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Planet Nine Could Be 5 To 10 Times The Size Of Earth

Astronomers used new computer models to have an updated insight of Planet Nine. In a new study, they said the elusive could be five to 10 times as massive as Earth.

Space March 2, 2019

Alien Life May Exist On Newly Discovered Barnard's Star Planet, According To Astronomers

The exoplanet called Barnard b is a frigid planet with a surface temperature of nearly -275 degrees Fahrenheit. A group of astronomers, however, thinks the icy world could still allow life to evolve depending on its size.

Space January 11, 2019

Wolf 503b: Astronomers Discover Exoplanet Twice The Size Of Earth Orbiting Orange Dwarf

Astronomers discovered a new exoplanet 145 light-years away from Earth in the Virgo constellation. Wolf 503b is a potential super-Earth and here are the other reasons why astronomers find this planet interesting.

Space September 7, 2018

Breakthrough High-powered Laser Beams Simulate What It’s Like To Penetrate Super-Earth Exoplanets

A high-powered laser beam device allowed scientists to experiment on the core components of super-Earths or exoplanets. The experiment yielded results that in the future can answer the question of whether exoplanets can be livable.

Material Science April 27, 2018

15 New Exoplanets Are Discovered Including One 'Super Earth' That Could Be Habitable

About 15 new exoplanets were discovered by Japanese researchers including three super-Earths. Out of those three super-Earths, one could be able to host alien life.

Space March 12, 2018

Search For Alien Life: Scientists Discover Massive Earth-Like Planet That Could Be Habitable

An artistic rendition of the newly found super-Earth orbiting a red dwarf star hints at the close distance between the possibly habitable exoplanet and its parent star. The Earth-like planet is the prime candidate for finding signs of alien life.

Space April 20, 2017

Sun Devoured Young Super-Earth During Formation Of Solar System

The lack of material in Mercury's orbit suggests a super-Earth may have once formed in the solar system. What happened to this primordial world?

Space April 17, 2016

Astronomers Map Super-Earth Exoplanet With Molten Lava

Scientists have obtained the most detailed 'fingerprint' of a super-earth exoplanet that has two sides: one is completely solid, while the other contains molten lava.

Space March 31, 2016

Astronomers Check Spectral Fingerprint Of Super-Earth Known As 'Diamond Planet': Here's How They Did It

Researchers from the University College London and other scientific organizations have conducted the first analysis of spectral fingerprints involving the exoplanet 55 Cancri e. This was done by scanning the area of space where the super-Earth is found and processing the observations using computer analytic ‘pipeline’ software.

Space February 17, 2016

Astronomers May Have Found Elusive Planet X Using ALMA Telescope

The search for the elusive Planet X continues. Two new scientific papers revealed discoveries of not just one but two massive space objects that may very well be Planet X. However, other scientists dispute the findings.

Space December 12, 2015

This Week In Space: Supermoons and Water On Mars And Google Doodles, Oh My!

From the Supermoon to water on Mars to what a hurricane looks like from the International Space Station, here's everything you need to know about what happened in space this week.

Space October 2, 2015

NASA Finds Super-Earth Just 21 Light Years Away: What We Know About HD 219134b

HD 219134b is only 21 light years away which makes it to date the nearest rocky exoplanet to Earth. It orbits around a star that is colder than our sun.

Space August 2, 2015

Scientists Spot Three 'Super-Earths' Using Robotic Telescope

Astronomers have discovered three exoplanets orbiting a star that is 54 light years away from Earth, which is visible at night in the northern hemisphere.

Space April 29, 2015

Scientists Recreate Planetary Formation Using Powerful Lasers

Planetary formation in super-Earths circling distant stars has been modeled by physicists using powerful lasers. What surprising results did the experiment reveal?

Space January 23, 2015

An Astronomical First: Ground Telescope Spots Transiting Habitable Planet

The exoplanet 55 Cancri e has been observed passing in front of its star for the first time by a ground-based telescope. What do we know about this strange planet?

Space December 1, 2014

715 new exoplanets found in one day with broken Kepler telescope

Using data from the crippled Kepler space telescope, astronomers found 715 new planets, including four much like the Earth, in just one day.

Space February 28, 2014

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