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World’s First Known Manta Ray Nursery Discovered Off Texas Coast

For years, the actual way of life of baby manta rays had remained elusive from experts. Finally, a nursery of juvenile manta rays was discovered and will soon open the door for a deeper understanding of the species.

Animals June 19, 2018

On International Polar Bear Day: Are We The Last To See The Struggling Creatures?

On International Polar Bear Day, one is left to wonder: are we the last generation to witness the lovely polar bear in existence? Learn about the role of melting sea ice and climate change in threats to this animal's survival.

Animals February 28, 2017

Manatees Seen In Record Numbers In Florida: Should They Be Downlisted From Endangered To Threatened?

An annual aerial survey in Florida reveals that the number of manatees in the state is improving. This has prompted a recurring proposal: to downlist the slow-moving mammal from endangered to threatened species.

Animals February 22, 2017

Bearded Seals 1, Oil Companies 0: Animal Species Can Be Listed As Threatened Based On Climate Change Models

One of the United States’ appeals courts declared that federal authorities may list species as 'threatened' based on projections from climate change models. The court’s decision would help protect bearded seals and other species, experts said.

Animals October 27, 2016

Green Sea Turtles No Longer Endangered But Threats To Population Remain

Federal agencies have reclassified green sea turtles from endangered to threatened. Despite the good news, threats to the species population remain, warranting continuous efforts to ensure conservation.

Earth/Environment April 8, 2016

Albatross Defies Age, Survival Threats To Hatch New Chick At Age 65

Albatrosses live up to 60 years old, but Wisdom defied age and even gives birth to Baby Kūkini. What are the threats the amazing albatrosses are facing now?

Earth/Environment February 12, 2016

Salmon Native To UK Rivers Under Threat From Aggressive Invasive Species

The Pink Salmon is naturally found in Alaska and Canada but there have been several sightings of this species in UK waters. The presence of this invasive species of fish threatens Britain's native salmon, which is currently not doing well in terms of population.

Earth/Environment September 25, 2015

Scientists Track Very Rare Duck With Surprising Results

Scientists thought that the common scoter ducks would spend winter together because they are closely related but the birds's trackers revealed something else. The species is iincluded in UK's Red List of threatened species.

July 28, 2015

Florida Man Caught With Loggerhead Turtles At Home

Acting on a tip, officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission caught a 53-year old man keeping two Loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings in a saltwater aqarium at home.

July 15, 2015

India's Tiger Population Comes Roaring Back: 30 Percent Increase Seen in Population

Tigers in India are coming back from decades of hunting and human encroachment. How has this recovery been achieved?

January 20, 2015

Pacific Bluefin Tuna Have New Enemy: Sushi Lovers

The Pacific bluefin tuna is now categorized in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as vulnerable due to high demands in the sushi and sashimi markets. Other species threatened of extinction because of the food market include the Chinese Pufferfish and Chinese cobra.

Earth/Environment November 18, 2014

Yellow-billed cuckoo is disappearing, feds step in to stop another case of 'bye-bye birdie'

The yellow-billed cuckoo has been added to the list of threatened species, in an effort to protect declining populations of the animals.

Earth/Environment October 3, 2014

Lynx controversy: More protection, less habitat?

Federal agency extends protections for threatened lynx but declines to designate new critical habitat. Wildlife activists say they'll go to court to overturn the exclusion.

Animals September 12, 2014

20 types of corals listed as threatened species by NOAA, will raise awareness level

Corals are in danger of extinction worldwide, and NOAA has just added 20 varieties of the marine animals to the list of threatened species. It does not give them automatic protections endangered animals enjoy, but it will surely raise awareness levels among conservationists.

Earth/Environment August 29, 2014

Manatees on the comeback - no longer endangered species?

The west Indian manatee is on the comeback, and with populations growing, the Fish and Wildlife Service is considering re-classifying the animal.

Animals July 4, 2014

Bumblebee species in Europe in danger of extinction, may result to $30 bn agricultural crisis: Study

A new study shows that almost a quarter of all European bumblebee species are at risk of extinction. Bees are a critical part of the European ecosystem and the threatened status of many bumblebees could have devastating long term effects.

Earth/Environment April 4, 2014

Reward $21000: Hunt for killer(s) of 3 southern sea otters begins

Three sea otters were shot dead in September. The race is on to find the person or people responsible. Groups are banding together to offer $21,000 for information leading to the capture of those who carried out the crime.

Animals February 18, 2014

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