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FDA Gives Thumbs Up To 2 New Extragenital Tests For Gonorrhea And Chlamydia

Two new devices that detect chlamydia and gonorrhea in the throat and rectum have received the approval of the FDA. These are the first devices to test for sexually transmitted infections using extragenital specimens.

Public Health May 25, 2019

Criminalizing Sex Workers Ups Risk Of Violence And STDs

Criminalization of sex work and purchase of sex further make sex workers vulnerable to abuse, violence, and sexually transmitted infections and diseases. A research that gathered data from 33 countries found that criminalizing sex work causes more harm than good.

Public Health December 12, 2018

4-Year-Old Finds STD-Positive Condom In School Playground

A 4-year-old child is undergoing precautionary treatment for chlamydia after she was found playing with a condom on the school playground. Evidently, the school is located directly across a popular concert spot.

Public Health November 4, 2018

1 Young Person In Britain Is Diagnosed With STD Every 4 Minutes: Report

One young person in England is said to be diagnosed with an STD every four minutes. Just like in the United States, a majority of the cases are of chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Public Health October 26, 2018

Number Of Babies Born With Syphilis Peaks At 20 Year High

The CDC has revealed that the number of cases of syphilis in the United States has more than doubled since 2013. Public health officials report that mothers are also passing the STD to their babies during pregnancy and delivery.

Public Health September 28, 2018

CDC Data Reveals Sharp Increase In STD Cases In Recent Years

CDC data reveals that the United States is at its fourth consecutive year of all-time high in regard to STD cases. The rise persists amid fears about antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea.

Public Health September 2, 2018

STI Rates On The Rise: Symptoms And Treatment For Syphilis And Gonorrhea

Syphilis and gonorrhea cases in England continue to rise. The government is encouraging its citizens, especially the younger generation, to practice safe sex to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Public Health June 6, 2018

Chlamydia, The Most Common STD, Doubles Ovarian Cancer Risk

Chlamydia, the most common sexually transmitted disease, possibly doubles ovarian cancer risk. Women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer do not have good chances of survival, with 55 percent succumbing to the disease within five years after diagnosis.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 16, 2018

Gonorrhea Cases In Australia Rise By 63 Percent In 5 Years

Latest data on STIs show an alarming 63 percent rise in the number of gonorrhea cases in Australia in the past five years. What's behind the huge increase in this sexually transmitted disease?

Public Health November 6, 2017

Number Of STD Cases In The US Now At The Highest It’s Ever Been: Report

The number of new STD cases continues to grow. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released its annual STD surveillance report, showing that in 2016, the country recorded its highest rate of new STD cases thus far.

Public Health September 27, 2017

Genital HPV In US: Infection Rate Higher In Men Than Women

A CDC report revealed that HPV infection is higher among American men than it is in women. Doctors advised vaccination to prevent the onset of diseases related to the infection in men, including genital and oral cancer.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 8, 2017

Total Reported STD Cases In The US Highest Ever In 2015

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis recorded an abnormal increase in 2015 compared to 2014. Young people, men who have sexual intercourse with other men and ethnic minorities were the most affected.

Public Health October 20, 2016

Monogamy In Humans May Be The Result Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Study Finds

Sexually-transmitted diseases may have driven early humans to adopt monogamy, according to a new study. Why would this adaption come about during the rise of agriculture?

Animals April 12, 2016

Gonorrhea Strain Resistant To Azithromycin Drug Spreading

A gonorrhea outbreak in northern England sparked nationwide health concern when new reported cases proved resistant to the azithromycin drug treatment.

Life September 18, 2015

Rhode Island HPV Vaccine Mandate Met With Opposition By Concerned Parents

Rhode Island is gearing up to give seventh-graders HPV vaccines when they go back to school but parents voice opposition, citing concern over the move.

Life September 8, 2015

Smartphone DNA Test For Chlamydia Offers Affordable Alternative

Most people living with chlamydia don't even know they have it. The expense of testing for this STD has been an obstacle to early detection and treatment, so researchers developed a lower-cost testing device that attaches to smartphones.

July 29, 2015

Tinder And Other Dating Apps Are Increasing The Spread Of STDs

Dating apps, which promote risky behavior, have been linked to the recent increase in STDs among young adults.

Internet Culture May 27, 2015

Report Indicates Alarming Increase Of STDs In The US

The Rhode Island Department of Health has released a report pointing to a significant increase in sexually transmitted disease cases in the United States between the years 2013 and 2014.

Life May 25, 2015

Ebola Joins List Of Most Dangerous STDs: Which Ones Can Kill You?

Ebola may now also be classified as a sexually transmitted disease after a woman gets infected after having unprotected sex, joining a number of dangerous infections plaguing the world.

Life May 4, 2015

Circumcision Lowers Risks of HIV, STD New CDC Draft Guidelines Suggest

New guidelines on circumcision states that the procedure helps straight men lower their risk to HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. The release of the guidelines launched a public comment period, where people that oppose the procedure have promised to voice their thoughts.

Life December 3, 2014

Want birth control delivered to your doorstep? There's now an app for that

Planned Parenthood has made the process of obtaining birth control as easy as ordering pizza. The group just launched a pilot program in Minnesota and Washington that allows people to receive birth control through the mail.

Life September 22, 2014

Positive HIV test halts U.S. adult film industry

The adult film industry was put on hold after one of its performers tested positive for HIV. Though the moratorium is not binding, the industry is usually pretty compliant with it.

Life August 29, 2014

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