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Sun Could Still Unleash Dangerous Superflares: What Would Happen To Earth Then?

Superflares are often linked to younger, more volatile stars, but new research showed that it can also occur in mature stars like the sun. If this happens, it could have grave consequences for Earth.

Space June 13, 2019

Parker Solar Probe Could Find Answers To Mystery Behind The Sun's Superheating

The outer atmosphere of the Sun is far hotter than the surface, a phenomenon that scientists can't explain yet until now. The Parker Solar Probe will be able to solve the mystery in two years' time.

Space June 5, 2019

Exotic Matter In Sun's Atmosphere Could Be Key To Safe And Clean Nuclear Energy Generators

Studying how plasma behaves in the sun's atmosphere may help researchers learn how to control this exotic matter on Earth. This could pave way for more efficient and safer nuclear energy generators

Energy May 26, 2019

Sun Spitting Out Giant 'Lava Lamp-like' Blobs 500 Times Bigger Than The Earth

By studying decades-old data, NASA discovered unusual but consistent patterns in the Sun. The center of the solar system emits lava like-lamp blobs that can be as much as 500 times larger than Earth.

Space April 15, 2019

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Now On Its Second Close Flyby Of The Sun

The Parker Solar Probe is beginning its second approach to the sun. The encounter will last until April 10, during which all four instruments will be collecting data.

Space April 4, 2019

Sun's Magnetic Field 10 Times Stronger Than Previously Believed: Why This Matters

The sun's magnetic field is more powerful than scientists initially thought. By observing a particularly strong solar flare that occurred in 2017, a team of researchers achieved the most accurate measurement of the sun's magnetic field yet.

Space April 1, 2019

New Calculations Reveal Venus Is Not The Closest Planet To Earth

Scientists found that contrary to popular belief, the Earth's closest neighbor is not Venus. The formula used to measure distances between planets were not as accurate as people thought it was.

Space March 16, 2019

Astronomers Find Dust Ring Floating Around Mercury's Orbit

A pair of solar scientists found Mercury's dust ring while searching for the dust-free region around the sun. The study could aid scientists to understand how planets formed in the solar system billions of years ago.

Space March 13, 2019

Greenland Ice Cores Reveal Massive Solar Storm Hit Earth 2,700 Years Ago

Analysis of ice cores from Greenland showed a massive solar storm known as solar proton event hit Earth in 660 BC. How strong was it and what could happen if it occurs today?

Space March 12, 2019

NASA's Parker Solar Probe Completes First Trip Around The Sun

NASA's Parker Solar Probe will get closer and closer to the sun in its future orbits around the star. It will have its final flyby in 2025 when it will dive within just 3.83 million miles of the sun.

Space January 31, 2019

Stars Like The Sun Become Giant Crystal Ball When They Die

The sun will collapse into a white dwarf when it dies. Data from ESA’s Gaia spacecraft show that white dwarfs eventually solidify into a crystal ball. How does this cosmic crystallization work?

Space January 9, 2019

NASA Solar Probe Takes Photo From Within Sun's Atmosphere

NASA's daring spacecraft flew closer to the sun from Oct. 31 to Nov. 11 and reached the outer atmosphere of the star. The Parker Solar Probe will continue making close encounters with the sun until its mission ends in 2024.

Space December 13, 2018

NASA Solar Probe Pulls Off Closest Ever Approach To Sun By Man-Made Object

On Monday, NASA announced that the Parker Solar Probe broke the record for becoming the first man-made object to make its nearest approach to the sun. It broke the record set by the Helios 2 probe in 1976.

Space October 31, 2018

BepiColombo Takes First Selfie As It Starts Long Journey To Mercury

The BepiColombo Mercury Transfer Module took a photo from its first day in its seven-year journey to Mercury. The spacecraft was launched on Friday night and is expected to arrive at its destination by 2025.

Space October 22, 2018

'Goblin' Planet In Outer Edge Of Solar System Could Point To Something Bigger

Scientists found a dwarf planet at the outer edge of the Solar System, far beyond Pluto. They believe that it might lead to the discovery of the mysterious Planet X.

Space October 3, 2018

NASA Launches Parker Solar Probe For Mission To ‘Touch The Sun’

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe successfully launched on Aug. 12 after it had been delayed due to weather problems. The spacecraft victoriously separated and the probe was launched into space.

Space August 14, 2018

Ancient Blue Crystals In Meteorites Reveal Sun’s Turbulent History

A team of scientists confirmed that the sun was once a juvenile being just like the other stars. The confirmation came after analysis of ancient blue crystals called the hibonite.

Space August 1, 2018

Sun Vanishes For Three Hours Over Rural Siberia, Russian Authorities Remain Mum

Parts of Yakutia region in Siberia were blanketed in a chilling darkness for three hours when the sun disappeared from view. No explanations have been offered as to what could have caused this mysterious event.

Earth/Environment July 30, 2018

NASA’s Solar Probe To Launch This Summer: Here’s Why It Won’t Perish In The Heat Of The Sun

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe was designed to withstand the extreme heat and temperatures of the sun. The spacecraft is set to go into orbit in the summer of 2018 and provide unprecedented detail about the corona of the sun.

Space July 20, 2018

Hawaii Bans Popular Sunscreens For Their Coral-Damaging Ingredients: Here’s What To Use Instead

Hawaii just banned sunscreens containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate for their coral-damaging effects. Here are alternatives available, namely mineral sunscreens that can also be used on babies and toddlers.

Earth/Environment July 10, 2018

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Gets Cutting Edge Heat-Shield Before August Launch

NASA announced its final and full installation of a heat shield on its Parker Solar Probe that will fly its closest distance to the sun. The heat shield is called the Thermal Protection System.

Space July 8, 2018

Higher Levels Of Vitamin D Could Help Prevent Colon Cancer, Particularly In Women

A new study shows that people who have higher levels of vitamin D are less likely to develop colon cancer. Researchers of the study suggest that more vitamin D could help strengthen resistance from stomach tumors, particularly in women.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 14, 2018

Here's How To Keep Babies And Toddlers Safe In The Sun For Summer

Parents looking forward to summer adventures with their toddlers or babies should remember to always protect their kids from the sun. Here are some tips, including the preferred fluid for hydration and sunscreen use.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 13, 2018

The Sun Will Turn Into A Luminous Gas When It Dies: What Is A Planetary Nebula?

The sun will turn into a luminous planetary nebula when it dies in approximately 5 billion years. As the sun ages, its temperature will reach up to 30,000 degrees Celsius, eventually engulfing Mercury and Venus.

Space May 14, 2018

Giant Swirls Found On The Sun Similar To Planetary Waves That Control Earth’s Weather

Scientists were able to finally characterize the solar Rossby waves that had been the subject of debates for 40 years. The team found that these waves are similar to the Rossby waves that control weather condition on Earth.

Space May 10, 2018

Scientists Say They Discovered The Energy That Sizzles The Sun's Corona To 1 Million Degrees

Researchers just discovered why the sun's corona is 1 million degrees Fahrenheit and hotter than the surface. They captured photos of the corona from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Space May 9, 2018

Scientists Say The Sun Will Become A Bright Planetary Nebula When It Dies In 10 Billion Years

A new study reveals what will happen to the sun after it dies in 10 billion years from now. Researchers believe it will become a planetary nebula as bright as other stars.

Space May 7, 2018

Milky Way Stars's DNA May Help Astronomers Find Sun's Siblings

Stars have DNA, which can help astronomers search for the sun's long-lost siblings. The GALAH survey matches the DNA between stars to find their missing brothers and sisters.

Space April 18, 2018

Massive Holes On The Sun Trigger Solar Storm, But There’s No Need To Worry

Even if you read sensationalist reports about the coronal holes on the sun, don’t panic. These are actually fairly common and pose no great risks, other than some slight disturbances and pretty magnificent auroras.

Space April 12, 2018

NASA's First Mission To Sun Arrives In Florida To Start Final Preparations For July Launch

NASA's Parker Solar Probe, humanity's first mission to the sun, is now at the Sunshine State to prepare for its launch. Here's what the solar probe would go through over the next several months.

Space April 8, 2018

New Models Use Observations From 3 NASA Satellites To Recreate Solar Eruptions In 3D

Data from SOHO and the twin STEREO satellites helped scientists recreate the 3D structures of CMEs and interplanetary shocks. The models can provide scientists with information crucial for space weather forecasting.

Space March 12, 2018

Do You Want To Send Your Name To The Sun? Let The First NASA Solar Probe Take It There

The NASA Parker Solar Probe, which will launch this summer, will be the first spacecraft that Earth will send to the sun. You can send your name to the sun through the solar probe by signing up for a promotion.

Space March 7, 2018

The Sun Will Be Cooler By 2050: Will This End Climate Change?

Due to a phenomenon called Grand Minimum, the sun will be unusually cooler by the mid-century. Global temperatures are expected to drop but will this end global warming?

Earth/Environment February 11, 2018

The Sun Will Be Dimmer By 2050

Physicist predicted that the sun will emit less radiation by the mid-century because of an event known as Grand Minimum. What happens when the sun emits less UV radiation than normal?

Space February 8, 2018

NASA's Parker Solar Probe To Get Closer To Sun Than Any Other Man-Made Object

This summer, the atmosphere of the sun will get a visitor from Earth. The Parker Solar Probe by NASA will set on a close solar journey to investigate the sun's mysteries.

Space January 23, 2018

The Sun Is Erupting Solar Flares Like Crazy: NASA Recorded Several X-Class Flares Over The Past Week

NASA has just recorded an X8.2 class solar flare on Sept. 10, just one of the many solar flares that occurred over the past week. Is a solar flare a cause of concern, though?

Space September 13, 2017

Oregon Man Partially Blinded By 1962 Eclipse Warns Of Viewing Danger

A man from Oregon is warning people of the possible damage that improperly looking at an eclipse can do to the eyes. Proper equipment usage is advised to enjoy the upcoming total solar eclipse safely.

Public Health August 18, 2017

NASA Captures Sunspot That’s Larger Than Earth: What Are Sunspots And How Do They Form?

What is a sunspot and where does it come from? Learn from this report how sunspots form and the role of magnetic fields of the sun in this fascinating process long studied by scientists.

Space July 14, 2017

NASA Discovers Sunspot That Has A Core Larger Than The Earth

NASA has discovered a massive sunspot that is larger than the Earth itself. While not dangerous, sunspots can cause solar flares which could damage satellites.

Space July 13, 2017

All Stars Including The Solar System's Sun Likely Born With Twin

New analysis strengthens the "born together" hypothesis, which posits that stars are born with companions. Models even back up the idea that the solar system’s sun has a twin.

Space June 16, 2017

Did The Sun Have A Twin? Scientists Say Yes And It May Have Wiped Out The Dinosaurs

Latest study has led researchers to believe that all stars are born with twins. In the sun's case, Nemesis, as it is called, may have been responsible for the end of the dinosaurs.

Space June 14, 2017

NASA Renames Sun Mission To Honor Astrophysicist Who Predicted Solar Wind

NASA's upcoming mission to the sun was renamed Parker Solar Probe in honor of 89-year old Eugene Parker. Here are some of the solar astrophysicist's important contributions to science.

Space May 31, 2017

NASA To Send Spacecraft To The Sun: Here's The Technology That Will Make Solar Probe Plus Mission Possible

NASA will send a spacecraft to the sun by 2018. Here are the technologies that will protect the Solar Probe Plus and its instruments from extreme heat and radiation.

Space May 30, 2017

NASA's Sun Observatory Watches Partial Solar Eclipse From Space: See SDO's Image Of The Sun And Moon

NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory captures stunning images of the moon crossing the sun’s path on May 25. Watch the animated version of the lunar transit.

Space May 27, 2017

Solar Probe Plus: NASA To Announce Its First Mission To Fly Directly Into The Sun's Atmosphere

NASA revealed that it would announce its first mission that would fly directly to the sun's outer atmosphere. The mission is dubbed Solar Probe Plus and the probe would fly within four million miles of the sun to conduct research.

Space May 27, 2017

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