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Baby Tiger Sharks Eat Backyard Birds Like Doves And Sparrows, Study Says

An international team of scientists has looked into the diet of young tiger sharks in the wild. Results showed that some sharks tend to prey on songbirds that had difficulties making the long journey during migration season.

Animals May 22, 2019

Rat Infestation In Oceanic Islands Deprives Coral Reefs Of Nutrients From Bird Poop

Birds in rat-free islands in the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean average 1,243 per hectare. The ratio is just two in rat-infested islands. Here's how the decimation of seabirds by rodents affects the health of nearby coral reefs.

Earth/Environment July 12, 2018

Bacteria Can Help Manage Pollutant Levels In Seabirds: Study

New research suggests that bacteria responsible for the levels of mercury in seabirds facilitates a low level of toxicity. The study connects the sudden drop of the fish population living on the surface water to the increasing population of eagles.

Earth/Environment December 19, 2016

Seabirds Eat Plastic Because Of Its 'Attractive' Smell

If it smells like food, it must be delicious, right? Not always, as a new study in California proved where researchers found that seabirds often mistake plastic for the typical meals they feast upon, and so they fill their bellies with plastic trash.

Animals November 10, 2016

Longest Migration Trip: Tiny Seabird Travels Equivalent Of Flying Twice Around The Planet

Great things come in small packages. A tiny sea bird called the Arctic tern traveled the equivalent of flying twice around the planet in the longest migration trip ever recorded.

Animals June 8, 2016

Antarctica Seabirds Can Remember Specific Humans After A Few Interactions

The brown skuas of Antarctica are species of seabirds that seem to remarkably recognize humans just after a few visits. This is particularly amazing since these birds live in habitats devoid of frequent human contact.

March 26, 2016

Seabird Die-Off In Alaska Continues To Puzzle Scientists As Thousands Of Dead Common Murres Found In Lake Iliamna

Common murres have been found dead by the thousands at an Alaskan lake where they normally didn't stay, reported locals and biologists. What could be causing the massive seabird deaths?

Earth/Environment March 18, 2016

Thousands Of Alaskan Seabirds Starved To Death? Mass Deaths Baffle Scientists

Common murres are dying by the thousands, washing ashore on beaches along the Alaska Gulf. Die-offs are not unusual but scientists have not been able to pinpoint the reason for this one.

Earth/Environment January 15, 2016

Almost All Seabirds Will Have Ingested Plastic By 2050: Scientists

Scientists working out of the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis have predicted that almost all seabirds will have ingested plastic pollution by the year 2050.

Earth/Environment September 2, 2015

Overwhelming Majority Of Seabirds Will Have Plastic In Their Guts By 2050

Researchers found that almost all population of seabirds will have plastic debris in their gut by 2050. If current trends continue and effective waste management measures will not take place, this prediction is more likely to happen.

Earth/Environment September 1, 2015

Researchers Uncover Alarming 70 Percent Drop In Seabird Population Since 1950

The decline in the population of seabirds by 70 percent from 1950 to 2010 signals the need for tougher conservation measures.

Earth/Environment July 12, 2015

Bloom Of Doom: Predicting Toxic Algal Blooms Before They Happen

Algal bloom can wreak havoc on water. Researchers have come up with a predictive model that can forecast when and where algae will have a dramatic presence.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2015

Polar Bears Resort To Eating Bird Eggs Due To Increasing Arctic Ice Melt

Scientists believe the change in polar bear preying habits could lead to the extinction of Arctic breeding birds.

Earth/Environment April 1, 2015

Mysterious Death of Thousands of Cassin's aucklet Baffle Biologists

Thousands of dead Cassin's aucklet have been washing up along the Pacific Coast. Biologists have theories about the massive die-off of the birds but the exact cause of the phenomenon is still a mystery.

Animals January 7, 2015

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