Samsung Electronics Accounts For 20 Percent of South Korea's Exports in First Half

Samsung registered a solid financial position and influence in the South Korean economy based on its first-half financial report. The company also recently unveiled its new line of smartphones: the Galaxy Note with the next-level power of 5G.


Amazon's New Program To Donate Unsold Products To Charity And Nonprofit Organizations

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Donations is aimed at reducing the amount of inventory that needs to be dumped from Amazon warehouses. This could help the environment and put the otherwise wasted inventory to good use.

Business August 16, 2019

FedEx To Stop Ground Delivery Services To Amazon

FedEx and Amazon are parting ways, with the courier opting not to renew its ground-shipping contract with the shipping company. It came just two months after the FedEx's Express services had stopped serving Amazon.

Business August 11, 2019

Amazon Plans To Launch Online Food Delivery Service In India

Amazon is reportedly planning to launch an online food delivery service in India. The e-commerce company aims to start operation ahead of September, when the country's festival season is in full swing.

Business July 29, 2019

How to Create an Employee Scheduling Strategy that Works

To get the most out of your employees, you need to have a scheduling strategy in place. This should take in your goals, your employees' preferences, publicly available data and many other details.

Business July 23, 2019

Amazon Is Making Employees Treat Tedious Warehouse Work Like A Video Game

To avoid warehouse work from becoming too tedious, Amazon is now letting employees on some of its warehouse locations play games. But not in a way you might be expecting.

Business May 23, 2019

Shipping Warehouses Fully Run By Robots Might Be A Decade Away, Says Amazon

Various robots already perform an awful lot of jobs and help workers at Amazon warehouses around the country. But they’re not yet smart not enough to replace humans entirely.

Business May 2, 2019

Heads Up, New Yorkers: Uber And Lyft Are No Longer Accepting New Drivers, Here’s Why

Both Uber and Lyft aren’t hiring new drivers in New York City at the moment following new wage floor rules passed in December. The freeze hiring won’t be permanent, though.

Business April 30, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Split Facebook Into Two Companies

Facebook's announcement of a potential split into two products is seen as a way for the company to address lingering privacy issues. CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to create platforms where users can build public and private connections separately.

Business April 29, 2019

Walmart Unveils Artificial Intelligence Store That’s Like Amazon Go But Also Not

Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab finally opens to the public, dubbed as the future of stores. But unlike Amazon Go locations, they don’t intend to erase employees from the equation.

Business April 26, 2019

One-Day Amazon Prime Shipping Will Soon Be A Thing

Amazon Prime members could soon get their items in just one day by default. The company has revealed that it’s working to make this new option the new standard moving forward.

Business April 26, 2019

Take All Your Amazon Returns To Kohl’s Beginning This July

All Kohl’s stores around the country will begin accepting Amazon returns this July, marking an expansion to an earlier pilot program by both companies. Some items are ineligible, though.

Business April 24, 2019

Square Hiring New Crypto Engineers Who Will Be Paid In Bitcoin

Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted Wednesday night that his company is looking for several crypto employees. He said the hired candidates will focus on a cryptocurrency ecosystem that is independent of its own objectives.

Business March 21, 2019

Amazon Reportedly Opening All-New Grocery Stores That Aren’t Whole Foods: Report

Amazon's new grocery stores will be spread out across the country and take on Walmart, Publix, and many other established retail locations. It’s not clear whether they’ll be cashier-less, as are Amazon Go stores.

Business March 2, 2019

Q Acoustics Shows Off Tensegrity Speaker Stand That Kills Unnecessary Vibrations

Q Acoustics latest speaker, Concept 300, arrives with an aluminum tripod stand called the Tensegrity that kills unnecessary vibrations. Critics said the stand is the real star — not the speaker itself.

Business February 4, 2019

Roku Premium Subs Now Available But No HBO In Sight

With Roku's new Premium Subscriptions feature, subscribers can stream the channels they want without the need to install the apps on their Roku device. The update will arrive in succeeding weeks, first to Roku players and Roku TVs afterward,

Business January 30, 2019

Two-Hour Prime Now Deliveries From All Whole Foods Stores? Amazon Is Working On It

Amazon is rumored to be expanding Whole Foods in big ways. Not only will it bring Prime Now to all outlets, but it’s allegedly building even more stores in a bunch of different states.

Business December 31, 2018

Huawei Close To Overtaking Apple As Second Best-Selling Smartphone Maker

This year, for the first time, Huawei performed better than Apple. The Chinese company sold more phones worldwide than the Cupertino brand, but it faces tough challenges ahead.

Business December 26, 2018

France To Tax Tech Giants Facebook, Google, Apple, And Amazon Starting Jan. 1

France is going to implement its own tax on Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, which are collectively known in the EU region as GAFA starting Jan. 1. Other countries in the EU including the UK are also pushing to impose their own taxes to tech giants

Business December 18, 2018

Amazon Go Cashierless Stores Reportedly Coming To Airports

Amazon is setting sights on bigger things for its cashierless grocery concept. Depending on how plans go, travelers could soon find an Amazon Go in their airport.

Business December 8, 2018

Amazon Is Testing Cashierless Grocery Shopping In Bigger Stores

Amazon Go is currently undergoing tests in bigger stores, according to new reports. The cashierless grocery service debuted earlier this year but has had minor hiccups since.

Business December 3, 2018

Snapchat Just Lost 3 Million Users, But It Lost Less Money Than Before

Snap Inc. is still losing money, but not as much as before. It also lost 3 million users after launching the redesigned Snapchat app, which has never happened before.

Business August 8, 2018

Uber Quits Self-Driving Truck Program, Will Focus On Cars Instead

Self-driving truck technology is no longer a priority for Uber as it shuts down the project altogether. The move comes as the ride-hailing company faces increased scrutiny for its self-driving car test fleet.

Business July 31, 2018

Walmart Is Really Serious About Building A Video Streaming Service To Rival Netflix

Walmart is moving ahead with its plan to create a video streaming service. It has apparently hired the former CEO of cable company Epix to kickstart development.

Business July 31, 2018

Instapaper Is No Longer Part Of Pinterest, Forming New Parent Company

Instapaper will soon no longer be part of Pinterest, as the read-it-later service has chosen to go independent again. Meanwhile, European users are left unable to access the service due to its noncompliance with GDPR rules.

Business July 17, 2018

Here’s How Spotify Plans To Disrupt The Music Industry Even Further: Licensing Artists Directly

Spotify wants to directly license lesser-known artists’ music instead of cutting deals with labels. No matter how much it tries to hide it, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Business June 11, 2018

DirecTV Now Is Getting Beefier With Cloud DVR And New UI

A new announcement made by AT&T confirmed the arrival of its promised Cloud DVR service for DirecTV. The new update will allow users to record up to 20 hours of content and access them remotely with its new UI on iOS and tvOS.

Business May 20, 2018

San Francisco, Chicago About To Get Amazon Go Cashierless Stores

Amazon Go, Amazon's cashierless convenience store, is coming to San Francisco and Chicago. The retailer confirmed the news after recently putting up an ad seeking for store managers for outlets in both cities.

Business May 15, 2018

Chinese Tech Company ZTE Shuts Down Operations: What Does This Mean For US Consumers?

China-based ZTE announced that it is shutting down major operations. The technology company could not compete due to an export ban from the United States.

Business May 9, 2018

After Venturing Into Self-Driving Cars And Rockets, Elon Musk Is Ready To Start A Candy Company

Elon Musk has announced plans to start his own candy company. Is he actually being serious or just trolling Warren Buffett over the concept of moats?

Business May 7, 2018

Most Southwest Flight 1380 Passengers Used Oxygen Masks Incorrectly: Here's How To Do It Properly During Emergency

Passengers of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 shared how not to wear an oxygen mask. Listen to the instructions carefully to avoid passing out during an emergency landing.

Business April 19, 2018

Passenger Live Streams Aftermath Of Southwest Plane Engine Explosion

A passenger was able to share videos on Facebook of what he and other passengers experienced inside the Southwest airline that exploded while on its way to Dallas. Investigators confirmed that the airplane has damage in its engine and fuselage.

Business April 18, 2018

Say Hello To Flippy, A Burger-Flipping Robot That May Soon Take Jobs From Humans

Caliburger just demonstrated its first automated grill chef named Flippy. According to the company, it is not meant to take away jobs from human workers.

Business March 7, 2018

Want To Drive An Uber? New Study Reveals You Will Not Earn Much And Can Actually Lose Money

A new study published by MIT revealed the earning potential of ride-hailing services. Uber and Lyft drivers are earning less than minimum wage.

Business March 5, 2018

HTC Smartphone Chief Resigns Effective Immediately, Citing 'Personal Career Plan'

HTC seems to be in a tough spot, as its smartphone chief just announced his resignation effective immediately. Chialin Chang is departing the company to pursue a 'personal career plan,' and HTC has yet to appoint a replacement.

Business February 14, 2018

Amazon Prime Now Adds Whole Foods Groceries For Free 2-Hour Delivery

The Amazon Prime Now delivery service now covers Whole Foods groceries as well, with free two-hour deliveries. The option is only available in four markets for now, but Amazon plans to expand it nationwide.

Business February 8, 2018

Uber Selling Its XChange Leasing Portfolio To Startup Fair To Focus More On Its Core Business

Uber decided to sell its Xchange leasing portfolio to startup Fair in a bid to concentrate on its core business. Uber will still lease vehicles to drivers through an exclusive deal with Fair in the United States.

Business January 30, 2018

Netflix CEO Not Afraid Of Potential Disney Streaming Service: ‘I’ll Be A Subscriber’

Disney is planning to launch its own video-streaming service in 2019, with the help of its recent acquisition, 21st Century Fox. Its biggest rival Netflix isn’t fazed.

Business January 23, 2018

Netflix Price Hike Didn't Matter: Over 8 Million New Subscribers Added In Record-Breaking Q4

Netflix increased its subscription rates in October 2017, but that did not hold back the streaming service from booking a record-breaking quarter. The company added 8.4 million new subscribers in the period and posted a net income of $186 million.

Business January 23, 2018

Amazon Go Seattle Ready To Open: What Is It Like To Shop At The No Checkout Store?

The first Amazon Go grocery store in Seattle is finally ready to open to the public. How does the cashless, no-checkout store work, and what is it like to shop there?

Business January 21, 2018

Amazon Prime Membership Fee Increases $2 To $12.99 Per Month: Time To Switch To The Annual Plan?

Amazon increased the monthly rate of an Amazon Prime membership to $12.99, for a total of $156 over a year. The move may be the online retailer's way of pushing customers to an annual subscription, which remains at $99.

Business January 21, 2018

Amazon HQ2: Toronto Is The Only Canadian City On The Shortlist, But Does It Stand A Chance?

Amazon announced its list of 20 finalists in the race for HQ2 and Toronto is the only Canadian city still in the running but does it stand a chance? Here's what experts are saying.

Business January 19, 2018

Amazon Announces Shortlist Of 20 Finalists For Second Headquarters

The sweepstake for which city will get Amazon's second headquarters has narrowed down. Amazon announced the shortlist for the new headquarters which includes New York, Boston, and Denver.

Business January 18, 2018

Apple, Google Buses For Employees Attacked In San Francisco: Windows Smashed By Pellet Guns

Buses for Apple and Google employees have been attacked in San Francisco, forcing the tech companies to change the route of the shuttle services. The unknown assailants may be using pellet guns to smash the windows of the buses.

Business January 18, 2018

IBM And Maersk Teaming Up To Create New Blockchain Company

IBM and the Danish shipping company Maersk will be teaming up to start a New York-based blockchain company. Maersk will own 51 percent, while IBM will own 49 percent of the new company.

Business January 17, 2018

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