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How Intermittent Fasting Could Work For Weight Loss And Overall Health

Intermittent fasting is getting quite popular and the trend is catching up with many, including celebrities. A debate is on whether a controlled diet is better than intermittent fasting.

Public Health May 4, 2017

Pregnant Inmate Gives Birth On Prison Cell Floor Of County Jail

Jessica Preston gave birth on the prison cell floor of the Macomb County Jail despite that the hospital is just about three minutes away. Her baby was born one month early and weighed less than 5 pounds.

Public Health February 12, 2017

Scientists Explain Why Baboons Kill Offspring Of Other Males, Attack Pregnant Females

A section of male baboons has been found to kill and maim infants and attack pregnant females, forcing miscarriages. A new study has found why the animals resort to this unusual behavior.

Animals January 20, 2017

Delaying Pregnancy Linked To Increased Risk For Heart Attack, Stroke

Being pregnant at an older age is associated with different risks. Now, a new study found that women who delay pregnancy until they are in their 40s are at an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Life February 18, 2016

Genetic Fingerprint In Womb May Predict If Woman Will Get Pregnant Through IVF Treatment

Scientists discovered a genetic fingerprint in the womb lining that could help determine if a woman will get pregnant through IVF treatment. The said gene was found in 80 percent of study subjects who had recurrent failed pregnancy attempts via IVF.

Life January 23, 2016

Blood Test NIPT Recommended For Women At High Risk Of Having Babies With Down, Patau Or Edwards' Syndromes

A new blood test that can detect Down syndrome was recommended to the NHS. The new screening is non-invasive and may also detect if the child of a high-risk pregnant woman has Patau and Edwards' syndromes.

Life January 16, 2016

Pregnant Woman With Cancer Who Put Off Treatment To Save Unborn Baby Dies After Giving Birth

A mother who decided to delay her cancer treatment until after giving birth, died days after delivery. She opted to wait until she can deliver her daughter even if it meant risking her own life.

Life December 15, 2015

Female MMA Fighter Finds Out About Pregnancy After Winning Title Fight

MMA fighter Kinberly Novaes was preparing for a fight but noticed that she is having problems losing weight. After consulting a doctor, she found out that she was pregnant and that she had been expecting since her last fight.

Life August 18, 2015

Some Types Of Bacteria Can Increase Odds Of Premature Birth

Researchers found that some microbial environments inside the body may contribute to premature births. The findings of a new study suggest that checking the microbiota of women during early gestation may provide an insight of pregnancy outcomes.

Life August 18, 2015

Study Says Taking Iodine Supplements During Pregnancy May Be Beneficial To Babies

Researchers have found that supplementing iodine to pregnant women may be beneficial to babies in terms of increasing their intelligence quotient.

Life August 13, 2015

US Birth Rate Finally Rises After 7 Year Slump

The rate of babies born to US parents rises after seven years. The significant increase in the statistical data is being attributed by experts to women in their 30s and 40s, who continuously get pregnant and give birth.

Life June 18, 2015

Court Rules to Pull Brain-Dead, Pregnant Woman off Life Support

A brain-dead pregnant woman in Ireland may be taken off life support, under a new ruling from that nation's High Court. What could this mean for the abortion debate on the Emerald Isle?

Life December 26, 2014

Obesity in pregnant women contributes to kidney, urinary tract problems in babies

Birth abnormalities rise in fetuses developing in obese women, according to a new study from Seattle Children's Hospital. Mothers of babies with the abnormalities were 1.3 times more likely to be obese, study says.

Life November 4, 2014

Expectant Utah mom finds out she's carrying two sets of identical twins [Video]

A woman from Utah has discovered she is pregnant after eight years and carrying quadruplets: two sets of identical twins. The mom found out about the quadruplets after a regular 7-week scan.

Society October 5, 2014

When it comes to donor sperm, older dudes have the edge in making babies

Women using donor sperm from men 40 and older may be more likely to get pregnant, according to new study. Researchers claim this is the first major study to investigate the effect of male age on fertility treatment using donor sperm.

Life July 2, 2014

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