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The Origami-Like Wings Of Earwigs Could Inform How We Design Foldable Devices

A team of researchers just studied how an earwig folds and unfurls its wings, which appear to employ mechanisms that violate the rules of origami. It’s yet another case of nature influencing design and technology.

Animals March 23, 2018

Origami-Inspired Artificial Muscles Can Carry 1,000 Times Their Weight, Plus It's Cheap And Easy To Build

Researchers have developed a new type of artificial muscle that can lift 1,000 times their own weight. The artificial muscles are inspired by origami and can be created in as fast as 10 minutes using materials worth less than $1.

Material Science November 28, 2017

Engineers Develop Origami-Inspired Bulletproof Shield To Protect Police Officers

A lightweight, portable bulletproof shield inspired by origami has been developed by engineers from Brigham Young University. The lightweight shield is strong enough to deflect bullets from pistols and revolvers.

Material Science February 18, 2017

NASA Builds Origami-Inspired Radiator To Cool Down Or Warm Up Satellites

A radiator inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding is being built to cool down or warm up satellites. NASA researchers believe the new radiator will be a game-changer in thermal design.

Space February 2, 2017

This Walker Is Not A Zombie, It's Graphene 'Paper': What Could We Do With It In The Future?

Researchers in China have developed a new type of graphene paper capable of self-folding in different ways with the help of heat and light from an infrared laser. The team believes the breakthrough technology can be used to develop artificial muscles and smart clothes that can change in response to environmental factors.

Animals November 11, 2015

This Beautiful Origami Crane Is Actually A Drone In Disguise

LAPIS Semiconductor created the Orizuru, a paper origami drone that can be operated with a remote control. The Orizuru is looking to reverse the bad reputation of drones in Japan.

FUTURE TECH October 19, 2015

Engineers Use An Origami Technique To Design Strong And Versatile New Structures

An origami technique called Miura-ori folding inspired researchers to create a design that allows paper and other materials to support much more weight than they would have been able to otherwise. They call the design 'zippered tubes.'

September 8, 2015

NASA creating origami-style solar array: Could beam electricity to Earth

NASA and origami expert, Robert Lang, are working on the next generation of space solar arrays. Interestingly enough, these solar arrays could one day beam energy from the sun down to earth for use with electrical appliances.

Space August 18, 2014

Fast, self-assembling Origami robots prove Transformers can be real (Video)

Origami robots can now assemble themselves and start their own motors without human interaction.

Robotics August 9, 2014

This origami robot folds itself to wow you

The future is now on foldable robotics technology, as a team of scientists and engineers made the very first one of its kind, as inspired by the Japanese ancient art of origami.

Robotics August 8, 2014

Origami-inspired robot folds itself and walks away

Inspired by the ancient art of origami, engineers create a small robot that starts out flat, but then quickly folds itself into a shape that allows it to eventually crawl away.

Internet Culture August 8, 2014

How origami can be used to unfold the future

"Origami robot" developed that can unfold itself from a flat configuration and then carry out tasks. Harvard and MIT researchers envision many uses for the technology.

Robotics August 7, 2014

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