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Patient Dead From Superbug Infection After Fecal Transplant, FDA Warns

Are fecal transplants completely safe? The U.S. FDA warns of the possible risks after a patient died from being infected by superbugs from the donor.

Medicine June 15, 2019

New Compound That Kills Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Could Be A Weapon Against Superbugs

Scientists discover a new compound that could be the key to fighting antibiotic resistant superbugs. A cure is crucial as infections from these bacteria are predicted to kill more people than cancer by 2050.

Public Health May 29, 2019

CRISPR-Modified Viruses Could Be Next Potent Weapon Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Scientists are looking at CRISPR gene-editing technology to develop a treatment to antibiotic-resistant bacteria or superbugs. A company called Locus Biosciences claimed that it has a 'living antibiotic' made up of viruses that only attack harmful pathogens.

Public Health May 24, 2019

Japanese Fungus Resistant To Drugs Linked To Death Of 8 Patients In UK Hospitals

Candida auris has been found in 25 hospitals in Britain, and eight of those infected by the superfungus have died. Here's why hospital patients are particularly at risk of the deadly infection.

Public Health April 28, 2019

Arsenic Could Be Next Big Thing In Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic Drugs

A team of researchers believes that arsenic-based antibiotic could combat the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that affects 2 million people in the United States every year. The new antibiotic has been tested effective against multiple types of bacteria.

Medicine April 18, 2019

Superbug Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found In Hospital Patients' Hands And Nostrils

Researchers in Michigan have detected superbug antibiotic-resistant bacteria among hospital patients' hands and nostrils. The findings of the study emphasize the importance of following a strict hand-washing practice.

Public Health April 16, 2019

Microbes Living In Different Parts Of Human Body Can Still Swap Genes

Researchers found that 60 percent of the horizontal gene transfer in the human body take place between microbes that are far apart. The process can help understand the evolution of microbes and address the emergence of superbugs.

Public Health April 13, 2019

Hospital Curtains Could Be Carriers Of Deadly Bacteria: Study

A new study revealed that privacy curtains in hospitals could be potential carriers of deadly bacteria. Other hospital equipment and tools could also be contaminated, experts said.

Public Health April 13, 2019

Candida Auris: Signs And Symptoms If You're Infected By The Deadly Superbug

This fungus is deadly in hospitals and capable of surviving in surfaces for a long time. Learn more about this tenacious superbug that's kiling people all over the world.

Public Health April 11, 2019

Fish Slime Could Be Next Big Thing In Antibiotics

The microbes found in fish slime could lead to the development of new antibiotics to treat infections caused by superbugs. Researchers already found strains of bacteria that have the potential to fight methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Medicine April 2, 2019

Superbugs On Space Station Helped Scientists Test Bug Killing Self-Regenerating Surface Coating

A coating called AGXX has been proven effective at killing bacteria in the International Space Station. Researchers said that the coating can be used in future missions to protect astronauts from infection while they journey into deep space.

Space March 19, 2019

Superbug Gene First Detected In India Found In One Of Most Remote Places On Earth

Antibiotic-resistant genes first detected in India in 2008 have spread to the Arctic, one of the most pristine environments on Earth. How did the superbug genes get there?

Feature | Health January 28, 2019

Study Shows Significant Number Of Antibiotic Prescriptions Are Not Necessary

Researchers found that 23 percent of prescription antibiotics were handed to patients who might not need them. They warned that the high rate of antibiotics prescription is contributing to the rise of superbugs.

Medicine January 19, 2019

Scientists Turn Wasp Venom Into Potent Antibiotic Drug

Can wasp venom be the answer to the superbug problem? MIT researchers were able to turn the toxic peptides of wasp venoms into antibiotics that can clear an infection within a few days.

Medicine December 8, 2018

Therapy Dogs Can Transmit Superbugs To Young Patients, But It Can Be Prevented: Study

Therapy dogs are there to help the patients, but evidently, they can inadvertently pass them superbugs as well. A simple antibiotic wash can help prevent the therapy dogs from spreading MRSA to young patients.

Public Health October 7, 2018

Sexually Transmitted Infection MG Could Become The Next Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug

Doctors warned that the sexually transmitted disease Mycoplasma genitalium, or MG, could become resistant to standard antibiotics. What are the symptoms of this STI and potential effects of untreated infection?

Public Health July 11, 2018

Majority Of Supermarket Meat Contaminated With Superbugs: Report

A new report states that nearly 80 percent of raw meats in supermarkets are contaminated with superbugs. What can consumers do to stop the spread of such bacteria?

Public Health June 30, 2018

Some Bacteria Eat Antibiotics Like A 'Buffet Table,' And That Might Be A Good Thing

As antibiotic-resistant superbugs continue to spread, some bacteria can actually eat antibiotics. A study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis reveals why this could be a good thing.

Medicine April 30, 2018

Antibiotic Resistant Super Gonorrhea Spreading Fast As 2 Cases Detected In Australia

The highly antibiotic-resistant 'super gonorrhea' strain, first diagnosed in a patient from the UK, has been recently detected in two Australians. One of them contracted the infection in Southeast Asia, similarly to the patient from the UK.

Public Health April 21, 2018

NYC Mice Carry Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs: How To Prevent These Rodents From Making You Sick

Droppings from mice captured in New York City buildings contain viruses, bacteria, and antibiotic-resistant bugs. Precautions should be observed to prevent these rodents from spreading diseases. Should people get cats to kill mice?

Public Health April 18, 2018

‘Nightmare Bacteria’ Is An Epidemic In At Least 27 US States: What Could Happen If It Continues To Spread?

Government officials and healthcare workers worked double time to prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. These superbugs will cost the country billions of dollars in hospitalization and medications with no certain recovery.

Public Health April 5, 2018

Low-Income Countries Drive Rise In Global Antibiotic Use

The rate of antibiotic use increased 39 percent from 2000 to 2015. Researchers said that the dramatic rise in global antibiotic use is driven by consumption in countries such as India, China, and Pakistan.

Public Health March 28, 2018

New Class Of Synthetized Natural Antibiotic Kills Superbugs, Lessens Severity Of Infection

A natural antibiotic called teixobactin, when synthesized, can be used to fight drug-resistant superbugs like MRSA and VRE. These groundbreaking results provide a new perspective on the impact of the use and misuse of antibiotics to treat human diseases.

Biotech March 24, 2018

Platypus Milk Could Save Lives By Combating Superbugs And Antibiotic Resistance

One of the world's strangest animals could be the key to fighting superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. Platypus milk contains a protein that could fight these superbugs.

Medicine March 15, 2018

Study Reveals What Influences Bug Diversity In Our Home

More species of bugs prefer to live in high-traffic, ground-level areas. The type of outdoor environment surrounding each household affects the diversity of bug species.

Animals November 12, 2017

WHO Urges Farmers To Stop Feeding Antibiotics To Healthy Animals To Prevent Rise Of Superbugs

The World Health Organization has asked farmers to stop using antibiotics on healthy animals. The practice of exposing animals to the unnecessary use of antibiotics is leading to the rise of drug-resistant superbugs.

November 8, 2017

Oral Sex Helps Spread Super-Gonorrhea Resistant To Antibiotic

WHO warned that oral sex spreads dangerous antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea that can be potentially untreatable. What are the symptoms of oral gonorrhea and how can it be avoided?

Public Health July 8, 2017

Spread Of ‘Superbug’ Gonorrhea Is Now Imminent, WHO Warns

Health officials warn about the spread of super gonorrhea, one that is antibiotic resistant. Gonorrhea spreads due to a number of factors, including a decline in condom use and oral sex.

Public Health July 7, 2017

Modified Antibiotics Offer Hope Against Superbugs As Multidrug-Resistant Infections Emerge

Amid emerging cases of multi-drug infections in the United States, researchers have found a way to modify drugs to make them more effective at fighting superbugs. This is how they improved the antibiotic vancomycin.

Public Health May 31, 2017

Antibiotic Gets Supercharged To Stop Resistant Bacteria In Their Tracks

Scientists are structurally modifying vancomycin to make it more powerful in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Why it took a long time for vancomycin-resistant enterococci to strike offers clues on the antibiotic's potential.

Medicine May 30, 2017

Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Existed Even Before The Dinosaur Age

A study indicated that drug resistant enterococci or Superbugs existed even before the dawn of the dinosaurs. The research conducted also isolated the genes responsible for the superior resistance in these bacterial strains.

Public Health May 12, 2017

Can Maple Syrup Extract Make Antibiotics Kill Bacteria Easily?

Scientists may have discovered a way to increase the potency of antibiotics. An extract derived from maple syrup could possibly decrease the consumption of antibiotics by 90 percent.

Medicine April 4, 2017

Original Penicillin Mold Sells For Over $14,000: Here’s The Story Behind The Prized Relic

The original mold from penicillin, discovered by Alexander Fleming almost 90 years ago, was sold on March 1 at the auction house Bonhams in London. Here are facts and trivia about the prized capsule that was auctioned off for $14,597.

Medicine March 2, 2017

‘Priority Pathogens’: WHO Sounds Alarm On These 12 Superbugs

The WHO has published its first-ever list of antibiotic-resistant “priority pathogens,” which details the 12 superbugs believed to pose the greatest threat to human health. Find out what these drug-resistant bacteria are.

Public Health February 28, 2017

SpaceX All Set To Launch Falcon 9 From Historic NASA Pad, But Why Is The Rocket Carrying Superbug To Space

SpaceX is all set to launch its Falcon 9 rocket from the historic NASA launch pad 39A. Falcon 9 along with resupplies will also carry a superbug to ISS, in order to observe its mutation patterns.

Space February 18, 2017

Common Weed In Florida Fights Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Without Killing Bacteria

The red berries of the Brazilian peppertree, a noxious weed in Florida, contain compounds that can disarm potentially deadly bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. What makes the plant a good tool for fighting superbugs?

Public Health February 10, 2017

Can This Molecule Stop Superbugs In Their Tracks?

Scientists from Oregon State University have developed a new potential weapon in the fight against antibiotic-resistant germs. The key: the PPMO molecule for neutralizing the bacteria’s ability to evade antibiotics.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 25, 2017

Superbug CRE May Spread And Infect People Without Causing Any Symptoms

The superbug CRE may infect people without them knowing it. The antibiotic-resistant bacteria has the ability to silently spreading without causing symptoms.

Public Health January 19, 2017

Death Of Woman From Superbug Resistant To 26 Antibiotics Highlights Danger Of Drug Resistance

The death of a woman in Nevada from a superbug resistant to 26 antibiotics highlights the growing problem posed by drug resistance. What happens when more infections become resistant to treatments?

Medicine January 16, 2017

Woman Dies Of Superbug Resistant To All Available Antibiotics In The US

A woman in Nevada died of an infection resistant to all of the 26 antibiotics in the United States. She was hospitalized several times in India prior to her return to the US.

Public Health January 14, 2017

ALERT! Nightmare Superbug CRE May Be Spreading Beyond Hospitals: CDC

New cases of a superbug infection may have been contracted outside of healthcare facilities. Six people in Colorado were recently reported to have the 'nightmare superbug.'

Public Health December 18, 2016

Bacteria Carrying Gene Resistant To Carbapenem Antibiotics Discovered In US Pig Farm

A bacteria carrying a gene resistant to carbapenem antibiotics has been discovered in a pig farm in the United States. How did the mutant gene get into the animal farm?

Public Health December 6, 2016

Tasmanian Devil Milk Could Help Global Fight Against Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Compounds found in the milk of Australia's Tasmanian devil were found effective at killing disease-causing pathogens such as the drug-resistant bacteria MRSA. Findings could pave way for development of arsenal against superbugs.

Animals October 19, 2016

Fourth Case Of Drug Resistant Superbug Identified In Connecticut Toddler

A 2-year-old girl who traveled to the Caribbean was found to have a drug-resistant strain of E.coli. The superbug was resistant to colistin, but the patient recovered after she was treated with the antibiotic paromomycin.

Public Health September 9, 2016

Super Bacteria Found In Rio Olympics Venues: Should Tourists, Athletes Be Worried?

Scientists in Brazil have found super bacteria CRE in the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where Olympic games are set to take place. The superbug can cause gastrointestinal, pulmonary and bloodstream infections.

Public Health July 7, 2016

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