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Qualcomm Seeks $31 Million In Damages In Apple Patent Case

Qualcomm and Apple are heading back to the courtroom once again, this time over the iPhone maker's alleged infringement of the chipmaker's intellectual property. Qualcomm is seeking $31 million in damages from Apple.

Apple March 9, 2019

Apple Loses Lawsuit To Patent Troll VirnetX, Ordered To Pay $440 Million

Apple badly lost the lawsuit filed by patent troll VirnetX, who accused the company of infringing patents with iMessage and FaceTime. Apple, which has been ordered to pay $439.7 million, will launch one final appeal.

Apple October 17, 2017

US Supreme Court Makes New Ruling On Patent Litigation To Fend Off Patent Trolls

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a new ruling regarding patent litigation and it deals a heavy blow to patent trolls. The ruling was not for technology companies in particular, but it will benefit them nonetheless.

Business Tech May 23, 2017

Broad Institute Wins Patent To CRISPR: Here's Why It Matters

Broad Institute retains the lucrative rights to gene-editing technique CRISPR after a U.S. patent office’s ruling found no 'interference' on the patent. On the losing side is the University of California, Berkeley, considered as the home of this particular technology.

Biotech February 16, 2017

Fitbit Withdraws Patent Complaint To Prevent Jawbone Products From Entering the US: A Christmas Gift Or Something Else?

Fitbit has withdrawn its patent case that seeks to block the entry of rival fitness tracker maker Jawbone's products into the United States. The move is revealed just before Christmas, but it is nowhere near being a gift.

Wearable Tech December 26, 2016

Withings Products Pulled Out From Apple Stores: Why Were The Health Devices Taken Down?

Withings products such as the Body Cardio Scale can no longer be purchased through Apple's online and physical stores. Why did Apple take down the health-related devices in the middle of the holiday season?

Apple December 23, 2016

Apple Is Once Again Locked In A Patent Battle With Nokia: What Are They Fighting About This Time?

Apple and Nokia are once again locked in an international patent battle after settling such a lawsuit in 2011. What are the two companies fighting about this time?

Apple December 22, 2016

Tech Companies 1, Patent Troll 0: PTAB Invalidates Uniloc's Patent '216

Tech companies have faced off with Uniloc’s Patent ‘216. Through a case filed out of the federal courts, the tech companies have finally won the battle against one of the biggest patent trolls in history.

Legal March 28, 2016

Apple Asks US Supreme Court To Reject Samsung's Appeal: It's 'Legally Unexceptional'

Samsung filed a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, in a last attempt to overturn the verdict from its patent lawsuit with Apple. Apple retorted and qualified Samsung’s appeal as 'legally unexceptional,' urging the Court to refuse prolonging the action.

Legal February 6, 2016

Apple Ordered To Pay $626 Million For Infringing Patented Technology Used In iMessage, VPN On Demand

A jury of a federal court in East Texas has ordered Apple to pay $626 million over four patent infringements used in iMessage and VPN on Demand. The plaintiff widely considered as a 'patent troll' comes after the Cupertino brand once again.

Legal February 4, 2016

Apple Wants Samsung To Pay $180 Million More In Smartphone Patent War

Apple seeks a new court ruling that would demand Samsung to pay additional money of up to $180 million. The company believes that Samsung should pay for interest and supplemental damages incurred from infringing Apple’s patents.

Legal December 26, 2015

HTC, Deutsche Telekom Face HTC Sales Ban In Germany Over Patent Infringement

HTC faces a new blow after a court ruling ordered its handsets banned from further sales through Deutsche Telekon in Germany. The company is said to be preparing to file for an appeal.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 18, 2015

Samsung To Pay Apple $548M To Settle Patent Infringement Dispute

The Samsung vs. Apple patent infringement dispute entered the settlement stage. Samsung agreed to pay the $548 million in damages to the Cupertino-based company, but it's hoping to see the sum back.

Money December 4, 2015

Google Fights Patent Trolls By Giving Away Patents: Want One?

Google proclaims itself the protector of startups against patent trolls. Here is what the Internet search firm plans to do.

Business July 25, 2015

Apple To Pay $532.9 Million in Patent Infringement Case: Smartflash Leaves Court Smiling

A federal jury has ordered Apple to pay an obscure Texas company more than half a billion dollars for patent infringement.

Legal February 25, 2015

RPX Buys Nortel Patent Portfolio from Rockstar for $900 Million: Patent War No More?

The smartphone patent wars are drawing to a close. Is this the start of a more mature industry that focuses on competing in the market and not in the courtroom?

Deals December 24, 2014

ITC Will Probe Samsung Complaint of Patent Infringement Against NVIDIA

The patent wars are far from over, at least for Samsung, whose case against NVIDIA moves forward in the International Trade Commission.

Legal December 24, 2014

US Court: Samsung Cannot Put Freeze on Microsoft Patent Royalties Lawsuit

Samsung’s bid to put a hold on Microsoft’s patent royalties lawsuit was turned down by a U.S. judge. The move is an attempt by the South Korean company to pursue a court proceeding in Hong Kong.

Legal November 20, 2014

Samsung, Apple drop international patent fights

Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop acrimonious patent lawsuits in non-U.S. courts. Could it be the beginning of détente between the two super powers?

Deals August 6, 2014

Microsoft sues Samsung over nonpayment on patent ruling

Samsung is refusing to pay royalties for the use of Microsoft smartphone patents. The three-year-old agreement is negated, according to Samsung, by Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia. Microsoft says that's a dodge.

Money August 4, 2014

Beijing court favors Chinese company over Apple on Siri-like patent case

The Beijing First Intermediate Court ruled against Apple over a voice recognition technology patent. Apple will appeal the case to the Beijing Higher People's Court.

Apps/Software July 9, 2014

Apple, not happy with jury verdict, demands retrial to punish Samsung more

Apple did not get the $2 billion it wanted for the patent infringement case against arch rival Samsung. Now, it is asking the court for a retrial.

Legal May 26, 2014

Oracle, U.S. Court tag team floors Google: Android infringed Java API copyright

Oracle has won a second round of court battles with Google over the use of its Java APIs. An appeals judge reversed a previous decision that Google wasn't violating Oracle's intellectual property by using its APIs as a way to form Android and decided it was.

Business May 12, 2014

Samsung turns to Google in patent fight against Apple

Samsung and Google are on the offensive in the court battle over patents and infringement of Apple technology in their Android devices.

Legal April 13, 2014

Patent Wars: The Return of Samsung - Apple's request to ban 23 products fails...again

Once again, Apple's proposed ban on Samsung products that allegedly infringe on its patents is shot down. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh stated that Apple did not present a persuasive case for the ban.

Legal March 9, 2014

Apple, Samsung mediation breaks down, March patent trial looms

Apple and Samsung are gearing up to lash out at each other hard at the scheduled trial for patent infringement in the U.S. next month after the mediation process broke down last week.

Legal February 25, 2014

Mommy! University of Wisconsin and patent troll IPCom bully Apple

Apple has been sued by two patent asserting entities. One claims Apple infringed its patent by creating the A7 chip, while the other claims the company infringed another patent for allowing emergency calls via cellular network priority.

Legal February 6, 2014

Apple iPad Air clubbed by patent troll lawsuit

Apple has been sued by Texas-based Hilltop Technology for allegedly violating its patent for capacitive touch display technlogy used in iPad Air and other iDevices.

Legal February 2, 2014

Samsung gains Google and Ericsson as allies with patent licensing deals: What you should know

Samsung reached a cross-licensing patent pact with Google on Monday, Jan. 27. In less than 24 hours, Galaxy smartphone maker, which is embroiled in a patent dispute with Apple, also sealed a patent pact with Ericsson.

Legal January 27, 2014

Huawei waves white flag, settles patent suit with Rockstar Consortium

Huawei and Rockstar Consortium have filed documents to dismiss a patent lawsuit.

Legal January 25, 2014

Apple refuses to engage in patent settlement talks with Samsung without anti-cloning provisions

Apple has insisted inclusion of anti-cloning provisions in every potential patent litigation settlement with Samsung, according to a recent court filing.

Legal January 21, 2014

Typo keyboard case pre-order sold out after CES 2014 unveil but IP infringement concerns remain

Despite the threat of a lawsuit from BlackBerry, the Typo Keyboard case is experiencing early success.

Gadgets January 15, 2014

Apple, Samsung agree on mediation to end patent dispute

A court filing reveals that Apple and Samsung will sit down to talk about possible settlement of its patent infringement case.

Legal January 9, 2014

Google fights back against Rockstar consortium

Google is not taking Rockstar's attack on Android, lying down. In fact, the company is aiming to bring an end to Rockstar.

Legal December 26, 2013

South Korea court KOs Samsung: Apple didn't steal any patent

A Seoul court KOs Samsung claiming that Apple did not steal the South Korean firm's patent.

Legal December 12, 2013

Apple wants Samsung to pay at least one-fourth of its $60 mn legal fees

Apple has filed a case against Samsung asking it to pay at least one-fourth of the former's $60 million legal fees incurred for the patent infringement lawsuit.

Legal December 7, 2013

Samsung must pay Apple $290 million for copying iPhone, iPad features: Jury

Samsung will have to pay Apple $290 million in damages per the jury verdict.

Legal November 22, 2013

Jury to resume deliberations in Apple-Samsung patent retrial

The jury will resume deliberations, Wednesday, in the Apple vs. Samsung patent infringement retrial.

Legal November 20, 2013

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