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Attractive Species More Likely To Go Extinct: Study

Species that have evolved to be more attractive to the opposite sex were likely to become extinct than those with typical physical traits. Species with an exaggerated physique like peacocks or triceratops attract enemies than partners.

Animals April 12, 2018

Sexual Selection: Triceratops Show Off Aggressive Looking Horns To Attract Potential Mates

A new study suggests that dinosaurs may have had horns to show off good genes and attract potential partners. This disputes previously believed information that the purpose of the menacing-looking armor and horns of the Triceratops was for war.

Animals March 22, 2018

Thornton Triceratops Turns Out To Be Its Rarer Cousin The Torosaurus

The Thornton triceratops isn't what everyone thought it was. After paleontologists got a closer look at the fossil, they found out that it was the bones of the rarer torosaurus.

Animals December 6, 2017

The Sexiest Dinosaurs Are Also The Horniest: Study

A new study found that the sexiest dinosaurs are the horniest. Researchers discovered that the adult Protoceratops, which belonged to the same family as Triceratops, had the widest horns, and they used it as a sexy signal to attract mates.

January 26, 2016

Triceratops Cousin Hualianceratops Is A Hornless 'Horned Dinosaur'

Hualianceratops wucaiwanensis is a cousin of the three-horned triceratops but it did not have a horn. The discovery of the specimen provides proof that the ceratopsian dinosaurs were much more diverse during the Late Jurassic period.

Animals December 10, 2015

Small Triceratops-Like Dinosaur Found In Montana Could Be A New Species

Experts are convinced that the fossils of a triceratops-like dinosaur that were found in the Judith River Formation in Montana belong to a yet undiscovered species. Scientists nicknamed the dinosaur Ava because of its resemblance to Avaceratops.

Animals September 18, 2015

Forget Indominus Rex: Wendiceratops pinhornensis Is Triceratops' Cool Cousin From 79 Million Years Ago

The Wendiceratops pinhornensis is one of the oldest horned dinosaurs. It was a close relative of the Triceratops albeit it lived 13 million years earlier.

Animals July 9, 2015

'LEGO Jurassic World': How To Unlock Every Playable Dinosaur

Among its many charms, playing as dinosaurs in 'LEGO Jurassic World' has to be the funnest part. Here's how to unlock every playable dinosaur in the game — 20 in all.

Geek June 25, 2015

'LEGO Jurassic World' Review: Dino Smash!

We can't get enough of 'LEGO Jurassic World,' and not only because it lets you play as dinosaurs. Although admittedly, that's a big part of it.

Geek June 23, 2015

Triceratops Have More Complex Teeth Than Horses, Bison, Or That Vegetable Chopper In Your Kitchen

The teeth of the three-horned triceratops contain five layers, which is more than the teeth of the crocodile, horse and bison. The uniquely complex characteristics of the triceratops' chompers may be the reason why it survived living in North America millions of years ago.

Earth/Environment June 9, 2015

Oldest Known Horned Dinosaur Found in Montana: Say Hello to Aquilops Americanus

The Aquilops americanus is the oldest ceratopsian found in North America. The crow-sized dinosaur helps shed light on how horned dinosaurs such as the triceratops made it to the continent.

Animals December 11, 2014

Triceratops' horns only took two million years in the making

Distinctive triple horns that gave triceratops its name was long in evolving, researchers say. Fossils show evolution over millions of years, they say.

Animals July 1, 2014

Fossil of dinosaurs locked in combat to be auctioned in NYC

Fossils of dueling dinosaurs discovered in Montana will be put on auction. Scientists are hoping a good soul will buy them and donate it to a museum.

Animals November 17, 2013

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