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Star Wars Episode 9 Teaser Trailer: Here's What You Need To Know

Disney and Lucasfilm finally dropped the teaser trailer for 'Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker.' With this thrilling finale, what should fans expect?

Movies/TV Shows April 13, 2019

Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Will Still Be In ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

The 'Star Wars: Episode IX' cast sees some familiar faces and new ones as well. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are reprising their roles as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, respectively, and Billy Dee Williams is returning as Lando Calrissian.

Movies/TV Shows July 28, 2018

Emmy-Nominated ‘The Americans’ Actress Keri Russell To Be Cast In ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

Keri Russell has apparently been cast in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX.’ The Emmy-nominated actress will play a role that requires action-heavy sequences, though it’s not clear if she’ll come from the dark side.

Movies/TV Shows July 8, 2018

Do The Scathing 'The Book Of Henry' Reviews Foretell The Fate Of 'Star Wars: Episode IX'?

Critics are lambasting 'Star Wars: Episode IX' director Colin Trevorrow’s new flick, 'The Book of Henry,' out June 16. The overwhelming negative response has caused 'Star Wars' fans to panic about the 'Star Wars' film, out 2019.

Movies/TV Shows June 16, 2017

Star Wars Updates: Episode VIII Trailer Is Released And Todd Fisher Is Confused

Lucasfilm gifts the fandom with the first official teaser for ‘The Last Jedi,’ but denies Todd Fisher’s claim that Princess Leia will appear in ‘Episode IX.’

Movies/TV Shows April 15, 2017

Carrie Fisher To Appear In ‘Star Wars Episode IX,’ Todd Fisher Confirms

Carrie Fisher’s brother confirms that the recently deceased actress will still appear as Princess Leia in the still-unfilmed ‘Star Wars Episode IX’ and it won’t be through CGI.

Movies/TV Shows April 14, 2017

Disney Plans 'Star Wars' Movies To Go On For Over A Decade After 'Episode IX'

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that the studio is already talking about another decade-and-a-half of 'Star Wars' stories beyond 'Episode IX' in 2019. This means that fans can expect 'Star Wars' movies well into the early to mid-2030s.

Movies/TV Shows March 24, 2017

Colin Trevorrow Promises ‘Deeply And Profoundly Satisfying’ Answer To Theories About Rey And Luke

There’s no shortage of ‘Star Wars’ fan theories and those particularly focused on Rey and Luke will get a ‘deeply and profoundly satisfying’ answer in the end. This, according to ‘Episode IX’ director Colin Trevorrow.

Geek January 13, 2016

From Unknown To Tentpole: 7 Indie Directors Who Landed Big-Budget Films

Before making it to the big leagues, a director must first get their feet wet with indie films. And sometimes those indie films help them land big-budget films. Here’s a list of popular directors who went from unknown to tentpole.

Movies/TV Shows August 24, 2015

'Star Wars: Episode 9' To Be Directed By 'The Force Awakens' J.J. Abrams, Not Rian Johnson?

Fans were surprised when it was revealed that J.J. Abrams would not direct 'Star Wars Episode VIII,' but according to rumors, the acclaimed director may be returning for 'Episode IX.'

Movies/TV Shows March 18, 2015

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