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Study Finds Many Employees Worldwide Would Gladly Sell Their Work Passwords For Money

A new study found alarming practices among corporate employees, threatening privacy and security. SailPoint found that one in five employees would sell their work passwords for less than $1,000, and some would even sell it for less than $100.

Business March 24, 2016

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Has No Problem With Members Sharing Their Passwords

During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that families sharing their passwords is a 'positive thing.'

Internet Culture January 14, 2016

Netflix Standard Plan Is Now Pricier So People Will Stop Sharing Their Passwords, Goldman Sachs Suggests

Netflix has increased the price of its popular standard price, and excessive password sharing may be the reason why. The one-screen and four-screen plans did not see a price hike, probably because these customers are less likely to share their passwords.

Business October 12, 2015

Two-thirds of American couples share email and social network passwords: Are you one of them?

For better or for worse? A new study has revealed how American couples use technology in their relationships.

Society February 18, 2014

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