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Home Diagnostic Kit Can Detect Drugs In Blood And Urine Using Silicon Chips And An iPhone

A new diagnostic system proposed by researchers from Vanderbilt University uses a smartphone to test for drugs, infection, or bacteria in a liquid sample. An app will handle the data processing and perform diagnosis.

Public Health June 13, 2019

Scientists Use New Metamaterials To Manipulate Light

Metamaterials were used in the past to manipulate electromagnetic light waves that led to the development of super-high resolution imaging. Now, the scientists have devised a new metamaterial that can harness the power of light.

Material Science December 21, 2018

Researchers Develop Invisibility Cloak For High-Tech Processing Chips

In a remarkable discovery, researchers at the University of Utah developed an invisibility cloak that can optimize the efficiency of chips used in microscopic photonic integrated devices.

Material Science November 16, 2016

World's Smallest Transistor Built Using Carbon Nanotubes And Engine Lubricant

Using silicon alternatives carbon nanotubes and molybdenum disulfide, or MoS2, an engine lubricant, a team of researchers built the world's smallest transistor. How small is it?

Material Science October 7, 2016

Big Microchip Advance? Researchers Boost Light Intensity Using Sound On Silicon Chip

Yale University scientists have developed a new method of amplifying light using sound on a silicon chip. Here is how it's done.

Material Science June 15, 2016

Researchers Use DNA Molecule To Create Smallest Diode

Researchers were able to create the world's smallest diode using only a single DNA molecule. The discovery may help pave the way for smaller yet more powerful silicon chips in the future.

April 5, 2016

Quantum Computers Not Far Away As Researchers Write First Quantum Code On Silicon Chip

Researchers have drafted quantum code and the chips they used didn't require any exotic materials. The quantum vocabulary has now been unlocked.

Animals November 17, 2015

IBM To Ditch Silicon For Carbon Nanotubes To Make Ultra-Powerful, Ultra-Efficient 1.8-Nanometer Chips

IBM is paving the way into a future of non-silicon electronics with a research breakthrough that allows Big Blue to develop faster, smaller chipsets with 1.8-nanometer nodes.

Computers October 3, 2015

Wrapping Wires In Graphene Could Help Scientists Create Smaller, Faster Chips

Researchers found that graphene, that one-atom-thick wonder, makes an excellent coating for the wires found in electronic chips. Wires coated in graphene were able to function at speeds as much as 30 percent greater than those achieve with currently used coatings.

FUTURE TECH June 17, 2015

Lab on a chip: Microchip performs mini lab tests to detect early cancer

New chip-based technology could improve the survival chances of cancer patients, researchers say. By testing microfluids, the method offers a minimally invasive, efficient early cancer diagnosis.

Life October 8, 2014

New chip can simulate body's reaction to various drugs. May help with new treatment methods

A new start-up company out of Harvard University research institute is claiming they can transform slivers of silicon into testing devices that simulate human organs. Tech may help speed the development of new drugs for treatment.

Life July 28, 2014

IBM pouring billions into R&D semiconductor design

IBM is significantly boosting its investment in developing new semiconductor chip technologies and materials. At the same time it's pushing the envelope on chip technology, it is rumored to be pushing its chip factories away.

Money July 10, 2014

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