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Elon Musk Offers To Rebuild Puerto Rico Power Grid With Solar: Will This Really Happen?

Elon Musk has offered to rebuild the Puerto Rico power grid using solar panels. There are many challenges to such an ambitious project, but it will be a massive triumph for alternative energy if it pushes through.

Business Tech October 7, 2017

Tesla Now Taking Orders For Its Solar Roof: How It Could Possibly Be The Company’s Best Offering Yet

What possibly makes Tesla Solar Roof the company's best product to date? Here's a quick look at its appreciating value, aesthetics, and Elon Musk's commitment to solar power.

Business Tech May 15, 2017

New Solar-Powered Device Harvests Water From Desert Air

The new technology could help you survive in the desert by using sunlight to evaporate condensed water. The solar-powered water harvester is based on a series of porous crystals that collect the water into a reservoir.

Material Science April 14, 2017

Groundbreaking Graphene-Based Electrode Can Boost Solar Power Storage

The new plant-inspired graphene electrode employs the fractal design of fern leaves to store solar energy at an improved capacity, 3,000 percent bigger than previously available. This prototype paves the way for flexible thin film solar technology.

Material Science April 4, 2017

WATCH: Cartoon Elon Musk On Hydrocarbons, Or Why Solar Will Bring An End To Oil

Futurism created a cartoon version of Elon Musk to better illustrate his points about the importance of harnessing and using solar energy to replace oil.

Feature | Science February 26, 2017

Uranium Extraction From Seawater: Stanford Researchers Make Progress, More Clean Energy Coming

Stanford researchers have made progress in the extraction of uranium from seawater. Considering the abundance of seawater, it will help countries to produce nuclear power as a carbon-free energy in the future when fossil fuels move out.

Energy February 25, 2017

Solar-Powered Water Purifier Offers Hope Against Global Drinking Water Shortages

Solar-powered water purifier offers a ray of hope to combat global drinking water shortages. Developed by University at Buffalo academics, the new device will make access to safe drinking water cheaper and better.

Public Health February 6, 2017

Solar-Powered Artificial Leaf Can Produce Drugs For Sick Astronauts In Mars

Access to life-saving drugs is crucial for astronauts who will be sent for manned mission to Mars. An artificial leaf powered by sunlight may serve as a mini-factory of medicines on the red planet.

Space December 22, 2016

Tesla And SolarCity Power Entire Island With Solar Energy Microgrid [Video]

Tesla and SolarCity have announced a major solar power project, running an entire island on renewable energy. A massive microgrid can cover 'nearly 100 percent' of Ta'u island's energy needs, with renewable energy packs that can run for three days without sunlight.

Energy November 23, 2016

Solar Roadways Installs Energy Tiles In Idaho: Here's Why These Colorful Tiles Are Amazing

Solar Roadways installed the first solar road panels in Sandpoint, Idaho. The solar road tiles contain colorful LEDs that can be used for creating lights and signs without the need of permanent paint.

Energy October 3, 2016

This Smart, Solar-Powered Backpack Will Charge Your Phone While You Head To Class

Energy Sac is the smart backpack that features GPS technology and a removable solar-powered panel that charges gadgets when on-the-go.

Wearable Tech August 29, 2016

Solar Impulse 2 Is First Solar-Powered Plane To Cross The Atlantic

The Solar Impulse 2 recently completed its journey across the Atlantic, making the 15th leg of its journey to circumnavigate the world a success. The 15th stage started in New York on Monday and ended on Thursday in Seville, Spain.

Energy June 23, 2016

Tesla Offers To Buy SolarCity In A $2.86 Billion Deal To Merge Two Elon Musk Companies

A Tesla-Solar City merger would package the two Elon Musk companies' products and services. How would the acquisition affect customers of green technologies?

Business Tech June 22, 2016

Artificial Leaf Converts Solar Energy To Fuel That May One Day Power Your Car

The Bionic Leaf 2.0 can power your vehicles and help address the world’s fuel consumption problems someday. This new 'artificial leaf' uses solar energy to divide hydrogen-eating bacteria and water molecules to produce liquid fuels.

Energy June 4, 2016

World's Largest Solar Power Plant Catches Fire

The world's largest solar power plant caught fire, crippling the operations of the facility. The fire was immediately extinguished, but the incident's impact on the electric power supply of California has yet to be determined.

Energy May 22, 2016

This Solar-Powered, Glow-In-The-Dark Cement Can Probably Last For 100 Years

Solar-powered cement that glows in the dark may revolutionize the solar road construction industry and global cement production. The light emitting cement, unlike regular glow-in-the-dark materials, can last for 100 years.

Material Science May 12, 2016

Solar Energy Becomes Mainstream As Capacity Grows 10-Fold Within Seven Years

The solar energy industry is one of the fast growing industries across the world. Experts expect that solar energy will become mainstream as the capacity grows 10-fold in the next seven years.

Energy April 24, 2016

Solar Impulse 2 To Resume World Trip Next Week: Why This Is Such A Big Deal

The sun-powered Solar Impulse 2 has had its second wind and is preparing to finish its trip around the world. It will set sail whenever the weather is right.

Business April 19, 2016

New Solar Panel Turns Raindrops Into Electricity: Here's How The Technology Works

Scientists in China created 'all-weather' graphene-coated solar panels to harness power from raindrops. They developed dye-sensitized solar cells coated with an ultra-thin film of a miracle material known as graphene.

Energy April 13, 2016

Graphene Solar Cell Generates Electricity From Sun And Rain

Scientists in China are developing revolutionary solar cells that could trigger electricity from both the sun and rain. The incredible process could lay the foundation for future all-weather solar panels.

Energy April 11, 2016

Solar-Powered Sterile Box Offers Safer Surgeries For Patients In Developing Countries

Many patients in low-resource areas are at risk of surgical site infections. To mitigate this problem, researchers developed the Sterile Box, a facility that uses solar power to decontaminate and sterilize medical equipment for reuse.

Life March 24, 2016

NASA's Jupiter Probe Juno Sets Solar-Powered Spacecraft Distance Record

The spacecraft Juno, which is on a mission to study Jupiter, broke the distance record to become the furthest traveling solar-powered probe in space.

Space January 14, 2016

You Can Even Cook At Night With GoSun Solar-Powered Stove

GoSun's Kickstar-funded portable cooker might be perfect if you're a fan of cooking outside with an environmental conscious — the solar-powered stove can even cook at night.

Science Tech January 8, 2016

No, That North Carolina Town Didn’t Ban Solar Panels For Sucking Up Sun

Recent news coverage has mocked a rural North Carolina town for rejecting solar panels that suck up the sun's energy and cause cancer. Those reports are inaccurate.

Energy December 16, 2015

California Proposes New Rules For Rooftop Solar Users

California Public Utilities Commission proposed new rooftop solar fees Tuesday. It also rejected some recommendations from utility firms that threatened expansion of residential and commercial solar efforts.

Business December 16, 2015

The Sunnyclist Is Powered By Three Different Energy Sources

An Indiegogo campaign has been started for an electric vehicle that uses solar power as well as pedal power, essentially meaning that the vehicle could operate on 100 percent renewable sources.

Gadgets December 10, 2015

First Apple Store In Singapore Will Run Entirely On Solar Power

Apple is opening a store in Singapore, which will be the first one in the country to run entirely on solar energy. Solar panels installed on 800 rooftops will provide energy to Apple's store and corporate office in Singapore.

Business November 17, 2015

MIT Scientists Announce Ultraefficient Solar Cells

The new technology could make solar panels thinner, lighter, and more effective. The secret is quantum mechanics.

Energy November 6, 2015

Researchers Create A 'Bubble Piano' That Syncs With Beethoven's Symphony That Can Be Used For Clean Energy

Researchers from MIT found a method for controlling the formation of bubbles on a boiling surface that can be applied in the tech and clean energy sectors.

Energy November 3, 2015

Morocco Builds World's Largest Solar Power Plant

Morocco has plans to build the world's largest solar power plant to occupy the desert near Ouarzazate. This plant will eventually create enough energy to provide power to about 1 million homes.

Energy October 29, 2015

Apple Promoting Clean Energy Programs In China, Looking To Install Over 2 Gigawatts Of Solar Power

Apple is carrying out several programs in China to promote clean energy. The initiative includes the installation of more than 2 gigawatts' worth of new clean energy in the coming years.

FUTURE TECH October 22, 2015

These Tiny Solar-Powered Cell Nodes Could Eliminate Mobile Dead Spots In Cities

Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs has announced a new solar-powered cell node that could be used to eliminate the problem of mobile dead spots in large cities. The small nodes are also extremely low-energy, using 10 times less power than other systems.

Gadgets September 28, 2015

U.S. Demand For Electricity From Renewable Sources Taking Off

Solar power market in the U.S. has significantly grown between 2010 and 2015. The growth can be attributed to several factors including falling prices and subsidies by the government.

Energy September 15, 2015

Monkeys Are Wreaking Havoc On Solar Panels In India

Researchers in India will soon launch a concentrated solar power project, but located in the lush forest are tribes on monkeys that are attracted to the site.

FUTURE TECH August 7, 2015

Facebook To Test Massive Solar-Powered Aircraft To Provide More Internet Access

Facebook's unmanned solar-powered aircraft, the Aquila, has the wingspan of a Boeing 737, but it weighs less than a car and beams down Internet connectivity from the sky. It has the potential to bring Internet access to the four billion people who currently don't have it.

July 30, 2015

The Daejeon-Sejong Bike Highway Is Solar Powered And Good For The Environment

Despite pros and cons, the Daejeon-Sejong bike path in South Korea is undoubtedly a win for the environment. It runs 20 miles between cities and provides shade for bicyclists as well as power for highway lights.

FUTURE TECH July 27, 2015

The World’s First E-Ink Traffic Signs Go Up In Sydney

Australia has put up the world’s first e-ink traffic and parking signs that are solar-powered. The signs are controlled remotely via wireless technology.

FUTURE TECH July 27, 2015

SunPort Power Outlet Promises To Automatically Offset Your Electricity Use With Solar Credits

The SunPort outlet will keep track of your energy use and automatically buy solar credits ot offset it.

Gadgets July 23, 2015

Will You See Solar-Powered Apple Keyboard, Mouse, And Trackpad In The Future?

An Apple patent reveals the company is researching alternative energy solutions that will plausibly govern iDevices of the future. While Bluetooth-powered keyboards, mouse and trackpads may be commonplace now, users could soon see solar power replacing the current technology.

Computers July 17, 2015

Solar-Powered Plane Successfully Lands In Hawaii After Five-Day, Nonstop Flight

At first, making a five-day, nonstop flight from Japan to Hawaii in a solar-powered plane may have seemed impossible, especially with all the delays: thankfully, the Solar Impulse 2 just made a successful landing!

FUTURE TECH July 3, 2015

Solar Impulse Takes Off From Japan For 120-Hour Journey To Hawaii

The Solar Impulse 2 took of from Japan after a forced landing on June 1. The solar-powered aircraft will now make its way to Honolulu, Hawaii, as it nears its goal of flying around the world on nothing but renewable energy.

FUTURE TECH June 29, 2015

This Battery Can Charge Itself Using Only Light [Video]

A team of researchers in India has developed a new battery that can charge itself using only light. While the device can currently only power a small fan, it is a big step forward and will be improved upon as time goes on.

Gadgets June 22, 2015

Amazon Web Services Announces Plan To Build Massive Solar Farm In Virginia

Internet giant Amazon Web Services announced a plan to build the largest solar farm in the state of Virginia to further its recent commitment to renewable energy. The plant will provide power to the company’s data centers.

Energy June 10, 2015

Akon's Solar Power Initiative Aims To Bring Electricity To 600 Million People In Africa

Akon hopes to bring electricity to 600 million people in Africa with his 'Akon Lighting Africa' Solar Academy initiative.

Culture June 3, 2015

Scientists Create Most Efficient Black Silicon Solar Cells To Date: Why Is This Significant?

A group of researchers has set a new record with the development of the black silicon solar cells capable of converting 22.1 percent of light into electricity.

May 21, 2015

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