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Stimulating The Spinal Cord With Pulse Generator Can Help Injured People Walk Again: Study

A new technique has given hope to people who have been paralyzed due to spinal cord injury. By sending electrical signals to parts of the spinal cord responsible for movement, three patients were able to walk again.

Biotech November 1, 2018

Surgeon Plans Human Head Transplant, Eyes Chinese National As First Patient

In a new development, Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero said his proposed head transplant operation will be on a Chinese national and not on a Russian patient. According to the surgeon, China offers many favorable factors for the operation.

Neuroscience May 2, 2017

Mayo Clinic Helps Paralyzed Man Move Legs Via Spinal Cord Stimulator

Following an implant surgery, a man that had sustained a spinal cord injury was able to move his paralyzed legs and eventually stand up again. The technique is called epidural stimulation and, combined with physical therapy, produced pioneering results.

Biotech April 4, 2017

Cutting-Edge Brain Implant Restores Mobility In Quadriplegic Man Using Thought-Controlled Prosthetics

Experimental neuroprosthetics could help quadriplegia patients recover some motor functions. This novel technology uses a brain implant that controls electronic sensors embedded in the limbs and signals them to move paralyzed muscles.

Biotech March 29, 2017

Wondered Why People Are Left Or Right Handed? Not The Brain, But Spinal Cord Which Determines

A study has revealed that asymmetrical genetic activity in the spinal cord determines people’s left or right handedness, which starts in the mother’s womb. The study bypasses older assertions that the human brain is responsible for the same.

Neuroscience February 21, 2017

Gene Behind Long Body Of Snake May Help Patients With Spinal Injuries

Researchers have discovered a gene responsible for the long body of snakes. The Oct4 gene may eventually lead to treatment for spinal cord injury.

Animals August 9, 2016

Ekso Is A Bionic Exoskeleton That Spells Hope For Spinal Cord Injury Patients: How It Works

Completely paralyzed people, particularly those who had sustained spinal cord injuries are now given hope, as a new device promises to help them restore movement. The bionic exoskeleton uses advanced technology and this is how it works.

Life September 5, 2015

Italian Surgeon Presents First Human Head Transplant Project To American Neurosurgeons: How Did They React?

Italian neurosurgeon makes a speech about his planned head transplant surgery. American neurosurgeons expressed varied reactions.

Life June 15, 2015

Researchers Repair Spinal Injuries in Rats with Flexible Implants

Researchers developed a silicon implant that perfectly mimics natural tissue and releases needed substances for recovery, taking another step for treating paralysis due to injury.

Life January 9, 2015

Paralyzed man walks again: Breakthrough surgery puts nose cells in spinal cord

Man has spinal cord repaired using cells from his own nasal cavity. Paralyzed by a knife attack, Polish firefighter can now walk, drive a car.

Life October 21, 2014

Miracle! Breakthrough cell transplant helps paralyzed man get up and walk

In what doctors hailed as a recovery more impressive than man walking on the moon, a 40 year old man who was paralyzed from waist down was able to walk again using a frame after going through a breakthrough treatment.

Life October 21, 2014

Spinal cord recovery therapy gets closer to human clinical trials

System of using signals mimicking those of the brain to directly stimulate the spinal cord could let the paralyzed walk again, researchers say. Technique tested on rats could have human trials next summer.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 26, 2014

Brain chip implant helps quadriplegic gain use of hand (Video)

Sensor implanted in his brain helps young Ohio man move a paralyzed arm. Technology dubbed Neurobridge can bypass injured spinal column.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 25, 2014

Spinal cord electrical stimulation implant provides hope for paralyzed patients: Study

There may soon come a time when paralysis will become a curable and temporary condition as researchers have enabled four paralyzed men who have been told they will never be able to move their legs again, to do voluntary movements.

Life April 8, 2014

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