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The Edge Of Space Just Got Closer To Earth By 12 Miles

A Harvard astrophysicist said that outer space is a little bit closer to Earth than previously believed. Mathematical modeling showed that space is just 50 miles above the surface of the Earth.

Space July 26, 2018

Chris Hadfield: We Could Have Traveled To Mars Decades Ago

Astronaut Chris Hadfield thinks we could have been able to go to Mars decades ago. Now, he’s excited for us to finally go to the Red Planet, but he also highlights the potential dangers that could happen along the way.

Space July 9, 2018

Buzz Aldrin Would Like To Remind You That He Was The First To Take A Selfie In Space

There’s simply no way your selfie will ever be as cool as Buzz Aldrin’s. In 1966, during the Gemini 12 mission, he was going for a spacewalk and suddenly thought outer space was a good place for a selfie.

Space June 23, 2018

Astronaut Ordered Pizza While On Space Shuttle So It Could Be 'Hot And Ready' When He Landed

An astronaut decided to order pizza while his space shuttle is on its descent to earth. The astronaut recalled the story after the screening of the National Geographic documentary, "One Strange Rock".

Space May 30, 2018

Netflix Documentary ‘Mercury 13’ Reveals All-Female Astronaut Team Shunned By NASA

The United States could have been the first to send a woman to space, new documentary ‘Mercury 13’ reveals. However, it canceled the program for uncertain reasons before it could be completed.

Movies/TV Shows April 22, 2018

The Hubble Space Telescope Just Took This Amazing Shot Of Two Galaxies Colliding

Even though it’s circled the Earth for 28 years, the Hubble Space Telescope still takes insanely mesmerizing photographs of our universe. Just like this new photo of the Arp 256, which features two galaxies in the process of merging.

Space March 13, 2018

Astronomers Confirm Mysterious Radio Bursts Come From Outer Space

A new study discovered three new Fast Radio Bursts, which were captured by the Molonglo radio telescope, located in Australia. The huge focal length of the radio telescope enabled it to search for maximum FRBs.

Space April 4, 2017

Hubble Captures Death Of Star In 'Rotten Egg' Nebula

The Hubble telescope has captured images that show the death of a star more than 5000 light years away in the Calabash Nebula. The star located in the 'Rotten Egg' nebula can be seen disintegrating in the image.

Space February 5, 2017

NASA Will Commemorate Challenger Disaster At Arlington For 30th Anniversary

NASA will hold a Day of Remembrance at Arlington for the fallen crews of the Apollo 1, Columbia and Challenger missions, 30 years after the Challenger disaster.

Space January 28, 2016

There Might Be Another Planet In Our Solar System

The scientist who lead the charge for Pluto's demise as an official planet in our solar system is now on the hunt for its de facto successor - a planet appropriately named 'Planet X.'

Space January 20, 2016

Original Space Oddity David Bowie Might Get His Own Constellation

The iconic 'Space Oddity' glam rocker might have a constellation to call his own, if an observatory and a radio station in Belgium get their way.

Space January 18, 2016

This Breathtaking Video Fits 60 Years Of Space Junk Into 60 Seconds

An astronomer at the University College London compiled a mesmerizing minute-long video that illustrates the 60-year history of chucking junk into outer space — all in less than 60 seconds.

Space December 22, 2015

Astronomers Captured An Image Of A Star They Predicted Would Explode

For the first time ever, scientists have captured the image of an exploding star — one they correctly predicted would do so ahead of time and took five billion years to reach our galactic line of vision.

Space December 17, 2015

Alien Hunters Spot 'Buddha Statue' On Mars

Alien and UFO hunters found a carving on a rock face resembling a Buddha statue. Alien hunters claim that this is proof of extraterrestrial life, while NASA believes it to be a case of minds playing tricks.

Space October 17, 2015

Transiting exoplanet has 704 days in its year, longest known orbit

A new exoplanet has been discovered which is unusually far away from its primary star.

Space July 23, 2014

Hello, Saturn: How's Peggy doing today?

Scientists have new discoveries about the fate of Saturn's newest moon-child, Peggy. Could Peggy survive or disintegrate in space?

Space April 18, 2014

North Korea rips off NASA's logo but 'NADA' to worry about

Could there really be NADA into this North Korea space agency's choice of acronym and logo, said to be a rip-off of the logo of their opponent NASA? See what their government has to say.

Space April 5, 2014

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