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NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Successfully Drills Duluth Rock After More Than A Year Of Drilling Hiatus

Mars Curiosity rover has been on a drilling hiatus since late 2016 after its drill broke down but a new drilling method overcame the mechanical problem. How does feed extended drilling work?

Space May 24, 2018

Scientist May Have Found Evidence Of Fossilized Alien Tracks On Mars

An astrobiologist who has published studies and books on Mars thinks he found fossilized alien footprints after studying images taken by NASA's Curiosity rover. He plans to present his hypothesis about trace fossils on Mars in a June conference.

Space March 5, 2018

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Decides Which Martian Rocks To Study Without Human Input

The autonomous system dubbed AEGIS, which was installed on Mars Curiosity rover in 2015, helps the space robot make independent analysis of rocks on the Red Planet. This helps save mission controllers time and energy.

Space June 22, 2017

Rocks From 4.5 Billion Years Ago Found From Formation Of Earth

Rocks dating from 4.5 billion years ago still exist within the Earth's mantle, new research reveals. How were these ancient formations found?

Earth/Environment May 13, 2016

Ancient Asteroid Impact May Have Created Oldest Crystals On Earth

Zircon crystals, the oldest rock pieces on Earth, could have developed from ancient asteroid impact craters, a new study has found. Contrary to previous belief, the collision of tectonic plates had nothing to do with it.

Space May 11, 2016

Where It All Began: Origin Of Oldest Crystals In The World Revealed

Zircon crystals have allowed researchers to make inferences about a young Earth. With their origin revealed, the world’s oldest rocks offer a new insight on the planet’s formation.

Ancient April 30, 2016

Scientists Crack Mystery Of Rockfalls In Yosemite: Yes, They're Blaming Climate Change

A new study of the frequent rockfalls in Yosemite National Park revealed heat as its main cause. Constant changes in temperature in a day cause about 15 percent of recorded rockfalls in the site.

Earth/Environment March 29, 2016

Expedition Fails Attempt To Drill Hole Into Earth's Center

The JOIDES Expedition 360 returned from the ocean after two months, falling short of its mission to drill 1,300 meters (more than 4,000-feet) deep below the Indian Ocean floor. The ocean drilling project continues, however, in an attempt to reach Earth's mantle and study what lies in that part of the planet.

Animals February 3, 2016

How Pebbles On Mars Were Carried By Long-Gone Rivers For Tens Of Miles

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics have discovered that the shape and mass of certain objects can help reveal their natural history. They used this method to uncover new secrets about the presence of water on ancient Mars.

Space October 14, 2015

NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover Spots Weird Rocks: What Did It Find Out?

The team behind Mars Opportunity Rover is halting other activities to conduct a more thorough study of oddly shaped rocks that have never seen before on the surface of the Red Planet.

Space March 11, 2015

Customer in Denver Purchased PlayStation 4 from Walmart, but Got Rocks Instead

A Walmart customer in Denver is not happy today after he found rocks in a PlayStation 4 package he purhcased for his 13-year-old daughter. He's even angrier since Walmart had first refused to take back the package.

Internet Culture December 31, 2014

Rosetta spacecraft snaps amazing selfie but what is a pyramid doing on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko?

Rosetta has taken another selfie that shows more of the surface features of 67P/C-G. It also captured images of a boulder that scientists named "Cheops" after the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Space October 16, 2014

College student figures out new way for detecting water on Mars

An undergraduate student from Washington State University has successfully identified a new method of finding water on other planets, such as Mars. She began by looking at crystal formations inside volcanic rocks.

Geek October 5, 2014

Bridgmanite, Earth's most abundant but elusive mineral, finally being studied

The most abundant mineral in the world, bridgmanite, has never been studied in its natural form - until now.

Animals June 18, 2014

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