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Ancient DNA Sheds Light On Unknown Siberians, Reveals 'Missing Link' Of Native American Ancestry

Baby teeth from 31,000 years ago unveil a new group of ancient Siberians who thrived in the region's harsh conditions in the last Ice Age. Another set of bones also reveals the mysterious origins of Native Americans.

Ancient June 5, 2019

Christie's To Auction Heart-Shaped Meteorite This Coming Valentine's

British auction house Christie’s announced that the auction of a rare heart-shaped meteorite will be between Feb. 6 and Feb. 14. This precious specimen from outer space is estimated to be around 320 million years old.

Space February 3, 2019

The Mystery Of The Glowing Ball Over Siberia Solved: Not Aliens, But You Might Wish It Was

The mystery of the glowing ball over the skies of Siberia has finally been solved. The explanation for the phenomenon, however, is not from science fiction but rather from something that is very real.

Earth/Environment October 31, 2017

Doorway To Hell: Massive Crater Offers Glimpse Into Climate Change In Siberia

The Batagaika Crater, also known as the 'doorway to hell,' is the result of melting permafrost in Siberia. The crater offers climate scientists an opportunity to view more than 200,000 years of climate change in the region.

Earth/Environment March 14, 2017

Reality Show In Russia To Throw Contestants To Siberia: Survival Is 'Virtually Impossible'

A reality TV show called 'Game2,' which bears a close resemblance to 'The Hunger Games,' is in the works in Siberia. 'Game2' appears to be encouraging violent and depraved behavior.

Movies/TV Shows December 17, 2016

Siberian Unicorn May Have Existed At The Same Time As Humans: Study

Unicorns may have actually lived and roamed Earth the same time humans did. A fossilized skull led paleontologists to rewrite the timeline of the Siberian unicorn, which may possibly have found its last refuge only 29,000 years ago.

Animals March 29, 2016

Almost-Human DNA Found In A Super Old Tooth

The fossilized molar belongs to a Denisovan, a sister group to the Neanderthals.

Animals November 19, 2015

Dozens of Methane Blowholes Spotted In Siberia: Why Experts Worry

More craters have been found in Siberia, prompting one expert to call for an investigation over concerns that this phenomenon could result in disasters.

Animals February 24, 2015

What Killed Mammoths? Not a Big Cosmic Impact, New Study Suggests

It has long been held that impact from a meteorite or comet caused an ice age. A new study smashes that idea though, saying it's possibly not as grand as you think.

January 9, 2015

Rare 9,300-Year-Old Bison May Be Headed For Mammoth Site

Found in icy Siberia, the Yukagir bison may be headed for the United States as the Mammoth Site expresses interest in the unique specimen.

December 30, 2014

Methane Leaking from Siberian Permafrost: Dangerous Addition to Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Permafrost layer keeping methane from leaking into the atmosphere from ocean off Siberia is thin and weak, researchers say. Thawing with global warming could release a flood of the greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, they say.

Earth/Environment December 27, 2014

Medieval Sword Found in Siberia Might Belong to Russia's Ivan the Terrible

The new theory exploring the ownership of a medieval sword says the possibility exists that it could have belonged to Ivan the Terrible. As it takes inspiration from legends, this new theory doesn’t have fans in scientists.

November 25, 2014

Russian Scientists Explore Giant Sinkhole in Siberia. What Did They See?

Russian scientists explore the giant crater in northern Siberia that was found in July this year. The cause of the big sinkhole still remains a mystery.

November 14, 2014

9,000-year-old bison found mummified in Siberia

A steppe bison from 90 centuries in the past, mummified in the Siberian tundra, is shedding light on life at a time when agriculture was first spreading to the Middle East.

November 6, 2014

DNA found in early modern human fossil shows evidence of interbreeding with Neanderthals

Timing and location of interbreeding between early modern humans and Neanderthals shows up in DNA analysis. Evidence suggests it occurred between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago.

Animals October 22, 2014

Two new mysterious holes appear in Siberia. Natural phenomenon or work of aliens?

Siberia is home to two more holes, catches the attention of the world as the mystery continues. First hole at "the end of the world" explored by scientists, cleared some issues.

Animals August 1, 2014

Two more holes found at 'The end of the world' in Siberia

After one mysterious hole was discovered in Siberia, another pair has now been found. But, what is causing these unusual geological formations?

Animals July 31, 2014

Why the discovery of holes in Siberia is more important than you think

Mysterious large holes are appearing in remote parts of Siberia. Environmental scientists believe they indicate a new and alarming trend linked to global warming.

Internet Culture July 30, 2014

Second giant crater found in Siberia: Looks neither manmade nor natural, expert says

Remote region of Siberia starting to look like Swiss cheese with discovery of two more mysterious craters with deep holes, researchers say. Scientists remain baffled as to their origin.

Animals July 29, 2014

All dinosaurs could have sported feathers, new fossil suggests

A new dinosaur fossil discovered and studied indicated that all dinosaurs may have had feathers after all. Read what the researchers have to say.

Earth/Environment July 27, 2014

Giant hole in Siberia may be because of global warming as new details emerge

The first pictures from inside the hole in the ground discovered in Siberia show a frozen lake at its bottom.

Animals July 19, 2014

Baby mammoth deaths revealed with 3D scanner

Mammoths who died 40,000 years ago in Siberia have been examined by a CT scanner, revealing their cause of death.

Animals July 18, 2014

Mysterious appearance of giant hole - 80 meters wide - in 'end of the world' Siberia baffles boffins

A giant hole mysteriously appeared in Siberia's Yamal peninsula. Speculations on what caused the hole range from global warming to UFO arrival.

Animals July 18, 2014

Crater forms in Siberia 260 feet across - what caused the hole at the end of the world?

A crater formed in Siberia two years ago, and has just now been spotted. What caused the hole at "the end of the world?"

Animals July 18, 2014

Bizarre, mysterious and enormous crater in Siberia baffles scientists

Huge hole in remote area of Siberia has researchers scrambling for an explanation. 250-foot-wide crater may be result of underground explosion of gas, officials say.

Animals July 17, 2014

Native Americans and Siberians on Beringia land bridge may have shared common language 10,000 years ago

A linguistic study of dozens of languages spoken around the Bering Strait suggests people may have stayed on the temporary land bridge between Asia and Alaska for up to 10,000 years. But why?

March 17, 2014

Discovery of 30,000-year old giant virus in Siberian ice is no sci-fi horror movie plot. It's REAL

An ancient strain of giant virus has recently been freed from its icy prison in Siberia. After 30,000 years of dormancy, the virus suddenly came alive once it thawed in a research laboratory.

Animals March 6, 2014

Giant virus discovered in Siberian ice: Is it alien lifeform?

Pithoviruses - the largest ever found, are unlike any organism ever seen by researchers. Although it cannot infect humans, what danger does it pose to humans?

Animals March 4, 2014

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