vote for net neutrality, essentially winding back the clock. Blackburn has received money for her campaigns from multiple Internet service providers.

Internet March 6, 2015

Net Neutrality Is A Big Deal: Here's Why You Should Care

The phrase keeps getting thrown around a lot these days, but what exactly is net neutrality for?

Internet February 25, 2015

Senator Reid wants to push for open Internet in U.S.

Sen. Harry Reid has made tech news headlines. The U.S. Senate Majority Leader is pushing for an open Internet in the United States.

Society July 31, 2014

FCC will revise proposed net neutrality plan, will ensure it is fair for all

FCC is hard-pressed amid public outrage over chairman Tom Wheeler's new proposal on net neutrality, and even the man who coined the term net neutrality, Tim Wu (third from left), isn't biting it.

Internet May 12, 2014

Google, Facebook, Amazon et al fight to protect net neutrality, but why?

Various tech companies got together and sent Tom Wheeler and the FCC a letter expressing their desire for net neutrality. The companies are against preferential treatment, tolls or fast lanes when it comes to bandwidth.

Business May 9, 2014

Netflix will pay Verizon for better interconnection and streaming service

Previously, Netflix won't buy the direct connection service from broadband providers for a faster content delivery to subscribers. Now, after sealing the first deal with Comcast, it signed the second one with Verizon. So who's probably next?

Business Tech April 30, 2014

FCC slows down on net neutrality fast-lane proposal, sets up inbox for feedback

Got something to say on the FCC’s proposed net neutrality rules? Send them an email.

Internet April 28, 2014

FCC says net neutrality is not dead amid pay-for-speed proposal

The Federal Communications Commission plans to send a new proposal that would guide Internet traffic, but critics argue that this goes against its Open Internet or net neutrality principle. Here's what both parties have to say.

Internet April 25, 2014

White House supports net neutrality but says can't force FCC's hands

The White House has expressed its support for an Open Internet but said it cannot impose on the FCC what it needs to do.

Internet February 19, 2014

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