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Google Could Remove Millions Of Apps From The Google Play Store Next Month

Google is asking developers to make sure they have a privacy policy in place or else their app could get removed from the Play Store next month.

Apps/Software February 10, 2017

Oculus Rift's Terms Of Service Reveals Information Is Sent Back To Facebook

A closer look at the Oculus Rift's Terms of Service shows that it has the right to collect user information and send it to third-party companies like Facebook for marketing purposes.

Wearable Tech April 4, 2016

Snapchat Users In The UK Can Go To Jail For Taking And Sharing Screenshots

Ed Vaizey, the U.K.'s culture minister, warned Snapchat users they could be facing jail time for saving and sharing screenshots.

Apps/Software March 28, 2016

Snapchat Tells Users Not To Be Scared: Snaps And Chats Still Private

Snapchat assures users that the Snaps and Chats they send to their friends are still private. In clarifying its new Privacy Policy, the company added that it has never stockpiled users' Snaps or Chats and promised that it will continue doing so.

Apps/Software November 2, 2015

Belgian Privacy Commission Accuses Facebook Of Spying Like The NSA

The Belgian Privacy Commission insisted that Facebook violated fundamental rights. Facebook argued that it is in compliance with European laws and did not breach data protection rights.

Legal September 23, 2015

Spotify Revamps New Privacy Policy After User Backlash

Spotify has revamped its new privacy policy, as company CEO Daniel Ek kept his promise to protect the privacy of the music streaming service's users.

Internet September 5, 2015

Spotify CEO Says Sorry After New Privacy Policy Makes Users See Red

Spotify has caused an uproar over its new privacy policy, which says that the company will be able to collect a range of different information about the user when the Spotify app is installed on their phone. The company has apologized, but it does not seem as though any changes to the policy will be made, simply changes to the wording of the policy.

Internet August 25, 2015

Why Spotify CEO Apologizes For Company's New Privacy Policy

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has publicly apologized for the privacy concerns the company has caused with its new Privacy Policy, explaining that Spotify will never use customers' photos, microphone, location or contacts without their permission.

Apps/Software August 22, 2015

Spotify Users Find New Privacy Policy Out Of Tune (Read: Creepy)

Spotify has released a new privacy policy and it wants to know ALL about its users. A classic case of getting to know customers or have they gone to the deep end?

Internet August 21, 2015

Privacy Advocate Group Prods FTC To Investigate Samsung Over Smart TV Issue

EPIC, a nonprofit advocacy group, claims Samsung violated federal privacy law because of its Smart TV's ability to collect and transmit recorded conversations.

FUTURE TECH March 1, 2015

Reddit Bans Nude Photos Posted Without Consent. Finally!

Reddit updated its privacy policy to ban involuntary pornography on its website, representing a complete turnaround for the forums that once hosted a massive collection of stolen nude celebrity pictures.

Internet February 25, 2015

Reddit's First Transparency Report is Out and it's Not Good

Among the data in Reddit's transparency report for 2014 is the company's refusal of 42 percent of all government and civil requests for user information.

Business January 31, 2015

Google may Face $19 Million Fine if it Fails to Meet Privacy Regulation Ultimatum in Netherlands

Google could face paying a fine that may reach as much as $18.6 million if it continues violating the privacy of Internet users in the Netherlands. The tech company has until the end of February to comply with the Dutch demands.

Business December 16, 2014

Pew: Americans Not So Internet Savvy, Lack Insight on Privacy, Net Neutrality

While the Internet has become an integral part of life in the U.S., a recent survey suggests American Internet users are not as savvy about the Internet as they could be. In fact, they have a limited understanding of big issues like net neutrality.

Internet November 25, 2014

Facebook Updates Privacy Policy and Releases 'Privacy Basics' to Help You Protect Your Privacy

Facebook has updated its privacy policy to make it easier for users to understand, cutting around 70 percent of the previous privacy policy. It has also launched a new service called Privacy Basics, offering an interactive way for users to control their privacy settings.

Internet November 17, 2014

Facebook Rolls Out Privacy Basics, New Data Policy. Are Users Really In Control?

Facebook updated its privacy policies. The new policies are rolled out in a user-friendly privacy settings page which is aimed to make the system easier to understand for its 3.5 billion users.

Internet November 14, 2014

Facebook Drafting Simple, Basic Privacy Policy

Facebook proposes tossing out over 6,000 words of its 9,000-word privacy policy. The company wants to hear from users before doing so and also has debuted an interactive tutorial called Privacy Basics.

Business Tech November 13, 2014

Apple updates privacy policy and takes a dig at Google

Apple announced that the iOS 8 operating system will not allow Apple to unlock devices when police come to them with a search warrant. The Apple devices can only be unlocked by the customer’s passcode.

Internet Culture September 18, 2014

Is Facebook changing its views on privacy? Standards may be coming

Despite Facebook's recent efforts to be a more privacy-aware company, it is receiving backlash over plans to track websites and apps that users visit. It's all in an attempt to serve up more relevant ads.

Legal July 31, 2014

Microsoft promises better privacy, updates service level pledge but there's a small catch

Microsoft has strengthened its stance on user privacy, but reserved a few rights that not everyone will appreciate.

Legal June 12, 2014

Moves app just 'sharing' data, Facebook clarifies

Was the Moves app doing the right move of changing its privacy policy on data sharing from no to yes? But Facebook comes to the rescue explaining what data sharing on Moves really means.

Apps/Software May 11, 2014

FTC warns Facebook to maintain WhatsApp privacy standards - Sir, yes sir!

The FTC issued a strong warning to Facebook on Thursday, ordering the social network to live up to WhatsApp's high privacy standards. Although the FTC will allow the deal to go through, it wants Facebook to know that it must keep its promises to users.

Apps/Software April 10, 2014

France shames Google into posting €150,000 privacy violation fine notice on its .fr homepage

Google has been fined €150,000 in France for violating privacy laws and has been forced to display a notice announcing the same, on its French website.

Legal February 9, 2014

Nest CEO promises Google won't get to peek at your personal data (at least for now)

NNest CEO, Tony Fadell, has promised that he would allow users to opt-in if Google should make any changes to Nest's privacy policy. He also promised all users that he will be transparent about such changes, if and when they happen.

FUTURE TECH January 22, 2014

Dutch privacy watchdog accuses Google of breaching privacy laws

The Dutch Data Protection agency has found Google guilty of violating the Netherland's privacy laws.

Business November 29, 2013

Microsoft's new Scroogled video shows Pawn Stars bashing Google Chromebook

Microsoft launches a video ala History Channel's Pawn Stars to let consumers know that a Chromebook is far from being a real laptop.

Business November 27, 2013

LG promises update to end Smart TV spying charges

LG has promised to release a software update to address allegations that its Smart TVs were collecting user data without permission.

FUTURE TECH November 23, 2013

Facebook updates privacy policy but everybody is not happy

Facebook has implemented proposed changes to its privacy policies. While wording might have been clarified, the company still insists that it has the permission of its users to use their information.

Internet November 18, 2013

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