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Scientists Find Bone Cancer In 240-Million-Year-Old Fossil

Scientists found a mysterious mass in the fossil of the Pappochelys rosinae, the oldest known turtle, unearthed in 2015. They revealed in a recent study that the mass was a malignant tumor.

Ancient February 9, 2019

Sightings Of Invasive Chinese Marsh Turtles In Boston Is Cause For Concern Say Experts

Two Chinese softshell turtles were spotted at Wollaston Beach suggesting that somebody might be releasing the animal into local waters. The potentially invasive species could carry disease, compete with native turtles and other animals for food.

Animals September 14, 2015

Look: Magical Moment As Butterfly Drinks Tears Of A Turtle

A photo featuring a butterfly drinking the tears of a turtle garnered attention due to its magical and whimsical impact. According to experts, the reason for such event is brought about by the need of the insects for sodium, which is highly contained in the reptiles' tears.

Earth/Environment August 29, 2015

Number Of Turtle Nests In Florida To Hit Record High

Conservationists are pleased to know that the number of turtle nests in Florida is continuously increasing. As a result of long-term efforts, the number is set to reach record highs.

Earth/Environment July 16, 2015

Coimbatore Tortoise Population Going Down Says Environmentalist

The tortoise population in Coimbatore, India, is declining drastically and conservationists blame the same on smuggling of the endangered creatures.

Earth/Environment May 26, 2015

Smart Turtle Robot Up for Dangerous, Deep Ocean Missions. Move Over TMNT

Researchers are developing robotic turtles than can dive vertically. These robots can perform tasks such as detecting underwater nuclear waste that is dangerous to humans.

December 30, 2014

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