Keystone XL Pipeline Project Get Terminated by TC Energy
(Photo : Alex Wong/Getty Images) WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 13: An activist holds a sign during a protest in front of the White House against the Keystone XL pipeline January 13, 2015 in Washington, DC. Activists staged the protest to urge President Obama to reject the pipeline.

TC Energy has terminated the Keystone XL Pipeline project after many years of pushing with it, and fighting with different groups and sectors for its permits to be approved. The project was in and out of court, with it being blocked and reinstated time and time again, making it one of the most controversial pipeline projects in the country. 

The Controversial Keystone XL Pipeline Project

When people first learned of the Keystone Pipeline project, a lot were against it, believing the project should not push through because of the pollution it would make. And while this is the biggest issue, it is not the only one, especially as the Keystone XL Pipeline would also take away several patches of lands that are owned by indigenous people, and disturbing their lifestyle.

Despite being against the environment, the project was viewed to not be of economic value to the country, hence its initial rejection during the reign of former President Barack Obama. The project was reinstated or given the chance to raise their permits again during the time where Trump was in office but was shortly rejected again when POTUS Joe Biden came into office. 

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TC Energy Terminates Keystone XL Pipeline

The project was controversial, and it went under three administrations until it got rejected again and was finally scrapped by the parent company, TC Energy, for good. The company explained that their efforts were to deliver energy to the public, which is used in everyday settings and lifestyles, making them an essential service. 

However, this was opposed by many environmentalists and became the center of most issues and disputes, with people saying that it does more damage than help society. According to the White House's statement in 2015 when Obama was in office, it would pass through the country and carry Canadian crude oil to the Gulf of Mexico. 

It was said that it would reduce fuel consumption via shipping, but would also bring pollution during its construction and operations. The company is part of Canada's Big Oil, which is in league with Colonial Pipeline which recently faced a ransomware attack on their hands, among other American giants. 

Is Crude Oil, Fuel Still Needed Today?

Currently, a lot of industries still use massive supplies of crude oil and fuel to continue operations and provide services to most citizens in the country, and worldwide. This is amidst the electric mobility and revolution that the world is going through right now. 

Despite the many pledges to go fully electric by 2030, there are still those who would need it and would not fully let go of it. The Big Oil companies in the country still fighting for their businesses to continue. Several still believe that "electric" could not fully replace oil, but that is what companies like Tesla are working on to promote sustainability. 

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