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Verizon's New Plan Provides Mobile Data To Kids, 'Smart Family Premium' Parental Controls To Parents

Verizon is introducing a new data plan for parents concerned with their kids' online safety. Called 'Just Kids,' the mobile plan includes 5 GB of data and a subscription to Smart Family Premium parental controls.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 2, 2019

T-Mobile FamilyMode Lets Parents Monitor Kids' Location, Online Activity, And More

T-Mobile announced a new FamilyMode option for parents to keep tabs on their kids' location, online activity, available content, and more. The service launches on June 29 and an optional Home Base component extends the functionality to one's home Wi-Fi network.

Internet June 27, 2018

Apple Urged To Prevent Kids' iPhone Addiction, But Here's Some Parental Control Apps To Do Your Part

Apple was pressed to roll out solutions that combat against iPhone addiction in children. That may take some time, but you can take measures already with these parental control apps.

Apps/Software January 8, 2018

Facebook Launches Privacy-Focused Messenger App For Kids To Chat With Parental Approval

Facebook has launched a standalone Messenger Kids app specifically designed to let kids under 13 talk to approved contacts. The app is privacy-focused, and parents are in control. The kids don't even have their own Facebook account.

Apps/Software December 4, 2017

Google Outs Family Link Parental Control Software In The US, Makes Android Devices Safe For Children

Family Link, Google’s parental control app, is now available to all U.S. parents using Android or iOS devices. The app, previously invite-only, lets parents monitor their children’s device usage, set time limits, and much more.

Google September 30, 2017

Samsung Marshmallow Now Available: No, Not An Android Update But An App For Kids

Samsung Marshmallow is now up for download, and while the name might be misleading, it doesn't have anything to do with Android Marshmallow. It's just Samsung's new parental control app.

Apps/Software April 30, 2017

Xbox One Will Soon Allow Parents To Enforce Screen Time

Xbox’s Mike Ybarra has assured fans that the gaming console is definitely bringing the screen time feature for parental units. Xbox has come up with this feature solely for the well-being of youngsters.

Video Games January 29, 2017

Gaming On-The-Go: How To Avoid In-App Purchases In Mobile Games

Here are the best ways to make sure your kids - or yourself - won't go spending big bucks when mobile gaming.

Apps/Software January 16, 2016

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