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Moonshot No More: Beresheet 2 No Longer Going To The Moon

It is a moonshot no more as SpaceIL cancels Beresheet 2. The team will be pursuing new challenges, as another moon mission is 'not challenging enough' for the team.

Space June 28, 2019

NASA Takes A Peek At Crater Made By Beresheet Spacecraft On Moon

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured the impact site of Israel's Beresheet spacecraft. The image shows a black smudge where the first privately built spacecraft on the Moon crash-landed a month ago.

Space May 18, 2019

Image Of Moon Surface Is The Last Photo Beresheet Took Before Crashing

SpaceIL shared the last photo that Beresheet took before it crash-landed on the lunar surface. The SpaceIL team continues to move forward as they prepare for Beresheet 2.0.

Space April 18, 2019

Lunar Library Of Humanity's Record Aboard Doomed Beresheet Spacecraft May Have Survived Moon Crash

Arch Mission Foundation, the nonprofit behind the Arch Lunar Library, is hopeful that its project survived the Beresheet lander crash in one piece. The only question now is how to locate where the Lunar Library might be.

Space April 17, 2019

After Beresheet's Crash, SpaceIL Set To Build And Launch Second Moon Lander

The dream is still on for Israel's SpaceIL. After Beresheet's crash on the moon, the team is already prepared to make a second attempt at landing on the moon.

Space April 14, 2019

Israeli Beresheet Spacecraft Snaps Photo Of Dark Side Of The Moon

The time is drawing near for SpaceIL's Beresheet spacecraft to make its landing on the moon. Even before the historic event, it has send back stunning images of the far side of the moon.

Space April 6, 2019

Israeli Team SpaceIL May Win $1 Million If Beresheet Lands On The Moon Next Month

Israel's SpaceIL is poised to win $1 million if its Beresheet spacecraft successfully lands on the moon in April. SpaceIL is the first of the Google Lunar X Prize teams to launch to the moon.

Space March 28, 2019

Israel's Beresheet Lunar Lander Back On Course For The Moon After Computer Glitch

Israel's Beresheet experienced a computer glitch while on its way to the moon. The issue was resolved, and Israel's bet to the space race is back on track.

Space March 1, 2019

Israeli Scientists Add Final Touches To Lunar Spacecraft

SpaceX moved the launch on Israel's first moon lander from December to February. The company did not provide an explanation, but officials of SpaceIL on Monday added a time capsule to the spacecraft.

Space December 18, 2018

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