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Ocean Explorer Victor Vescovo Completes Deepest-Ever Dive In Mariana Trench

A team of ocean explorers has set their sights on reaching the bottom of the world's oceans. One of them has completed the deepest-ever dive in the Mariana trench.

Earth/Environment May 18, 2019

El Niño Study Produces 400 Years Worth Of Data From Corals

Researchers analyzed coral records and reconstructed a comprehensive map of El Niño events for the past 400 years. They found that climate change might be causing more frequent and more intense El Niño events.

Earth/Environment May 7, 2019

Researchers Discover Glimmering Mirror-Like Pools In The Pacific Ocean

Shimmering pools of minerals left scientists in awe at the Gulf of California as they explored the hydrothermal vent ecosystem. The incredible phenomenon is only one of the many discoveries of the expedition.

Earth/Environment April 9, 2019

Depths Of Pacific Experiencing Drop In Temperatures From 'Little Ice Age'

Researchers found that the cool surface water during the Little Ice Age has only started reaching the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. While the world currently experiencing modern global warming, the depths of the Pacific has only started cooling.

Earth/Environment January 5, 2019

Ancient Geological Process Of Rock Sinking Into Earth's Core Has Stalled Says Researchers

Scientists ran simulations and made the conclusion that a layer of rock has caused slabs of oceanic plates to stagnate. The process halted what is called mantle convection which involves rocks rising and sinking into the planet's core.

Earth/Environment October 9, 2018

Scientists Discover 3 New Fish Species In Surprisingly Busy Atacama Trench Of Pacific Ocean

Scientists deployed baited camera traps in the southeast Pacific Ocean to explore the Atacama Trench. They found that the trench was teeming with life and also discovered three new species that were identified as variants of the gelatinous snailfish.

Animals September 11, 2018

Amelia Earhart’s Desperate Calls For Help Heard In Radio Distress Signals

Amelia Earhart sent calls for help days after her plane disappeared, and several people around the world heard them. Experts said this is the best evidence yet that Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan died as castaways on an uninhabited island.

July 26, 2018

The Tiangong-1 Space Station Just Missed Point Nemo, The Spacecraft Graveyard In The Pacific Ocean

The Tiangong-1 has finally fallen to Earth on Easter Sunday, without causing any damage to populated areas. The Chinese space station just missed Point Nemo, which is also known as the 'spacecraft graveyard.'

Space April 2, 2018

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is 4 To 16 Times Larger Than Previously Thought

The size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is increasing rapidly according to scientists. The amount of plastic found in this area between California and Hawaii also reportedly keeps accumulating.

Earth/Environment March 23, 2018

Bones Discovered Are Claimed To Be The Remains Of Amelia Earhart With 99 Percent Certainty

Remains that were previously said to be that of a male are now said to be the remains of Amelia Earhart. The remains were originally found in 1940.

Viral March 8, 2018

‘Blob’ In Pacific Ocean Ramps Up Ozone Levels Above Western US

'The blob,' a mass of unusually warm water in the Pacific Ocean, escalated ozone levels above the western United States, according to a new study. The blob created the ingredients for ozone production and the pollutant was high in places like Washington.

Earth/Environment February 20, 2017

WATCH: Powerful 'Waterfall' Of Lava Gushes Into Pacific Ocean

A powerful 'waterfall' of lava continues to gush into the Pacific Ocean from a crack on the side of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. Tourists and hikers alike flock to the scene to witness the spectacular lava flow.

Earth/Environment February 1, 2017

First Tuna Sold In Tsukiji Fish Market New Year Auction Fetches Over $600,000

The New Year tuna auction on Jan. 5 at Japan’s Tsukiji market has fetched an astounding price of 74.2 million yen ($642,310). The winner of the bid was Tuna king, Kiyoshi Kimura, for the sixth consecutive year. He runs the Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain of Japan.

Animals January 5, 2017

Tornado Outbreaks On The Rise: Is Climate Change Cause For Blame?

A new study has raised questions about possible linkages between the rising number of tornado outbreaks and climate change though it has no hard evidence. The research highlights the possibility of certain meteorological factors being influenced by some aspects of climate change.

Earth/Environment December 3, 2016

Biggest Exposed Fault On Earth Documented: Geologists Figure Out How The Indonesia’s Banda Detachment Fault Formed

A team of Australian geologists has detected Earth’s biggest exposed fault known as Banda Detachment in eastern Indonesia. It explains the long abyss formed under the Pacific Ocean and the reason for huge sea depths at Weber Deep.

Earth/Environment November 30, 2016

Google And Facebook Building High-Speed Trans-Pacific Submarine Cable: Lightning Quick Internet Coming Soon?

Google and Facebook announced a project to link Los Angeles and Hong Kong via a high-speed underwater cable. The Pacific Light Cable will deploy lightning speed internet connection, thus boosting the business of both companies.

Internet October 13, 2016

Climate Change Spells Stronger, More Frequent Super Typhoons In Asia: Study

A new study has found that Pacific typhoons have become increasingly powerful over the past 40 years. Experts believe this is likely the result of warmer ocean temperatures allowing storms to build up more energy before making landfall.

Earth/Environment September 6, 2016

White Shark Cafe Set To Open To Human Viewers

The White Shark Cafe is an area of the Pacific Ocean where sharks make tremendous dives for unknown reasons. Biologists have a plan to find out why — a shark cam.

Animals July 2, 2016

Sponge Size Of Minivan Spotted In Deep Sea

The world's largest sponge has been spotted in the waters off Hawaii. What do we know of these strange, ancient creatures?

Animals May 27, 2016

Solar Powered Plane Completes Three-Day Nonstop Flight Across The Pacific

Solar Impulse 2 touched down in Mountain View Sunday to culminate its Hawaii-California leg, deemed its riskiest so far. The solar-powered plane is deemed a major innovation in the use of clean technologies for air travel.

Energy April 25, 2016

Everyone Thought This Dog Drowned In The Pacific Until It Was Found 5 Weeks After

Navy staff found Luna, a German shepherd who was lost at sea for five weeks, on an island by herself. She made it to shore after disappearing on a fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean.

Society March 17, 2016

Climate Change May Boost Frequent Blooms Of Toxic Algae

Climate change could be leading to longer, more frequent toxic algal blooms along Canada's Pacific coast, warned biologists. The increased toxic blooms and their movement toward new areas are being correlated with warmer waters.

Earth/Environment March 15, 2016

Albino Gray Whale 'Gallon Of Milk' Spotted Off Mexico

The albino gray whale 'Gallon of Milk' makes a rare appearance during an annual whale census off the Pacific coast of Mexico. The majestic creature appeared with a gray calf that apparently did not inherit her albino condition.

Animals March 5, 2016

Total Solar Eclipse To Occur March 8 and 9: When And Where To Watch

Residents in Australia, Southeast Asia and East Asia will get to experience a total solar eclipse on March 8 and 9. For those who want to witness this sky event, it is important to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Space March 2, 2016

Scientists (And Kids) Named This Shark Ninja Lanternshark For Good Reasons

Researchers at the Pacific Shark Research Center in California have discovered a new species of lanternshark that uses its jet black skin and faint glow to conceal itself in the ocean depth. The common name Ninja Lanternshark was given to the creature by four youngsters.

Earth/Environment December 26, 2015

US Navy Agrees to Limit Sonar Testing In Southern California To Protect Whales

In an effort to protect marine mammals, such as whales, dolphins and seals, in the Pacific from the harmful effects of sonar, the U.S. Navy has agreed to limit its use of the technology as well as other activities in the ocean.

Earth/Environment September 17, 2015

NASA Says Global Warming Hidden By Pacific And Indian Oceans

A new NASA study offers an explanation to the so-called pause in global warming observed over the past few years. The phenomenon may have to do with extra heat from greenhouse gases trapped by the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Earth/Environment July 11, 2015

Coral Bleaching Is Caused By Increasing Ocean Temperatures Says NOAA

Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warn that the continued rise in ocean temperatures in the Pacific and Atlantic is causing the massive coral bleaching on reefs in the Northern Hemisphere.

Earth/Environment July 7, 2015

Indian Ocean Is Storing Most Of The World's Heat, Says Study

A new theory explaining the global warming hiatus says the world’s heat is trapped in the Indian Ocean.

Earth/Environment May 21, 2015

California Oil Pipeline Spills 21,000 Gallons Of Oil Into Pacific Ocean

A broken California pipeline has leaked 21,000 gallons of oil into the Pacific Ocean causing black sludgevalong the coastline. US Coast Guards, emergency and fire officials along with Exxon Mobil has responded to perform cleanup efforts along Refugio State Beach.

Society May 20, 2015

Out Of Control Russian Spacecraft Burns Up Upon Reentry Into Earth's Atmosphere

The out of control Progress 59 spacecraft re-entered the Earth's atmosphere and burned over the central Pacific Ocean. The spacecraft was carrying supplies to the International Space Station (ISS).

Space May 9, 2015

Pacific Ocean Tied To Global Warming Hiatus - Why This Could Be A Bad Thing

A global warming hiatus recorded since 2000 could be due to a natural cycle in the Pacific Ocean. What danger is hiding in this finding?

Earth/Environment April 16, 2015

Why Is The US West Drying Out? The Answer May Lie In The Pacific Ocean

Changing wind patterns over the Pacific Ocean are bringing droughts to the Western U.S., a study suggests. Storms that would bring desperately needed rainfall will never make it to the region, researchers say.

Animals April 14, 2015

Unusual Warming Of Pacific Ocean Reducing Available Food For Marine Organisms Says NOAA

The 2015 State of the California Current is out and it has found waters in the West Coast to be unusually warm. If cooler conditions don’t prevail, marine species are in trouble.

Earth/Environment March 18, 2015

El Niño Is Here: What It Is And The Effect It Will Have

El Niño has finally arrived in the Pacific Ocean. What is this event, and what effect could it have on humans?

Animals March 5, 2015

Scientists Wary About Environmental Effects Of Canal-Building Project In Nicaragua

Scientists are concerned about the adverse environmental effects of the construction of the Nicaragua Canal. The project is estimated to be completed by 2019, and around 5,100 ships may pass via the canal each year.

Earth/Environment March 5, 2015

Georges Lemaitre ATV Breaks Up With ISS On Valentine's Day: ESA's Last Space Truck Burns Up Over Pacific

ATV-5 space truck beaks away from the International Space Station (ISS) and burns down safely in the Pacific Ocean. The ATV-5 was the fifth and the last of the ATV missions.

Space February 16, 2015

La Niña May Double with Climate Change

La Niña could become more frequent, driving extreme weather events around the world, according to a new study conducted in Australia.

Earth/Environment January 27, 2015

Coral Showing Evidence of Trade Winds Hint at Global Warming

Coral can be examined to reveal the history of trade winds. But, what does that research tell us about global warming in recent years?

Earth/Environment December 22, 2014

A piece of Amelia Earhart's plane has been found, and it might be a game changer

A fragment believed to be a part of Amelia Earhart's missing plane suggests the aviator may have become stranded on a remote island after an emergency landing.

Internet Culture October 30, 2014

West coast warming? Blame it on Pacific winds, not humans

Since the start of the 20th century, temperatures in Oregon and California have risen. While most environmental scientists are blaming man-made global warming for the conditions, two researchers uncover another factor.

Earth/Environment September 25, 2014

Warming of Pacific Ocean off North America due to changing winds, not human factors: Report

Humans, hear this: We are not to blame for the rising temperatures in the Pacific Coast off North America, says a new study. So who is to blame?

Earth/Environment September 24, 2014

West Coast warming is natural, study puts stop to finger-pointing

Natural cycles, not human activity, behind warming temperatures in the U.S. Northwest, study finds. Finding stirs debate on climate change yet again.

Earth/Environment September 23, 2014

Daredevil walks into open mouth of active volcano: Watch the action caught on GoPro video

Mount Marum is one of the most geologically-active volcanoes in the world. A pair of bold adventurers descended inside the volcano, and returned with surreal video.

Animals September 8, 2014

Blue whales near California making a population comeback despite threats

Blue whales have successfully recovered from near-extinction, but they now face a new danger.

Earth/Environment September 6, 2014

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