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Trump's New FCC Chairman Closes Zero-Rating Probe: Net Neutrality On Life Support

The FCC under the Trump administration is changing the game of net neutrality. In his first days in office, new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has closed the investigations into the fairness of various zero-rating practices, raising alarming concerns.

Business Tech February 10, 2017

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Warns Against Net Neutrality Repeal Before Stepping Down: 'Where's The Fire?'

In his final public speech before stepping down as FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler defended net neutrality and the Open Internet Order. The policies are in danger of being repealed under the incoming Trump administration.

Internet January 13, 2017

AT&T And Verizon Zero Rating Again On FCC's Radar For Net Neutrality Violations, But T-Mobile Binge On Is OK

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler issued a new report before leaving office, again raising concerns of net neutrality violations with AT&T and Verizon's zero-rating practices. T-Mobile's Binge On gets a pass and the report explains why.

Internet January 12, 2017

FCC Forging Ahead With 5G Efforts: Here's The Deal

The Federal Communications Commission is warming its engines for the rollout of 5G. The head of the FCC sent a proposal that will accelerate the adoption of the high-speed technology across the United States.

Business Tech June 21, 2016

Jeb Bush Will Abolish Net Neutrality If He Becomes Next President Of The U.S.A.

Last March, Jeb Bush called net neutrality the craziest idea he has ever heard. Now, the presidential aspirant proposes to abolish it.

Internet September 24, 2015

Senators Call On FCC: Americans Deserve Affordable Internet, Not Hidden Fees And Rising Prices

Senators are calling for the Federal Communications Commission to look into the 'ridiculous prices' that cable and broadband companies are charging customers. They specifically cited Time Warner Cable as an example.

Internet July 11, 2015

FCC To Introduce Spectrum Auction Reforms So 'Large Corporations Can't Game The System'

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has handed over to commissioners copies of a proposal for revising the rules of spectrum auction.

Business June 29, 2015

New Net Neutrality Rules Take Effect: What You Should Know

The new rules are bound to make no major changes for a short while, but expect a lot of overhauls in the long run.

Internet June 12, 2015

Here's The FCC's Plan To Narrow 'Digital Divide' For Better Internet Access

The FCC wants low-income households to have Internet access as an added feature of the agency’s Lifeline program.

Internet May 30, 2015

AT&T Tweaks Throttling Policy For Unlimited LTE Customers

AT&T will now only throttle unlimited data customers on its LTE network if the users are in areas that are experiencing network congestion.

Internet May 8, 2015

FCC Slaps AT&T With $25 Million Fine For Customer Data Theft

AT&T cuts ties with overseas call centers where employees accessed sensitive customer information and sold off the data to a phone theft ring.

Legal April 9, 2015

MWC 2015: FCC's Tom Wheeler Defends Net Neutrality In Keynote Speech

Tom Wheeler spoke at Mobile World Congress, defending the FCC's rules to regulate the Internet under Title II. He argued the case in front of a number of mobile executives.

Internet March 4, 2015

FCC Votes In Favor Of Net Neutrality, Reclassifies Internet As Public Utility

The FCC has voted in favor of net neutrality, reclassifying the Internet as a public utility under Title II. The vote is a historic one for Internet users across the country, and the new rules will prevent ISPs from creating Internet fast lanes.

Internet February 27, 2015

6 Things You Need To Know About The FCC's Net Neutrality Vote

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is finally voting on Net Neutrality today. Here are six key things you need to know about the landmark vote.

Internet February 26, 2015

Net Neutrality Is A Big Deal: Here's Why You Should Care

The phrase keeps getting thrown around a lot these days, but what exactly is net neutrality for?

Internet February 25, 2015

Net Neutrality Debate Heats Up Again With Both Sides Raring To Go

The arguments have not stopped pouring left and right as Feb. 26 draws near. On this day, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on its third and hopefully final set of net neutrality rules.

Internet February 19, 2015

Some Lawmakers Think White House Forced FCC's Hand On Net Neutrality

Republicans in Congress believe the White House had an 'improper influence' on the FCC regarding policies on net neutrality. A committee led by Jason Chaffetz has demanded documents from FCC chairman Tom Wheeler.

Internet February 7, 2015

Reactions On FCC Net Neutrality Plan: Cheers From Consumers, Boo From Telcos

Consumers and consumer advocates applaud FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to reclassify ISPs as utility services under Title II, while Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon will be taking the battle to court.

Internet February 6, 2015

FCC Raises $44.9 Billion in Wireless Spectrum Auction

The AWS-3 airwaves auction concluded on Thursday, Jan. 29, with the FCC raising a record $44.9 billion in the wireless spectrum auction.

Business January 31, 2015

State of the Union Address: Obama Pushes for Broadband Internet Access, Defends Net Neutrality

Amid concerns over the economy, health care, and national security, President Barack Obama touches on broadband and net neutrality issues in his State of the Union address.

Society January 21, 2015

Federal Net Neutrality Vote Looms: What Will the Outcome Bring?

The FCC's vote on net neutrality is scheduled for Feb. 26 and the debate over proposed 'fast lanes' continues. While legal battles are predicted to follow, likely stalling any immediate change in Internet service, the big question is how the agency's determination will ultimately affect businesses and consumers.

Business Tech January 19, 2015

FCC Chief on Net Neutrality: No Blocking, No Throttling, No Paid Prioritization

Despite reports of Tom Wheeler's opposition to President Obama's strong stance on net neutrality, the FCC chairman says they are actually 'headed to the same goals.'

Internet January 8, 2015

FCC Vote on Controversial Net Neutrality Rules Scheduled for February

The net neutrality rules are meant to prevent Internet service providers from slowing down or speeding up Internet traffic for certain websites.

Internet January 3, 2015

FCC Chairman says he'll probably ignore President Obama on net neutrality

Although President Obama recently urged the FCC to support full net neutrality, along with the majority of the American public, the agency's chairman Tom Wheeler says he may ignore the President's suggestions.

Internet Culture November 12, 2014

Net neutrality wars: Cable, wireless industries resist Obama's call to reclassify Internet as public utility

Internet service providers lash out at President Obama’s statement calling for the “explicit ban” of paid prioritization and reclassification of ISPs as public utilities.

Legal November 11, 2014

Obama net neutrality strategy not winning everyone over, especially the FCC

The FCC wastes no time in responding to President Barack Obama's call for regulators to salvage the Common Carrier law and build new rules for a free and open Internet. A day before Obama released his statement on the controversial issue, a former FCC chairman penned a lengthy rebuff.

Internet November 10, 2014

FCC's 'hybrid approach' to Net neutrality might become a thorny issue

The FCC is reportedly looking to partly regulate Internet service providers as public utilities. In spite of the proposal's tougher stance on ISPs, it is certain to draw criticism from Net neutrality advocates.

Business November 2, 2014

The public has spoken: A record of 3 million comments on Net neutrality, says the FCC. What's next?

The FCC has announced that it has received more than three million comments just before its Net neutrality deadline. The number of submissions represents a record for the agency, surpassing the "Nipplegate" scandal from 2004.

Internet September 16, 2014

FCC will protect and encourage broadband competition, vows Tom Wheeler

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler takes a combative stance against the lack of competition in the U.S. Internet market, gets applauded by consumers.

Internet September 6, 2014

FCC head Tom Wheeler approves of the collapse of Sprint-T-Mobile merger talks

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler applauded the failure of merger talks between Sprint and T-Mobile. He said that four wireless providers are good for American consumers.

Business Tech August 8, 2014

White House doesn't support Internet fast lanes, advocates open Internet

President Obama is strongly opposed to the creation of Internet 'fast lanes.' Perhaps his remarks will provide the impetus for a dithering FCC to move toward a resolution on net neutrality issues.

Business Tech August 7, 2014

FCC not happy with Verizon and throttling move

Verizon Wireless' move to throttle the top 5 percent of its highest volume unlimited data users has the FCC's attention. Chairman Tom Wheeler spoke out against Verizon, questioning the move.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 1, 2014

Feds mull modernizing E-Rate connectivity program for educational institutions

The FCC may approve a move to modernize E-Rate, a program that offers telecom discounts for schools. It may authorize billions of dollars to be redirected to benefit students.

Society July 9, 2014

Lawmakers roast FCC chairman on net neutrality, Internet fast lanes issues

Now democrat lawmakers are expressing their regret at Wheeler not wanting to ban the idea behind fast lanes existing altogether. Wheeler defends his ideal of a net neutral broadband access, but does not want to revise his current network proposal.

Internet May 21, 2014

Net neutrality lives! FCC backtracks on net neutrality stand, revises rules: What you should know

For the moment, net neutrality lives on, but we won't know for how long until the May 15 vote. If all goes well, the way we use the Internet should not change much.

Internet May 13, 2014

Google, Facebook, Amazon et al fight to protect net neutrality, but why?

Various tech companies got together and sent Tom Wheeler and the FCC a letter expressing their desire for net neutrality. The companies are against preferential treatment, tolls or fast lanes when it comes to bandwidth.

Business May 9, 2014

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler: Net neutrality is not dead, Internet 'fast lanes' are myth

Net neutrality is not dead yet. FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is trying his best to make sure that it will never happen. If it does, Netflix and others could be in the clear.

Internet May 4, 2014

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: "Internet will remain an open pathway."

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler proposes his views on net neutrality. ISPs can charge more from content providers to reach their customers faster.

Internet May 1, 2014

FCC slows down on net neutrality fast-lane proposal, sets up inbox for feedback

Got something to say on the FCC’s proposed net neutrality rules? Send them an email.

Internet April 28, 2014

Here's why the court's decision to kill Net neutrality could be scarier than horror movie Carrie

The federal appeals court's decision that shot down Net neutrality could have dire implications for both businesses and individuals. A Reddit user has created a chart to demonstrate the nightmare we could possibly be heading into. A nightmare scarier than 2013's most popular horror movie Carrie.

Internet January 20, 2014

Net neutrality is dead but FCC isn't worried: Why?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is committed to exhausting all means to ensure that the Internet will remain open and free.

Internet January 17, 2014

AT&T Sponsored Data plan: Is it good for you?

According to AT&T, its Sponsored Data program is designed to benefit consumers and businesses. Perhaps not.

Business January 10, 2014

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler wants to encourage competition

Tom Wheeler, the FCC chairman, wants to encourage competition.

Business December 3, 2013

Unlock cellphones or face our wrath: FCC tells wireless carriers

FCC has asked CTIA to unlock cellphones. Or they'll do it themselves.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 16, 2013

FCC announces mobile broadband speed test app for Android

The app by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a broad-based effort to gauge actual download and upload speeds against advertised speeds of providers.

Apps/Software November 11, 2013

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