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US To Build First Exascale Supercomputer Capable Of Completing 1 Quintillion Calculations Per Second

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced on Monday the exascale computer project to be developed by Intel and Cray. The supercomputer is expected to launch in 2021 to help various industries in the country.

Computers March 19, 2019

Supercomputer In Japan Predicts New Exotic Particle That May Explain The Big Bang And Neutron Stars

By using a supercomputer in Japan called 'K computer,' a team of scientists predicts a new strange particle called the 'di-Omega' particle. More understanding of the new particle may give deeper insights into neutron stars and the Big Bang.

Space May 30, 2018

Atmospheric Scientists Use Bluewaters Supercomputer To Simulate Powerful 2011 Tornado [Video]

Leigh Orf and colleagues turned to the powerful Bluewaters supercomputer to simulate the El Reno tornado that destroyed properties and claimed lives in Oklahoma in 2011. Here's the video of the computer simulation.

Earth/Environment March 18, 2017

D-Wave’s 2,000-Qubit Quantum Computer Sells For $15 Million For Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity

Canadian quantum computing company D-Wave has announced the commercial availability of its D-Wave 2000Q, touted to have 2,000 qubits and costing $15 million. The new supercomputer also wins its first customer in the form of a cybersecurity firm.

Material Science January 27, 2017

Japan To Build World's Fastest Supercomputer By 2017

Japan aims to build the world's fastest supercomputer by the year 2017. How will the machine dubbed ABCI fare when compared with the current record holder, China's Sunway TaihuLight?

Feature | Science November 27, 2016

Stephen Hawking Plans To Map Universe: Supercomputer Will Plot Position Of Galaxies

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is planning to map the known universe in 3D through the help of a supercomputer in Cambridge. The map will also help reveal the true nature of dark energy.

Space June 28, 2016

China's Fastest Computer Without US Chips Prevails In Top500 Supercomputer Ranking

For the first time, China is now leading the pack of the fastest supercomputers in the world, edging past the United States. Its new supercomputer runs entirely on Chinese-made processors.

Computers June 20, 2016

Nvidia Bets Big On Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Supercomputer DGX-1

Nvidia unveils the DGX-1, a cluster of eight Tesla P100 units that sport 16 GB worth of memory per card. It's designed to meet the computing needs of virtual reality and artificial intelligence researchers.

Computers April 7, 2016

Nvidia Tesla P100 Accelerator Based On Pascal GP100 GPU Officially Debuts, Promising 'Highest Absolute Performance'

Nvidia recently unveiled its most powerful datacenter GPU, the P100. Thanks to its NVLink technology, HBM2 speeds and FP16 manufacturing process, the graphics card’s exponential performance will be a perfect fit for a specific kind of servers.

Computers April 6, 2016

IBM's Latest Supercomputer Inspired By The Human Brain: How Powerful Is It?

IBM and a federal research facility in California have partnered for a project that can change the way we define a supercomputer. The computer will feature a platform that works like the human brain.

Computers March 31, 2016

Biological Supercomputer Can Solve Complex Problems Using Less Energy

Scientists have developed a new biological supercomputer model powered by adenosine triphosphate or ATP - a biochemical that enables internal energy transfers among cells. It uses less energy and doesn't heat up unlike conventional supercomputers.

Computers February 27, 2016

China Wants To Build An Exascale Supercomputer 1,000 Times More Powerful Than Tianhe-1A

China revealed its plans to build a supercomputer 1,000 times more powerful than the Tianhe-1A, which was once hailed as the fastest computing machine in the world. China aims to release a prototype of the exascale computer as early as 2017.

Computers January 24, 2016

Incredibly Powerful New Climate-Modeling Supercomputer Is In The Works (Video)

A new supercomputer dubbed 'Cheyenne' will help unravel mysteries of climate change and other earth science subjects. The new machine will replace an existing supercomputer at the University of Wyoming.

Animals January 12, 2016

Supercomputer Yields Beautiful Peek Inside A Spinning Star (Video)

Researchers created a visual model of the turbulent swirling within a hot, young and spinning star. The model can help us understand the relationship between stars' ages, spins and their magnetic fields, they say.

Space December 10, 2015

Intel Announced Plans To Add Its Supercomputer 72-Core Processor To Workstations

Intel will equip business workstation desktops with its supercomputer 72-core processor that provides more than 3 teraflops of peak performance.

Computers November 17, 2015

Nvidia Introduces Jetson TX1 Supercomputer To Power Drones, Robots And Smart Machines

Nvidia has introduced a new machine learning supercomputer called the Jetson TX1. This device should help with AI and various smart devices.

Computers November 11, 2015

Konnichiwa! IBM's Watson Super Computer Is Learning Japanese

IBM has teamed up with SoftBank to bring supercomputer Watson to Japan. The cognitive computing system will learn Japanese, further expanding its impressive linguistic repertoire.

July 30, 2015

China's Tianhe-2 Is Still King Of All Supercomputers

China's Tianhe-2 is the fastest supercomputer in the world, based on the 45th edition of the TOP500 list of most powerful supercomputers. Tianhe-2 is twice as fast as the second most powerful supercomputer, Cray's Titan.

July 15, 2015

Scientists Use Supercomputer To Find Ways To Improve Crops

Researchers from the University of Melbourne, IBM Research and the University of Queensland have managed to detail the nanostructure of cellulose by tapping into the abilities of IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer.

May 27, 2015

Researchers Move One Step Closer To Creating 'Speed Of Light' Computers

Tiny 'beamsplitter' on a chip could let computers work with data at the speed of light, researchers say. Discovery could remove electronic bottleneck hampering current machines, they predict.

Energy May 18, 2015

Shasta Supercomputer Selected For $200 Million Department Of Energy Contract

The Department of Energy has announced a $200 million contract for the Shasta supercomputer. What does it intend to do with 180 petaflops of computing power?

April 9, 2015

Champagne Bubbles May Help Solve Our Future Energy Needs: Here's Why

Scientists use supercomputers to study bubbles in boiling water. Their objective? More efficient electrical-generating power plants.

Energy December 22, 2014

Here's How A Texas Supercomputer Solved An Interstellar Mystery

Researchers gain new insight into how galaxies evolve and why stars form after running ground-breaking realistic simulations of star formation in galaxies on the NSF XSEDE Stampede supercomputer in Texas.

Geek December 12, 2014

Supercomputer Race Heats Up As Government Invests In Fastest Designs

Sierra and Summit will soon become the two fastest computers in the world, but how much faster are they than China's Tianhe-2?

FUTURE TECH November 17, 2014

Energy Department Pours $425 Million to Buy 2 Next-Gen Supercomputers: Here's What They'll Do

The Department of Energy is investing $425 million into the development of two supercomputers, which will be five to seven times more powerful than the fastest systems in the United States today.

November 15, 2014

IBM, Nvidia Collaborating on DOE $325M Next-Gen Supercomputer Project

The U.S. will be home to the world's top two fastest computers, thanks to funding from the federal Department of Energy. IBM's in-development Sierra and Summit supercomputers will each be twice as fast as the current champ, China's Milky Way 2.

Computers November 14, 2014

Twitter taps IBM for data analytics, now we know what Watson's up to

IBM's Jeopardy-winning supercomputer is reading tweets now. Watson's insights could help businesses gauge the health of their products and services, while helping them adjust to new trends.

Deals October 29, 2014

Predicting Britain's weather just got a whole lot easier with this supercomputer

British Met Office is building a supercomputer to better predict weather forecasts and long-term climate change.

Geek October 29, 2014

IBM Watson Analytics could make the spreadsheet obsolete

IBM offers Watson's analytical services to businesses large and small. The supercomputer will use natural language dialogue to help users collect, crunch and carry out actions on data analyzed by Watson Analytics.

Apps/Software September 16, 2014

IBM's Watson to help conduct months of medical research in just hours

Watson supercomputer to help researchers wade through massive amounts of data looking for connections to advance science. What used to take months could be accomplished in hours.

FUTURE TECH August 28, 2014

New IBM computer chip, 'TrueNorth' is designed to mimic the human brain: Facebook researcher is skeptical

IBM's new chip could change the design language of future processors. TrueNorth, as IBM calls it, is designed to work like the human brain, but is it actually any good, is the biggest question.

Computers August 8, 2014

Cray lands $174 million deal to build supercomputer to manage U.S. nuclear arsenal

Cray, a supercomputer company, has landed a $174 million deal to build a supercomputer that will manage and secure the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

FUTURE TECH July 14, 2014

Who's got the top supercomputer? China

China's supercomputer was by far the most powerful computer on the listing of the world's top 500 machines. The U.S. still has the most entries on the list.

Business June 23, 2014

IBM Watson whips up meals for SXSW crowd

Watson, IBM's supercomputer, is whipping up meals for the SXSW crowd. Say hello to Cognitive Kitchen.

Society March 9, 2014

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