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Another Dimming EPIC Star Is Likely An Alien Planet, Astronomers Say

Scientists observed irregular light patterns from a newly discovered red dwarf star called EPIC 204376071. The material that passes in front of it dimmed the star for up to 80 percent.

Space March 8, 2019

Ross 128 B: Scientists Discover New Exoplanet Close To Earth That Could Host Life

Ross 128 b possibly lies in the habitable zone, the spot where the temperature is right to allow liquid water to pool on the planet's surface. It orbits one of the quietest stars in the cosmic neighborhood.

Space November 17, 2017

Astronomers Solve Mystery Of Strange Signals From Red Dwarf Star Ross 128

After further observations, astronomers have identified the source of the strange signals from a red dwarf star detected by the Arecibo observatory. The Weird! signal is not from aliens.

Space July 22, 2017

Astronomers Detect Mysterious Signals From Red Dwarf Star 11 Light-Years Away From Planet Earth

Scientists using the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico detected an almost periodic signal coming from the small and dim star Ross 128 located 11 light-years away. Are these radio emissions signals from intelligent alien life?

Space July 17, 2017

SETI Turns To Red Dwarf Stars In Search For Alien Life

As the search for alien life continues, SETI scientists propose looking for alien life in the oldest and dimmest stars in the galaxies - the red dwarfs. Researchers will look at about 20,000 red dwarfs, making the mission one of the biggest hunts for extraterrestrial life, so far.

Space April 5, 2016

This Lonely Exoplanet Orbits A Star 600 Billion Miles Away

Astronomers from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have identified what could be the largest solar system ever to be found. They discovered that a gas giant exoplanet long thought to be a lonely planet was actually orbiting a host star located roughly 1 trillion (1 million million) kilometers away.

Space January 27, 2016

Astronomers Say Nearby Exoplanet May Have A Blue Sky Like Earth's

Telescope observations of a planet orbiting a star 100 light-years away find an atmosphere that may create blue skies. The planet is one of the smallest ever observed with a hydrogen-rich atmosphere, researchers say.

Space November 27, 2015

Red Dwarf Star TVLM 513-46546 Generates Extremely Powerful Magnetic Field

The red dwarf star TVLM 513-46546 is small but it has powerful magnetic field that can rival the most intense magnetic regions of the sun. The star's magnetic punch could render planets orbiting around it uninhabitable.

Space November 20, 2015

Researchers Determine Mass Of Exoplanet Similar To Mars In Size

Astronomers are able to further study the make-up of an exoplanet orbiting red dwarf star Kepler0138, about 200 light-years away, in the direction of constellation Lyra.

Space June 19, 2015

Recently Discovered Star Had A Close Encounter With Our Solar System

A star now speeding away from us once came within less than a light year of our solar system, a cosmic "close shave," astronomer say. Near fly-by took place 70,000 years ago.

Space February 17, 2015

NASA Swift spots red dwarf star belch superflare: 10,000 times more powerful than largest solar flare ever recorded

A stellar flare over 10,000 times more powerful than the biggest solar flare on record was spotted by NASA's Swift satellite, coming from a binary star system 60 light-years away.

Space October 2, 2014

NASA spots 'megaflares' from nearby red dwarf star

NASA's Swift satellite recently witnessed 'megaflares' erupting from the surface of a red dwarf star. These flares are 10,000 times stronger and more intense than the most powerful flare ever recorded on our sun.

Geek October 2, 2014

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