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Scientists Discover 3 New Fish Species In Surprisingly Busy Atacama Trench Of Pacific Ocean

Scientists deployed baited camera traps in the southeast Pacific Ocean to explore the Atacama Trench. They found that the trench was teeming with life and also discovered three new species that were identified as variants of the gelatinous snailfish.

Animals September 11, 2018

Top 10 New Species List 2018 Spotlight: This 4-Inch Fish Is Top Predator Of The Ocean Floor

A small, translucent snailfish is one of the most interesting finds on the top 10 new species list for 2018. The Mariana snailfish, or Pseudoliparis swirei, lives at up to 26,200 feet deep in the ocean.

Animals May 24, 2018

Mariana Snailfish: Here’s A Look At The Deepest-Dwelling Fish In The Ocean

An international team of researchers discovered a new species of snailfish, which they now call by its scientific name: Pseudoliparis swirei. For the first time, the team described the new species in a recently published paper.

Animals November 29, 2017

Ghostly Snailfish Spotted Swimming at World Record Depth in Mariana Trench [Video]

A previously unknown snailfish with translucent body was filmed by the deep diving vehicle Hadal-Lander and is now the record holder for the world's deepest dwelling fish thriving at 8,200 meters below the surface.

Animals December 20, 2014

New Fish Discovered Lurking in Depths of Mariana Trench

Previously unknown species of fish found living more than 26,000 feet beneath the ocean's surface. That's a record for fish depth, researchers say.

Animals December 19, 2014

Snailfish goes where no man has gone before - deep, deep below

A catch of snailfish has revealed secrets about the greatest depths at which the animals may live. But, why do they smell so bad?

Animals March 6, 2014

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