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Scientists Develop 100 Percent Recyclable Plastics That May Reduce Pollution In The Ocean

Unlike other plastics, PDK is fully recyclable. Researchers said that it can be repeatedly reassembled into another material with different color and texture sans losing its quality and performance.

Material Science May 8, 2019

Biosolar Leaf That Purifies Air To Tackle Air Pollution In London

Air pollution is one of the major causes of death worldwide. In London, a team of researchers developed the Biosolar Leaf technology which purifies air and improves the atmosphere.

Earth/Environment April 30, 2019

California May Soon Ban Little Shampoo Bottles Used In Hotel Bathrooms

A new bill in California that is meant to prohibit the use of small plastic soap and shampoo bottles in hotels and other lodging establishments is now in the works. Lawmakers hope this move will lead to lower plastic waste in the state.

Earth/Environment April 15, 2019

Mosquitoes And Other Flying Insects Can Spread Microplastics, Says Study

A new research found that microplastic is eaten by mosquito larva and stay in the insect's body until adulthood. Scientists express concerned that similar flying insects might be helping spread microplastics.

Earth/Environment September 20, 2018

Study Reveals That Earth's Rivers Cover 44 Percent More Land Than What Scientists Thought

A new study has found that rivers and streams cover more land than what scientists originally conceived. More space for rivers could play a role in climate change.

Earth/Environment June 28, 2018

Air Pollution Kills 7 Million People Yearly According To WHO

Data released by the World Health Organization revealed an alarming death toll of 7 million people yearly due to ambient and household air pollution. Meanwhile, WHO also noted that more local governments are monitoring air quality in their respective cities.

Public Health May 2, 2018

Taj Mahal Is Changing Color From Ivory White To Yellow And Now Brown And Green

The change in color of the Taj Mahal from Ivory White to green and brown had been a subject of a hearing in India. Justices believed that foreign intervention is needed to address the palace’s decaying color.

Earth/Environment May 2, 2018

Scientists Just Created An Enzyme That Eats Plastic, And It Was By Accident

By applying tweaks to a bacteria that can eat plastic, researchers accidentally produced an enzyme that can break down plastic in a much faster rate. The groundbreaking study could pave the way for more effective ways to fight plastic pollution.

Earth/Environment April 18, 2018

What America Looked Like Before The EPA Cleaned It Up: 15 Shocking Photos

Believe it or not, the EPA has just been around since 1970 before that pollution was rampant in much of the U.S. When it was created, it was tasked with cleaning up the environment to help with human health.

Earth/Environment March 13, 2018

Tiny Pollution Particles Have Strong Influence On Storms And Rains

Ultrafine particles linked to pollution can have a powerful impact on the intensity of storms and precipitation. Even the tiniest of particles can have a significant effect on the strength of a storm.

Earth/Environment January 29, 2018

Pollution Deadlier Than Smoking, Natural Disasters And AIDS: Here's How It Can Kill You

Pollution kills more people than wars, smoking, hunger, disaster, and AIDS. What are some of the unwanted health effects of environmental pollutants that can potentially lead to premature deaths?

Earth/Environment October 21, 2017

Caterpillar Bred For Fishing Bait Can Eat And Breakdown Plastic Bags: Here Are Other Organisms That Can Biodegrade Plastic

The wax worm has the special ability to eat polyethylene offering a potential solution for plastic pollution. Here are other organisms with the odd ability to break down plastic.

Animals April 26, 2017

Arctic Ocean Is A Dead End For Floating Plastics: How It Happened

Plastic pollution carried by a major ocean current has found its way into the Arctic ocean, threatening the region’s pristine ecosystem, a new study revealed. Researchers say the consequences can be “disastrous.”

Earth/Environment April 19, 2017

Banned Chemicals Continue Hounding Ocean Life: What Are PCBs And PBDEs?

Learn more about PCBs and PBDEs, two persistent organic pollutants (POPs) recently found in alarming levels in the world's two deepest marine trenches. Where do they come from and what are their toxic consequences?

Earth/Environment February 16, 2017

High Levels Of Toxic Chemicals Contaminate Marine Animals In Deepest Ocean Trenches

PCB, a toxic chemical banned in the 1970s, was found in crustaceans living in the Mariana Trench. The level of contamination in these marine animals is 50 times higher compared with that of crabs in one of China's most polluted rivers.

Earth/Environment February 14, 2017

Beware: Microfibers Found In Fleece Jackets Are Now In Your Food

Every time you wash synthetic fleece jackets, vests or pullovers it introduces plastic microfibers into the environment—and into our food. It remains largely unclear how this form of plastic pollution is harming our health and wildlife.

Earth/Environment February 8, 2017

Polar Bears Are Threatened By Toxic Chemicals Called Persistent Organic Pollutants

Polar bears have become vulnerable to the threat of extinction in recent years due mostly to climate change, but there is another danger these mammals face. Find out how pollution is threatening polar bears in the Arctic.

Animals January 6, 2017

Britain Calls For Worldwide Ban Of Microbeads Used In Exfoliating Soaps And Other Cosmetic Products

Members of Britain's Parliament call for ban of plastic microbeads used in many cosmetic products such as toothpaste and soaps. Here's why these tiny beads pose threat to the environment and the food chain.

Earth/Environment August 24, 2016

EPA Finds Dangerously High Sulfur Dioxide Levels In Louisiana Parish

Officials from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed that they have detected high levels of sulfur dioxide (SO2) in St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana. Facilities in the area have been given until 2018 to meet federal standards on SO2 pollution.

Earth/Environment July 4, 2016

Ocean Cleanup Could Clean Up Oceans With 62-Mile Barrier

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch could soon meet its match in a new device being tested in the waters of the Netherlands. How does Ocean Cleanup work?

Earth/Environment June 28, 2016

Turtles Help Monitor Ecological Health Of Great Lakes

The Great Lakes have been negatively affected by unregulated industrial waste dumping. New research suggests that two turtle species in the area could act as pollution barometers to monitor the Great Lakes' ecological health.

Earth/Environment June 11, 2016

6-Year-Old Boy Gets Emotional Over State Of Environment [Video]

A 6-year-old grade-schooler from Washington has become an overnight Internet sensation after a video of him showing how passionate he is about the environment went viral on social media. The clip has now garnered 16 million views on Facebook.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

Yamuna Bug Causes India's Taj Mahal To Turn Green

The Taj Mahal is turning green, prompting officials to start investigations. The reason for the discoloration is said to be the Yamuna bugs.

Feature | Science May 23, 2016

Uhoo Kicks Off Crowdfunding Campaign For Indoor Air Toxin Sensor

uHoo is attempting to launch a smarter air quality monitor and has turned to Indiegogo's community for support. The little air monitor is only about the size of a soda can, but it isn't short on sensors.

Smart Home May 11, 2016

China's Hainan Island Home To 35 Tons Of Dead Fish

The bodies of around 35 tons of dead fish have washed ashore on a local lake of the southernmost province of China. The cause of this event is stirring controversy.

Earth/Environment May 6, 2016

How Indoor Pollution Is Harming Your Health: Study

Indoor pollution seemingly appears to be taking a deadly toll on human health as well as human lives. By putting certain policies in place and using technology to our benefit, we can try and curb indoor pollution, suggest researchers from the University of Surrey.

Life April 21, 2016

ALA's 2016 State Of Air Report Reveals Top US Cities With Worst Pollution

ALA released a report revealing the most polluted cities in the U.S. Some cities have improved, but others experienced the worst air pollution situation in the last decade.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2016

80 Percent Of Water From Underground Wells In China Not Fit To Drink

80 percent of China's underground water is heavily contaminated by fluoride, manganese and some heavy metals. The Chinese government is currently working on plans to improve groundwater monitoring and sanitation.

Earth/Environment April 13, 2016

Unhealthy Environments Responsible For 12.6 Million Deaths Each Year

A new report by the World Health Organization revealed that unhealthy environment factors have contributed to about 12.6 million deaths each year. Southeast Asia is the most affected region, researchers said.

Life March 16, 2016

Pigeons Fitted With Backpacks Monitor Air Pollution In London

Racing pigeons are wearing tiny backpack sensors in an effort to study air pollution around London. What is the purpose of this unusual study?

Earth/Environment March 15, 2016

Wildfire Emissions More Toxic In Polluted Areas

Pollution from wildfires in polluted areas is greater than that in pristine regions. What are the dangers uncovered in a new study on the burning of biomass?

Earth/Environment March 13, 2016

Air Pollution Is Fourth Leading Cause Of Death Worldwide: Polluted Air Claims 5.5 Million Lives Per Year

Air pollution kills more people than alcohol, drug abuse and unsafe sex. In India and China alone, household and outdoor pollution caused 3 million deaths.

Earth/Environment February 13, 2016

Thousands Of Pink Plastic Bottles Wash Up On Cornwall Beaches And More Could Be On The Way

More than 2,000 bottles arrived at Poldhu Cove on the Lizard Peninsula last Sunday, prompting cleanup and disposal operations. Environmental groups warned of the potential environmental risks to marine animals and worsening plastic pollution in the oceans.

Earth/Environment January 8, 2016

Pretty Poison: How Fireworks Displays Are A Huge Pollution Problem

New Year is often celebrated with giant displays of fireworks lighting up the night sky. However, there is a growing concern about the environmental impact of these pretty explosions of light.

Earth/Environment January 1, 2016

This Is How Air Pollution Causes Changes In Dirtiest Cities In The World

Schools are closed down, cars are taken off the road--these are only some of the side effects of dangerously high levels of thick smog in China. Unfortunately, many cities all over the world are also suffering from air pollution.

Earth/Environment December 25, 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Care What You Think About Climate Change

Arnold Schwarzenegger cut right to the chase with a Facebook note, saying he doesn’t care about whether or not people believe in climate change. According to the actor, everyone will agree anyway on certain points.

Earth/Environment December 8, 2015

New Jersey Court Denies Environmental Groups' Intervention In Exxon Pollution Case

Environmental groups were asked to stop from intervening in the New Jersey-Exxon Mobil Pollution case. The court said the groups had no standing in the lawsuit to begin with.

Earth/Environment October 10, 2015

It’s Not Just Volkswagen: Ford, Volvo, Renault, Other Automakers Defy EU Emissions Standards

Popular car manufacturers fail to comply with UN-developed emissions standards. Experts criticize New European Driving Cycle's testing policy, saying that it's too lax and unreliable.

FUTURE TECH October 4, 2015

China Commits To New Pollution Laws To Limit Carbon Emissions

President Xi Jinping will announce new laws for China that will place a limit on carbon emissions for companies and charge those companies going over those limits for permits.

Earth/Environment September 25, 2015

Microbeads Entering U.S. Water Bodies Could Cover 300 Tennis Courts: How This Affects Us

Microbeads found in personal care and cleaning products are increasingly becoming rampant in US water bodies. Environmentalists are calling for its ban as its continuous presence would affect aquatic animals, overall marine health and humans too.

Earth/Environment September 19, 2015

Spare The Air Alert Raised In Bay Area Due To Hot Weather

Hot weather is taking a toll on Bay Area. In response to this, the Air District will be conducting the fifth Spare the Air Alert to help decrease the effects of air pollution and improve overall environmental conditions.

Earth/Environment September 8, 2015

High Levels Of Mercury Detected In Grand Canyon Wildlife

Concentrations of mercury and selenium have been found in several creatures living in the Grand Canyon, according to a new study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Earth/Environment August 26, 2015

Ozone Pollution In China Affecting Western US States

China's ozone pollution offsets the clean air measures in western U.S. showing a need for a global effort to fight air pollution.

Animals August 12, 2015

Daimler’s Driverless Trucks Could Save Lives And Benefit The Environment

Daimler’s new autonomous trucks drive themselves once they make it to the highway. The fleet could help reduce road fatalities, and more fuel-efficient driving could also reduce pollution.

FUTURE TECH June 22, 2015

Early Humans Have Been Polluting The Earth 400,000 Years Ago, Say Researchers

Dental plaque from the teeth of people from the Paleolithic era revealed that early humans inhaled smoke while roasting meat inside Qesem Cave. It also revealed that the cavemen's diet was not solely animal meat and fat.

Animals June 19, 2015

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