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Dopamine Makes Us Smarter Than Apes: Other Ways 'Happy Hormone' Makes Us Human

Humans are more intelligent than other primates possibly because they produce more dopamine. Here are other ways the brain signalling chemical influences human characteristics and behavior:

Neuroscience November 26, 2017

Mouse Study Finds Brain Circuit That Plays Key Role In Sleep-Wake Cycle And Reward System

A mice study identified a brain circuit involved in the sleep-wake cycle and reward system. The findings could lead to new treatments for sleep problems such as insomnia and those associated with neurological disorders.

Neuroscience September 6, 2016

Reward, Daytime Nap Help Boost Children’s Memory: Study

Experts found that sleeping and having rewards is the perfect combination to retaining learned information. Reward serves as a seal that keeps information in the brain and sleep enables the transport of that information to the long-term memory.

Life October 19, 2015

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