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First Interstellar Meteor May Have Struck Earth Without Anyone Knowing

Scientists discover the first known interstellar object that collided with Earth. A meteor that slammed into the planet's atmosphere in 2014 is now found to have origins in another star system.

Space April 17, 2019

Harvard Professor Avi Loeb Justifies Why Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua Is An Alien Probe

SETI researchers were not able to find signals that could indicate 'Oumuamua is an alien spacecraft. Harvard Professor Avi Loeb, however, said this does not rule out the idea the interstellar object is an alien probe.

Space January 17, 2019

Is ‘Oumuamua An Alien Spacecraft? SETI Finds No Artificial Signal From Interstellar Object

SETI scientists who were looking for signals that could prove the ‘Oumuamua incorporates some technology came up empty-handed. This isn't the first time researchers tried to eavesdrop on the interstellar rock for signals that could suggest of alien origin.

Space December 9, 2018

Harvard Scientists Say Mysterious Cigar-Shaped Object 'Oumuamua May Have Been Alien Spacecraft

A study argued that 'Oumuamua might have been a debris from an advanced alien technology or a space probe to check out the solar system. Scientists said that an artificial origin could explain why the interstellar object is so strange.

Space November 8, 2018

Scientists Narrow Down Possible Origins Of Mysterious Cigar-Shaped Space Rock 'Oumuamua

Astronomers believe that they have found the home star system of 'Oumuamua, the comet that visited the Solar System last year. They have pinned down four possible dwarf stars based on data collected by Gaia.

Space September 28, 2018

Remember Oumuamua? The Interstellar Asteroid Turns Out To Be A Comet After All

It appears that researchers have finally solved the Oumuamua mystery. The interstellar visitor is now known to be a comet, not an asteroid, as it accelerates in its exit from the Solar System.

Space June 28, 2018

Gas Giant's Gravitational Tug May Have Caused Cigar-Like Shape Of Interstellar Asteroid 'Oumuamua

'Oumuamua’s appearance is different from what scientists predicted an interstellar asteroid would look like. Researchers now think that gravitational stretching could be behind the space rock’s cigar-like shape.

Space March 28, 2018

'Oumuamua Asteroid Likely Came From a Tatooine-Like World: What Are Binary Star Systems?

New findings concluded that the alien-like figure called ‘Oumuamua is more likely to have originated from a binary system different from the Earth’s. ‘Oumuamua’s rocky structure similar to that of an asteroid can only be present in hotter environments.

Space March 21, 2018

Alien Visitor 'Oumuamua Most Likely Ejected By A Two-Star System: How Did That Happen?

'Oumuamu likely originated from a binary star system, which has at least one big hot star. This is how the interstellar asteroid was likely ejected from its home star system.

Space March 20, 2018

Interstellar Asteroid 'Oumuamua Discovered To Have Come From Binary Star System

'Oumuamua is the first known interstellar object that has been observed in this solar system. New research suggests that it may have come from a binary star system.

Space March 19, 2018

Oumuamua Interstellar Asteroid Tumbles Through Space For Billions Of Years After Collision With Mystery Object

The Oumuamua asteroid has spinning chaotically through space after colliding with an object that threw it out of its system. It will continue to spin chaotically for many billions of years before it will rotate normally again.

Space February 12, 2018

Astronomers To Scan Mysterious Interstellar Asteroid To Look For Signs Of Alien Technology

The cigar-shaped interstellar object called Oumuamua is characterized by unusual properties. Was this sent by an intelligent alien civilization? Astronomers want to find out.

Space December 12, 2017

SpaceX Mars-colonization Rocket May Help Chase Interstellar Asteroid

The Initiative for Interstellar Studies announced the Project Lyra mission to study the interstellar asteroid ‘Oumuamua’. The research team suggested SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket as one of the options that can be used to reach the asteroid.

Space November 29, 2017

Solar System’s First Interstellar Visitor Is A Cigar-Shaped Asteroid

Astronomers witnessed a historic moment last month by detecting the solar system’s first interstellar visitor. The object has now been identified as a most bizarre-shaped asteroid and named Oumuamua.

Space November 21, 2017

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