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4-Year-Old Boy Diagnosed With Brain Tumor 2 Weeks After His 6-Year-Old Sister Was Hospitalized With Same Condition

Two siblings from California were both diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. The sister who is 6 years old was diagnosed first, followed by her 4-year-old brother and both siblings suffered from intense headaches.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 28, 2018

This Toddler’s Message To His Terminally Ill Baby Brother Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

A mother witnessed her older son comforting his younger sibling, who is diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of cancer. The preschooler’s show of love for his baby brother is heartfelt and deeply moving.

Public Health March 10, 2017

Kids Are Closer To Pets Than Their Own Siblings: Study

University of Cambridge researchers examine children’s relationship with their pets and find that they derived more satisfaction from animal companions and got along better with them than with their siblings. These pets may then wield a great influence on kids’ development.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 30, 2017

Here's Why Having A Younger Sibling Is Good For Your Health

Having younger brother or sister can be annoying at times. Findings of a new research, however, find link between having younger sibling and healthier body mass index.

Life March 14, 2016

Whooping Cough In Newborns Commonly Comes From Siblings: Study

A new study found that whopping cough in infants is most likely due to exposure to infected siblings. This is in contrast to previous notions that mothers are the most common source of infection.

Life September 7, 2015

Facebook study tells us how common it is for siblings to have the same first initial

Facebook found that keeping the same initial for first names in the family is not exclusive to the famous Kardashian sisters. Siblings of all ages were likely to be included the trend.

Internet Culture September 16, 2014

Parents of girls, rejoice! Daughters are more attentive to elderly parents, study says

Daughters spent twice as much time on average than sons caring for their elderly parents according to a new study. Researchers found an almost seven hour difference a month in elderly parent care between daughters and sons.

Life August 19, 2014

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