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North Atlantic Right Whales Facing Extinction, Researchers Say

If no significant efforts are made, North Atlantic right whales could go extinct. A combination of vessel strikes and fishing gear entrapment, both of which involve humans, are killing this whale species.

Animals December 11, 2017

Preliminary Necropsy Results Of Right Whales Found In Gulf Of St. Lawrence Uncover Evidence Of Ship Collision

Scientists performing necropsy on the Seven Right Whale carcasses found in June reveal preliminary results. Evidence of ship collisions discovered but other causes not ruled out.

Animals July 16, 2017

Biologists Probe 'Unprecedented' Loss, Mysterious Death Of Endangered Right Whales

Six dead right whales appeared in the waters of Canada. No reason for the deaths or any apparent clue has been provided, and biologists deemed them a huge loss for the endangered species.

Animals June 29, 2017

Endangered Right Whales Had Lowest Number Of Births In 17 Years

The number of North American right whales born last winter was only three, the fewest since 2000 and far lower than the average of 17 per year. Whale researchers, though, are optimistic the population of the endangered species can still rebound.

Animals April 13, 2017

NOAA Facial Recognition Software May Help Save Right Whales

North Atlantic right whales are currently classified as endangered species. To help save these marine animals, scientists have developed a facial recognition software that can identify right whales in photos.

Animals January 24, 2016

Atlantic oil drilling using seismic airgun may wipe out endangered right whales

The North Atlantic right whale could be pushed to extinction by a proposed exploration technique, championed by the oil industry. The Interior Department just recommended going forward with the plan.

Animals March 1, 2014

Wildlife experts rescue endangered right whale from 280 feet of fishing line

A right whale, caught in 300 feet of commercial fishing rope has been freed of its burden - mostly. But, what's next for the four-year-old marine mammal?

Animals February 24, 2014

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