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Apple Loses Lawsuit To Patent Troll VirnetX, Ordered To Pay $440 Million

Apple badly lost the lawsuit filed by patent troll VirnetX, who accused the company of infringing patents with iMessage and FaceTime. Apple, which has been ordered to pay $439.7 million, will launch one final appeal.

Apple October 17, 2017

US Supreme Court Makes New Ruling On Patent Litigation To Fend Off Patent Trolls

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a new ruling regarding patent litigation and it deals a heavy blow to patent trolls. The ruling was not for technology companies in particular, but it will benefit them nonetheless.

Business Tech May 23, 2017

Withings Products Pulled Out From Apple Stores: Why Were The Health Devices Taken Down?

Withings products such as the Body Cardio Scale can no longer be purchased through Apple's online and physical stores. Why did Apple take down the health-related devices in the middle of the holiday season?

Apple December 23, 2016

Chinese Company That Sued Apple Over iPhone 6 Patent Infringement Is Just Another Patent Troll

China-based company Baili, which filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, is yet another patent troll. Baili's parent company Digione has been missing in action from the market for more than a year.

Business Tech June 23, 2016

Apple Gets Sued Because iPhones Can Make Calls And Send Emails

A Texas-based company sued Apple for infringing six of its patents. Corydoras Technologies, LLC, claims that several of Apple's iPad and iPhone models house call and email functionalities that infringe the former's patents.

Business Tech May 24, 2016

Tech Companies 1, Patent Troll 0: PTAB Invalidates Uniloc's Patent '216

Tech companies have faced off with Uniloc’s Patent ‘216. Through a case filed out of the federal courts, the tech companies have finally won the battle against one of the biggest patent trolls in history.

Legal March 28, 2016

Google Fights Patent Trolls By Giving Away Patents: Want One?

Google proclaims itself the protector of startups against patent trolls. Here is what the Internet search firm plans to do.

Business July 25, 2015

Court: Apple Not Guilty Of Wireless Technology Patent Infringement

Apple was cleared from alleged infringement of five wireless technology patents. Core Wireless Licensing, a subsidiary of Conversant Intellectual Property Management, was seeking damages worth $100 million.

Legal March 17, 2015

TracBeam files patent lawsuit against Apple. Spell patent troll?

TracBeam filed a lawsuit for four counts of patent infringement against Apple. TracBeam is said to be a patent assertion entity, or more popularly known as a patent troll.

Business August 11, 2014

Google, Canon, Dropbox, three other companies join forces to fight patent trolls

Six tech companies have formed the License on Transfer Network, which will help in the fight against patent trolls. Any company can sign up to join the network.

Business July 12, 2014

Mommy! University of Wisconsin and patent troll IPCom bully Apple

Apple has been sued by two patent asserting entities. One claims Apple infringed its patent by creating the A7 chip, while the other claims the company infringed another patent for allowing emergency calls via cellular network priority.

Legal February 6, 2014

Apple iPad Air clubbed by patent troll lawsuit

Apple has been sued by Texas-based Hilltop Technology for allegedly violating its patent for capacitive touch display technlogy used in iPad Air and other iDevices.

Legal February 2, 2014

Google fights back against Rockstar consortium

Google is not taking Rockstar's attack on Android, lying down. In fact, the company is aiming to bring an end to Rockstar.

Legal December 26, 2013

Tech consortium led by Apple, Microsoft sue Google, Samsung over patent infringements

Patent troll Rockstar has sued search engine giant and a number of its Android partners.

Legal November 3, 2013

Vringo sues ASUS for patent infringement in Germany

ASUS has allegedly infringed a patent owned by Vringo, one that relates to devices, including those with hotspot functionality, which provides data services between two different wireless/cellular networks.

Legal October 10, 2013

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