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Exploding Ants Of Borneo Detonate Themselves To Protect Their Colony

A team of researchers officially classified the exploding ants of Borneo as Colobopsis explodens for their outstanding trait to voluntarily self-detonate when their whole colony is faced with enemies.

Animals April 20, 2018

Extremely Rare Or Non-Existent? World's Most Elusive Bird May Not Have Existed After All

The Liberian Greenbul is thought to be one of the world's most poorly known bird species. As it turns out, the Liberian Greenbul species does not exist as it may just be a variant of an already named species.

Animals October 8, 2017

Zimbabwe’s Rare ‘Cave Squeaker’ Frog Spotted For The First Time Since 1962

Zimbabwe’s rare frog 'cave squeaker' got its name from its preference for Chimanimani Mountain’s caves. It was last seen in 1962 and its rediscovery brings hope for amphibian conservation around the world.

Animals February 6, 2017

Rare Arctic Bowhead Whale Seen For Only The Second Time In History

Bowhead whales are seldom seen in British waters. The one that was spotted last Sunday was only the second to date in the country's territory, a rare sighting that proved to be a fascinating one.

Animals May 18, 2016

Giant Megamouth Shark Captured By Japanese Fishermen: Get To Know The Extremely Rare Species

A huge and rare shark was caught by fishermen off the coast of Japan. Because of its unusually wide mouth for filtering out its prey, the shark earned its name 'megamouth.'

Animals April 21, 2016

Rare Megamouth Shark Captured By Fishermen In Japan

Fishermen caught a rare megamouth shark off the coast of Japan. The rare creature has been spotted about 60 times since it was first discovered in 1976.

Animals April 20, 2016

Bizarre Anatomy Holds Clue To Blind Cavefish's Waddling Walk

It’s not unusual to see a fish move on land, but to see one -- especially a rare cave angel fish -- move like a salamander is quite spectacular. How does the cave angel fish manage this amazing feat?

Animals March 27, 2016

Rare Species Of House Spider Discovered In Northern Ireland For The First Time

Funnel-web spiders had long been uncommon in Northern Ireland. A conservation officer, however, was able to discover a rare species of house spider in the said region for the first ime.

Animals October 9, 2015

Flying Spaghetti Monster Caught On Camera: This Deep Sea Alien Leads A Bizarre Life

A rarely seen creature living deep beneath the waves has been recorded living in its natural habitat. Check out the bizarre creature.

August 16, 2015

This Cousin Of Jaws Is Rare, Cute And Tiny: Meet The Pocket Shark

Pocket sharks would look adorable peeking out from a vest, but wearing one as a boutonniere would not be a good idea. Here's why.

Earth/Environment April 27, 2015

Rachel Sussman photographs world's oldest living organisms

The oldest living organisms in the world have been photographed by Rachel Sussman. What has killed two of the 30 "Oldest Living Things in the World" in the last ten years?

Animals April 23, 2014

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