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Doomsday Theory Says Planet X Will Flip Earth's Poles Causing Apocalypse In The Process

Another conspiracy theorist has claimed that the world is about to end with the surprise appearance of Planet X or Nibiru. He claimed that the large planet will cause global destruction and wipe out life on Earth.

Space April 29, 2019

Scientists Nickname Most Distant Object In Our Solar System 'FarFarOut'

FarFarOut is 140 times farther away from the sun than Earth, according to scientists. The new object could help scientists finally confirm the existence of the hypothesized ninth planet of the solar system, Planet X.

Space February 22, 2019

'Goblin' Planet In Outer Edge Of Solar System Could Point To Something Bigger

Scientists found a dwarf planet at the outer edge of the Solar System, far beyond Pluto. They believe that it might lead to the discovery of the mysterious Planet X.

Space October 3, 2018

Researchers Say 1000-Year-Old Tapestries Might Prove The Existence Of The Mysterious 'Planet Nine'

Researchers believe that medieval tapestries might contain proof that 'Planet Nine' exists in the solar system. Scientists are still searching the skies trying to find the mysterious planet.

Space May 4, 2018

Planet X To Appear In The Sky On April 23 According To Numerologist, But What Does Science Say?

A now-viral report posed the possibility of Planet X finally being seen on April 23. The planet, also known as Nibiru and Planet 9, would supposedly become visible with other astronomical bodies, signaling the end of times.

Space April 13, 2018

Doomsday Postponed? Christian Numerologist David Meade Claims End Of The World Will Start In October

The doomsday predicted by Christian numerologist David Meade did not happen on Sept. 23. He now says that the end of the world will begin in October as the hypothetical Planet X, or Nibiru, approaches Earth.

Space September 25, 2017

The World Will End On Sept. 23 As It Collides With ‘Planet X,’ Christian Numerologist Claims: Here’s What NASA Says

The world as we know it will end on Sept. 23: Earth will collide with Planet Nibiru and cause a series of catastrophic events. Or so a Christian numerologist believes.

Space September 18, 2017

Our Sun May Have Stolen Planet Nine From Passing Star

Planet Nine could have been stolen by the sun when a close star passed by, researchers found. This challenges a first theory that the ninth planet is originally of the solar system and migrated to its edge.

Space April 9, 2016

Planet X May Be Responsible For Mass Extinctions On Earth

A retired astrophysicist said Planet X could have caused mass extinctions on Earth. The elusive planet has been triggering comet showers, roughly every 27 million years, that result in periodic mass extinctions.

Space March 31, 2016

There Might Be Another Planet In Our Solar System

The scientist who lead the charge for Pluto's demise as an official planet in our solar system is now on the hunt for its de facto successor - a planet appropriately named 'Planet X.'

Space January 20, 2016

Here Are The Top Ten Space Events And Discoveries Of 2015

From dazzling meteor showers to the discovery of an icy heart, the year 2015 has produced some of the most fascinating space breakthroughs mankind has ever found. Here we listed down the top 10 space discoveries of this year.

Space December 28, 2015

Astronomers May Have Found Elusive Planet X Using ALMA Telescope

The search for the elusive Planet X continues. Two new scientific papers revealed discoveries of not just one but two massive space objects that may very well be Planet X. However, other scientists dispute the findings.

Space December 12, 2015

Some Scientists Interested In Searching For 'Planet X'

The New Horizons probe is set to explore Kuiper belt and the mission could eventually confirm the existence of the Planet X that some scientists think lies hidden in this region.

Space September 6, 2015

NASA WISE fails to find Planet X...but finds thousands of new celestial bodies

NASA has once again failed to find evidence supporting the existence of Planet X. Even after using the advanced Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE), the agency has not found any trace of the mysterious theoretical planet.

Space March 11, 2014

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