This Speedrunner Took 17 Hours To Hit 100 Percent In ‘Super Mario Odyssey’: Can You Beat His Record?


The speedrunning community just reached a milestone in Super Mario Odyssey after speedrunner Okikurume managed to complete the game in just 17 hours and 21 minutes — the fastest time someone has finished the game in its entirety.

This is the first-ever Super Mario Odyssey speedrun that managed to reach a 100 percent completion, as past attempts — like this speedrun — only attempted to reach the finish line as fast as possible, not collect everything there is to collect. A 100 percent completion is of course a harder feat to achieve, but Okikurume managed to do it in less than a day.

Speedrunnner Completes 'Super Mario Odyssey' In 17 Hours

Lots of players have been racing to achieve a 100 percent speedrun in Super Mario Odyssey as quickly as possible. Since the game came out Oct. 27, speedrun records have bounced back and forth as the community finds new methods and glitches for finishing the game even faster. It's very likely for someone new to come along and beat Okikurume's record.

But while most speedrunners of the game have only been completing the Any percent category, Okikurume's achievement stands out because he actually completed everything. Getting to that point is not as easy as it looks.

There are very specific rules required to reach a full 100 percent: in addition to completing the main campaign, the player must have also collected all moons, acquired every hat, costume, and souvenir, captured all capturable enemies using Mario's sentient hat Cappy, and unlocked all 82 different songs. To achieve all these, Okikurume had to keep playing for 17 hours, 20 minutes, and 49 seconds straight.

While other speedrunners were looking for ways to skip levels and bosses just to beat the game in the fastest time possible, Okikurume had to look for every nook and cranny. For instance, he had to spend hours grinding coins, since some moons in the game can't be found, only purchased.

Near the end, it was quite incredible to see Okikurume doing one of the final things required to achieve 100 percent: throwing Cappy 5,000 times. For some reason, he'd managed to collect everything there was to collect yet still not have thrown the sentient hat that many times.

Once he had finished doing so, Okikurume was then able to collect the final moon and access the secret ending.

Watch Hundo Done Bad in 17:20:49 from Okikurume on

Expect Other Speedrunners To Beat The Record Soon

Speaking to Kotaku, Okikurume said he didn't have a planned route for the speedrun and that he expects other players to beat his record.

"There's people working on routes at the moment for it but I wanted to see how it would go just based off my previous experiences for fun," he said.

Super Mario Odyssey is the first proper Mario game released for the Switch, Nintendo's ultra-popular hybrid console. The game has reaped mountains of acclaim and has also become the fastest-selling Mario game of all time in the United States, surpassing New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which sold 30 million copies worldwide.

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